Loki Laufeyson
Real Name Loki
Powers and Abilities Sorcery, Psionics, Shape-shifting, Superhuman durability, Healing Factor
Team Affiliations Asgardians
Masters of Evil
Allies Amora
Frost Giants
Warriors Three
Family and Friends Odin (Adoptive Father)
Thor (Adoptive Brother)
Hela (Daughter)

Loki is the adopted son of Odin and step-brother to Thor. In his adult life he chose to antagonize his father and brother in order to take over Asgard and the Nine Worlds of Asgard bringing him into conflict with the human superhero team the Avengers.


As children, Thor and Loki were good friends.

Feeding the delusion

As Thor leaves the arena, Loki congratulates him on the fight, though he notes that the sword had a problems with the grip and was too slick. As Thor passes Loki starts to follow. He says he will punish the dwarves for Thor. Thor puts the sword in its sheath and tells him to do it.

The mischievous little Loki listens in on the lovely couple

Loki sits outside the barn on a barrel. Sif rides the white Pegasus out. He tells her that Thor was wrong and she would fit in with the Valkyries. She tells Loki to stop protecting his brother.

Elsewhere in a temple high above a waterfall, Loki moves his hand over a bowl of water. He waves his hands about and the water begins to ripple. Then it forms a tentacle and reaches out of the bowl. Loki is amazed at what he is doing. Amora stands next to him and tells him to influence it. She walks around the bowl behind him as Loki tries a spell that does nothing. She whispers in his ear that a true master only needs to think it.

Loki tries again, this time in a whisper. The tentacle turns into a cobra then splashes against Loki. Loki, soaking wet, turns to Amora who is laughing. She tells him that he made the water into a snake and snakes bite, and he did it perfectly. Loki smiles at that and Amora brings her face in closer to him telling him he is amazing. She tells him that controlling water is terrific because it can also control ice and mist. She leans in closer to his face. Loki closes his eyes and they prepare to kiss.

She's passing just a little too close to be casual

Just then Thor calls out to her. They look over and see him standing in the doorway. Thor enters the room telling her to leave. Amora bows and walks out passing Thor on the stairs.

Also a bit arrogant

Loki asks what Thor needs and Thor asks how Loki is doing on his magic. Loki arrogantly tells him that his magic is advanced. Thor tells him that they're going to be hiding aboard the Thunder Runner and they're going to need his magic. Shocked, Loki admits that he's not very good.


Turning their friends into smugglers

At the docks, Thor and Loki sneak from behind one crate to another. Thor finds the Thunder Runner and tell his brother that they'll hide in the hold. Loki wonders why they should hide from their friends. Thor says that their friends aren't foolish enough to sail with the sons of Odin on their ship.

They make for the ship but hear Fandral boasting behind them. They quickly sneak off.

All sneaky like

As the three stand on the deck, Thor peaks up through a hatch. He turns to see Asgard growing more distant. Down below, Loki sits against the cargo with his eyes closed. Thor tells him of the amazing sight, though Loki wished never to see it.

Thor closes the match saying that his brother always worries. He reminds him that the Warriors Three have returned from the last three seasons without any harm done. Loki says that since they are royalty they are not skilled in such adventures.

Regretting his earlier ego boosting

Thor claims that since he is so good with a blade he will protect his little brother. He then returns to peaking out the hatch. Loki sighs saying that Sif was right.

Another Round

Thor's powers of deduction are (not) astounding

Back in the ship, Thor wakes Loki. He tells him that the ship stops and assumes they are in Jotunheim. The two peak out of the hatch and leave. They then see a large creature throw a man out of a door saying that if the man returned he would kill him. Loki tells Thor that it is smaller than he thought.

They then see that they are on a small platform with just a few ships docked.

Hogun stands and yawns saying he will go to bed. As he looks across the room he sees Loki in the shadows. Loki raises his hand motioning for him to sit down. Hogun sits down saying they're going to get a new story.

