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Lou Ferrigno
Lou Ferrigno
Born Louis Jude Ferrigno
November 9, 1951 (1951-11-09) (age 68)
Brooklyn, New York
Characters played Hulk
Grey Hulk

Louis Jude Ferrigno (born November 9, 1951), credited as Lou Ferrigno is a bodybuilder and actor who played Hulk on The Incredible Hulk. He reprised the role from the 1977 series and its three direct-to-television film sequels. He also voiced Grey Hulk for his two brief appearances in the first season.

He had a cameo in the 2003 Hulk film and once again reprised his role as the Hulk's voice in the The Incredible Hulk film and The Avengers.


When he was little, he lost about eighty percent of his hearing.

He has stated that Hulk and Spider-Man were his personal heroes when he was a child.

During his bodybuilding career he competed in the Mr. Universe competition and was rivals with future actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger, which was the subject of the documentary Pumping Iron. Schwarzenegger was briefly considered for the role of Hulk in the 1977 series, which went to Ferrigno. In one episode of the series, Ferrigno played a fictionalized version based on himself named Carl Molino.

Other notable roles include Billy as Hulk, Trauma Center, Hercules, Night Court, The Naked Truth, Conan, Reno 911!, The King of Queens as a fictional version of himself, Chuck, Adventure Time, and Mom's Night Out as Hulk.

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