Madame Masque
Madame Masque
Real Name Whitney Frost
Alternate Identity Madame Masque
Family and Friends Tony Stark (Former Lover)
For the Morlock, see Masque.

Whitney Frost is a woman obsessed with beauty. As Madame Masque, she seeks revenge on those she deems wronged her.


Physical Therapy
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Little is known about the early history of Whitney.

At some point, she met and fell in love with Tony Stark. However, things did not go well and they broke up.

Eventually, her face was scarred and she lost her beauty. She became devastated and covered her face taking on the name Madame Masque. She then got involved with the Maggia.

She eventually learned about the Golden Sepulcher of Isis, which she believed could restore her beauty. She used some Maggia henchmen to help achieve it.

They captured Julia Carpenter, an employee at Stark Enterprises and Tony's love interest. Masque used Carpenter to lure Iron Man to her. She then forced Iron Man to retrieve the sepulcher for her or she would kill Carpenter.

Iron Man went through a series of deadly traps until he got the sepulcher. It restored her beauty but she became possessed by the spirit of Isis. As Isis, she fought Iron Man, Spider-Woman, and War Machine. Eventually the sepulcher was destroyed and Masque was freed but again lost her beauty.

Iron Man told her that he had loved her for her personality, but that died along with her physical beauty.


Madame Masque was voiced by Lisa Zane.

First adapted version of the character, and currently the only to be named Whitney Frost or have ties to the Maggia.

In the Comics

Was born Giulietta Nefaria.

Fought Iron Man before meeting Tony and after being scarred. Later met Tony and was touched that he liked her despite the scars. Went to work as his secretary under the name Krissy Longfellow. When Whitney and Tony learned each other's secret identities they began a relationship. When her father, Count Nefaria, was dying she was forced to choose between them. She went insane and then turned on Iron Man.

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