The lies exposed

Volstagg tells the two that he'll go get some meat while they spread out and see what they can hear. Thor walks up asking about the story of three travelers who never went past the inn. Thor takes off his hood shocking Fandral and Volstagg. Hogun buries his face in his hand.

Double trouble

Volstagg asks how he got there and Thor tells him the Thunder Runner. Volstagg realizes that Thor stowed away, but Hogun knows it gets worse. Just then Loki walks up. Hogun believes they'll all be drawn and quartered.

He's about to learn that he's still under the drinking age

Thor tells them to relax and grabs a stein from a waitress behind him shocking her. He lifts it up in a toast for their upcoming adventure. Before he can drink, a Fenris Wolf grabs his arm saying that was his ale.

Just another day at the pub

Thor tells him not to touch the son of Odin but Fenris merely growls at him. Then the bartender slams his ax down on the table telling them to stop. Thor looks over at the bartender and back at Fenris. The bartender then calls out to Fenris who takes his stein and walks back to the counter.

Thor turns back to the table complaining of Fenris's smell. Fenris looks over and laughs. He takes a drink as Loki watches and casts a spell.

Causing Trouble

Did it disappear or just freeze in the mug?

Fenris looks surprised as nothing comes out. He holds up the glass and shakes it.

Running time

Loki chants again and the ale spills all over the wolf. He growls and looks back at the boys. Loki laughs until he realizes the wolf is staring at him. Loki hides behind his brother as Fenris leaps forward.

Can't even handle a single weapon

Loki leaps over a table but Fenris knocks it away. He growls as Loki is backed against the wall. Fenris raises his claw as Thor body slams him across the room. Thor reaches for his sword but realizes that it's missing. He asks Loki if he has seen the sword but his brother hasn't. Loki runs away suggesting they look for it. Thor turns to see the wolf standing up before him. He raises his arm and slams him across the room.

Loki reaches up and tells Thor to try a wooden hammer he found. Thor looks at the hammer then back at Loki in confusion. Loki admits it is better than nothing. Thor shrugs and tosses it at Fenris. Fenris dodges but it hits the bartender in the head. The hammer bounces off the pillars and rafters. It then cuts through the cord holding up the chandelier and dwarves. the chandelier falls and slams onto the wolf.

Thor looks at Loki and wonders if he used any magic to help him, but Loki denies any involvement. Thor looks back out to see his sword embedded in a table. Then the table flies up as Fenris stands and charges. Thor backs up as he, his brother, and the Warriors Three are surrounded.

Finally using magic to help them

Outside, Fandral and Hogun fly out through a window. Thor leaps through the adjacent window. Volstagg runs out the door followed by Loki. Loki turns and closes the door. He casts a spell causing Volstagg's keg to fly out and break on the door. He then commands the fire to light the ale. Volstagg looks back lamenting over his lost ale.

Hogun and Fandral make their way aboard the ship while Thor tries to untie it. Loki pushes Volstagg on board. Thor looks up to see the bartender break out through the burning door. He raises his ax and throws it. The ax embeds itself in the dock but cuts the rope. As the ship pulls away Thor is yanked into the boat.

Reaps what he sows

Fandral and Loki pull Thor in as Hogun and Volstagg row away. They watch as the they sail away from the burning inn. Suddenly, Loki begins to laugh. Fandral looks back as Thor also cracks up. Soon everyone aboard is laughing heartily.

Fandral walks to the stern of the ship to guide it. Volstagg says that this is enough adventure and suggests they head home. Hogun and Fandral agree and say they can be there by morning.

Also ready for adventure

However, Thor rejects the idea saying that he cam in search of Surtur's sword. Thor tells him that they will not return to Asgard until they find it. Loki stands in the center and tells them to go to Jotunheim.

