Real Name Lyja
Powers and Abilities Skrull (Shapeshifting)
Team Affiliations Skrull Confederacy
Allies Kah

Lyja is a commander in the Skrull Confederacy.


Lyja was present when Reed Richards, pretending to be his own Skrull impersonator, used footage from old monster movies to make the Skrulls believe Earth had these formidable creatures and the invasion was condemned to failure. When Richards was awarded, Lyja gave him her own special medal.

Lyja was also present during the demonstration of Super-Skrull's powers.


Lyja was voiced by Katherine Moffat.

Currently, the only version of the character outside the comics.

In the Comics

She came to Earth and impersonated Alicia Masters hoping to infiltrate the Fantastic Four using Alicia's relationship with Thing. However, the team was away at the Secret Wars and when they returned without Thing. "Alicia" then fell in love with Johnny Storm eventually marrying him.

Thing eventually returned. Alicia's stepfather Puppet Master discovered the ruse and told Thing who outed Lyja.

Lyja revealed she had really fallen in love with Johnny and helped the team find the real Alicia. However, she was apparently killed during the rescue.

Lyja lived and returned to help the team.

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