In the realm of Jotunheim, the Thunder Runner lies broken upon the shore. The head of the bow breaks off and lands at the feet of the Warriors Three. Hogun looks up saying he is close to weeping. Volstagg says that it wasn't a pretty boat but it worked well. Fandral says he appreciated it.

Their not-so-long journey for the sword begins

Thor bids to go forward and not look back. The three turn to see Thor and Loki standing on a hill above them. Thor looks away from the ship and makes his way up. Loki follows and soon the three join.

Always picking on those Frost Giants

Thor wonders why he is freezing when Loki looks perfectly calm. Loki jokes that it is because he is tougher than Thor. Thor retaliates by saying that Loki can deal with the first Frost Giant they find and the two laugh.

Hogun stops and readies his mace. He tells them that he sense movement and Fandral pulls out his sword. Thor goes for his weapon but remembers that it is gone. Fandral and Volstagg ready their swords.

No one steals from Hogun and gets away with it

Just then the ice breaks apart. A swarm of small creatures fly up and at the Asgardians. Fandral stops and notices that they are simply snow sprites. He jokes that Hogun is overreacting. One sprite flies over to Hogun and takes a piece of his coat. Hogun tries to get it back but the sprite flies away.

Thor reminds them to stay alert.


Not all the fun and games he thought it would be

The five continue on their way. They wander through the intense winds and across the long and frozen plains. They inch their way along a ledge.

As they turn a corner on the mountain ledge Thor looks out and sees only more frozen land. He then collapses on the ground and leans against the wall. Volstagg also kneels down to rest.

No daddy to hand him his victory this time

Fandral looks over and calls out to Thor. Loki then walks over to his brother and sits next to him. He asks if Thor is giving up and he replies that Algrim was right, that the sword could never be found.

Loki asks how Algrim could know of it. Thor tells him that he knows Jotunheim because it killed his people. Loki responds that it wasn't the land itself, but the Frost Giants who live there. Thor responds that the realm will keep its secrets from them.

Loki then says that every secret has a clue and reminds him of the stories they memorized. Loki stands and walks to the edge. Thor says he loves the stories. Loki says he loves the story of Odin defeating Surtur. Thor claims he also loves that one.

Fond memories of father

Loki tells him that he should then remember the valley he is looking at. Thor stands and looks over. He recognizes it and points out the mountain where Surtur once stood. Thor and Loki imagine the story.

The fate of the Nine Realms

Surtur stood on top of the mountain billowing in fire. He held his sword ready. Thor says that Odin's spear Gungnir was the only weapon to rival the sword. Odin held up his spear as his six-legged horse reared.

Surtur raised his sword and brought it down. The energy from the swipe destroyed the mountain Odin stood on. Odin leapt down in time and raced across the plain. Thor and Loki look out over to the destroyed mountain, still with the mark of Surtur's sword.

Loki goes on with the tale saying that Odin knew he had to tire Surtur before defeating him. Odin readied his spear as the horse dodged one of Surtur's slashes. Surtur turned to see Odin riding down a mountain towards him. Thor explains that Surtur needed grew tired and needed both hands to lift the sword, leaving his chest open to attack.

The fate of the Nine Realms decided

Surtur saw Odin flying behind him. He raised his massive sword with both hands. Odin turned and raced towards the fire demon. Odin threw his sword hitting Surtur in the middle of his chest. Surtur was blasted back and his sword flew into a far mountain.

Awfully convenient that they just happened to rest at the very location where the battle took place

Thor sees the mountain from the story and realizes the sword must be there. The five once again make way across the icy fields and through a frozen valley. They approach a dark ice cave and enter. They walk along the ledge of a dark chasm.

Inside, Volstagg pants and leans against the wall. He tells the others that he cannot take another step and sits down. The others stop and look at him, but Hogun hears something and tells them to be alert.

Funny thing is, Volstagg doesn't move

Volstagg jokes that this time it is a moth or cricket but stops when he hears something underneath him. Thor tells him not to move. Volstagg looks up as the ice breaks underneath them. The cracks spread and all the Asgardians fall through the hole.

If only Thor learned to fly sooner

The five travelers falls down into the icy abyss.

Deep in the ice covered cavern, Thor lies unconscious in a pile of snow. He moves himself up. Behind him, Volstagg is also trying to stand and Fandral is just waking. Loki calls out to his brother telling him to come. Thor looks up to see him standing off to the side. Hogun also starts to wake.

Thor stands and goes to his brother. The Warriors three brush the snow off themselves and run after the two.

Surtur sure did things big

They make their way towards a fiery glow. They look up to see the legendary sword of Surtur embedded in the roof. The hilt of the sword gives off massive light illuminated the gloomy chamber.

Now how are they gonna get that home?

Thor says it is magnificent. Volstagg notes the immense size of the sword. Thor tells them that the dwarves called it Elderstahl. He explains that it changes size for whoever holds it.

At least they got it out of the ceiling

Loki turns and asks Hogun to free it. Hogun agrees and walks forward. He throws his mace at the ice holding the handle. The ice breaks apart but the cavern begins to collapse. The mighty sword breaks free and slams into the ground.

He's supposed to have super strength, maybe he can carry it home

As the debris settles they see the sword nearly buried up to its hilt. Thor steps forward toward the glowing gem in the hilt. He sees his reflection in the sword and touches it causing it to glow. The other Asgardians shield their faces as the light grows too much.

After the light dissipates, the Asgardians watch as Thor pulls the now much smaller sword from the ice. He looks at it as the sword begins to glow once again. He holds it up and it bursts into flames. He can barely hold it as powers surges through the sword.

The power to bring the Frost Giants to their icy knees

Thor points the sword away from him as the sword causes a massive blast of fire that bursts straight through the mountainside. Debris from the mountain falls far away. Inside the cavern, the roof begins to fall on them once again.

At least he can't burn his hands

Thor struggles with the sword and tries to put it in his empty sheath. Thor fights with all his might and inserts it in causing the flames to stop and the cavern roof to cease falling. He looks up to see the massive hole left behind.

Elderstahl finds the dark spot in his soul

The others walk up to him as Thor says he has never felt anything like that before. Loki tells them that they cannot be found in Jotunheim with that weapon. Thor asks why not and believes that with that sword no one would stop them. Loki looks down at the sword and back up at his brother, worried. Thor merely smiles.

Thor walks through the cavern and the others follow.

A Dangerous Path

Outside, the group travel through a crevice to avoid the howling winds above. As they leave the crevice they shield themselves against the wind, but also hear growls among them. Hogun readies his mace.

Time to crawl back to the ex-girlfriend

Loki tells Thor that they must get to Asgard quickly. Thor agrees but tells them thy must go North. When Loki asks why Thor reveals that they need to get horses in Kona Lifandi. Loki is shocked that he would ask help from the Valkyries saying they would be lucky to leave alive.

Loki doesn't think love is worth the trouble

Loki thinks that Sif is the real reason for going there. Thor stops and turns to his brother. He tells him that he is merely trying to get home. Thor and the others continue on their way.

Dreading being shot in the crotch

Volstagg tells Hogun and Fandral where they are going. Fandral laments that the they are going to an equally inhospitable place. Hogun asks how many of the Valkyries Fandral is responsible for. Fandral states that there is a reason their archery targets look like him. The three look grim as they press on.

The path is guarded

As the Asgardians wander through the plains, Loki suddenly drops and pulls down Thor. Thor looks up, angry, but Loki points to two frozen Frost Giant sentries. Loki tells him that they must find another way. Thor tells him that they both remember the realm charts and know there's no other way.

Hogun tells them they have other trouble. The group looks back to see the polar bears and Frost Giants approaching. Loki reveals that the sentries are just sleeping and they can sneak past. Thor tells them to go.

Heading towards the giant tree branch

The group approaches the sentries so they may cross the bridge into the other realm. They calmly walk through the two guards but neither moves. Nevertheless, Fandral keeps his hand on his sword closely watching them. Hogun keeps his mace ready. Loki is nervous but glad when they finally make their way through.


Just then, the leader of the approaching Frost Giants calls out to the guards. One of the guards breaks through the ice covering his head. The leader tells the guards to stop them. The guard turns to see the Asgardians and breaks through the rest of the ice.

Yeah, the Jotuns are that big

Thor tells the group to run as the guards approach them. The guards bring their axes down and slam them among the group. The Asgardians dodge the but Loki is knocked over. Thor turns to see the giants standing over his brother.

Desperate times call for extreme measures

As the giants lift their massive axes, Thor orders them to stop and pulls out the sword. The two stop in shock as they see the fiery sword. Thor holds it up telling them that they are the sons of Odin and they mean no harm.

Thor approaches the guards and picks up Loki. He orders them to let them pass. Then he tells Loki to run. He starts to follow but so do the guards. Thor then swings the sword and launches the fire at the two guards.

Elderstahl picked up on Thor's hidden prejudice and acted

One of the sentries looks on his horror as the blast obliterates the other. First his skin is ripped off, then the muscles, and finally the skeleton is destroyed. The first is knocked back. The force of the blow destroys the bridge knocking the approaching giants down.

Just doing his duty to the final moment

As the bridge collapses the other giant tries to get to safety on Thor's side. Thor watches as the guard fails to get hold and falls into the nothingness below. The guard cries out as he falls.

No one feels good after using the sword

Thor looks down horrified then back up at the other side. He sees the other giants scowling at him. He admits he didn't want that to happen and sheathes the sword. Loki walks up to him agreeing, but telling him that they must leave. The two boys walk away. Thor looks back to see the giants and continues on.

I Need You

On the other side, Fandral cuts through a vine as the group make their way through a jungle. Volstagg takes off his coat and throws it to the side. Hogun readies his mace for possible dangers.

Once again, trying to reassure him

Behind them, Loki tells his brother that it wasn't his fault and that the giants attacked them. Thor replies that they were in the wrong and the giants were only protecting their land. Because of that, he killed two beings. Down below, Loki laments that they should not let Thor go alone. Fandral says that none of them should be going in there.

The Fire Sword

Wenches don't like being called wenches

Suddenly she looks down and sees that the sword is missing. Loki runs in front of Thor and readies to unsheathe the sword. He orders the wenches to release the prisoners, and pulls out the sword just a little bit. Brunhilde is shocked as the fiery glow fills the room.

The Valkyries prepare their bows and arrows and aims at Loki. They all simply stare at each other.

Listen to the one guy who knows better

Brunhilde smiles and steps down. She orders Loki to stop or they will kill Thor. Thor agrees saying that the sword must not be used anymore. Loki turns back to Thor then returns to Brunhilde, who orders him to give it to her. Loki lowers his head and sheathes the sword.

Guess the Amazons were inspired by someone

The Valkyries relax their bows and run forward to surround Loki. He extends the sword for Brunhilde. She takes the sword and walks back up to her throne, ordering them to be executed. Sif cries out but Brunhilde tells her that if she doesn't stop she will be executed also.

Guess she's not as wise as Odin if she couldn't figure this one out

Just then Brunhilde notices that her breath is cold. She asks what is going on and Loki realizes that it's the Frost Giants.

The wall of the camp freezes and a giant breaks through it. The debris crashes into the camp and slams near the Asgardians. One piece knocks Brunhilde out cold.

Frost Giants SMASH!

A group of giants enter the compound. The leader, who chased the Asgardians before, tells them to kill everyone and get the sword. The Valkyries ready their bows. The giants step through the buildings and begin to smash them.

Outside, the Valkyries watch as a giant forms a giant snowball. He then throws it at the Asgardians.

Next time, Loki will be the one slinging the snowballs

Loki steps in front of Sif and Thor and casts a spell. The ball turns to water and splashes them all.

The Warriors Three run up and Volstagg says not to show any mercy. But Brunhilde quickly stops them. They turn and see her holding the sword out to them. Thor asks why not let them help with the giants. Brunhilde says that the men assume they cannot defend themselves.

She's probably better off anyways

She gives the sword and tells them to take it. She orders Sif to provide horses and escort them to Asgard. Thor fastens the sword to his belt. Sif agrees and they turn to leave. Brunnhilde stops Sif saying that she should only return when she is truly ready to join them.

High above the now frozen Kona Lifandi, the six Asgardians fly away on Pegasus.

At the watering hole, the Pegasus drink up, disrupting the reflection of two moons. They hear the Asgardian horses and flee. The horses stop and the Einherjar and Algrim get off. They take out their swords and Ander leads the way forward. He tells them to search the area and they spread out.

The gang's all together

Suddenly all of their helmets fall down over their eyes. They lift them up to see the six Asgardians waiting for them. Thor welcomes his trainer and they all step down. Thor approaches Ander and the two shake hands.

At least one of them still has a chance of making the team

Volstagg jokes that that Warriors Three and Sif weren't qualified to train with the Einherjar. The Warriors Three laugh but Sif looks forward sternly.

Reunited again

Algrim approaches saying how glad he is to see the two boys. Thor says he is also glad to see a friendly face. Loki asks how the Einherjar found them. Algrim tells them that the Frost Giants threaten war.

Thor realizes it is because of him. Loki explains that it was merely an accident. Algrim says that doesn't matter because the Frost Giants want the sword as payment. Thor grasps the sword saying that it is a tool of death and cannot be handed over.

Too tempting an offer

Algrim states that Odin agrees, which is why they are there. Algrim offers to take the sword so that he won't have to carry it any longer. Thor agrees saying that it is pure evil. Thor extends the sword out to Algrim. After a moment's hesitation, Algrim takes the sword.

The turning point

He then looks down at the sword and turns, saying that it is the Frost Giants who are evil. Algrim walks away from the group and begins to mumble about the things that the Frost Giants did to his people.

The confused Thor calls out to his friend. Algrim talks about how even though the weapon now causes grief, it was once a source of hope. Thor approaches him saying that they should leave since the place is disturbing Algrim.

Knows when trouble's brewing

Algrim ignores him saying that the elves came to Odin first. He turns his head saying that Odin rejected their help and they were forced to asked Surtur for help in order to survive. Ander watches intently and prepares to pull out his sword.

The elf goes on to say that after Surtur helped Odin joined only to stop them. As his voice lowers, another Einherjar grabs his sword. Algrim explains that killing Surtur meant death for his people.

Realizing the darkness in people's hearts

The worried Thor calls out to Algrim once again. Algrim says that he now knows why he lives. He lifts the sword and grabs the handle. He says he is to avenge the elves and punish those responsible.


Algrim quickly unsheathes the sword and swings it around. He fires it and Ander quickly leaps up. The blast obliterates the Einherjar with one mighty hit. Thor cries out in horror.

Don't want to end up like the Jotun sentries

Algrim looks up to see Ander in the air. Ander throws his sword and cuts Algrim across the cheek. Without looking Algrim fires the sword and obliterates Ander. He then turns the blast to the remaining Asgardians. They just manage to dodge out of the way.

Algrim looks up, his cheek bleeding, and proceeds forward into the

The turning point

He then looks down at the sword and turns, saying that it is the Frost Giants who are evil. Algrim walks away from the group and begins to mumble about the things that the Frost Giants did to his people.

The confused Thor calls out to his friend. Algrim talks about how even though the weapon now causes grief, it was once a source of hope. Thor approaches him saying that they should leave since the place is disturbing Algrim.

Knows when trouble's brewing

Algrim ignores him saying that the elves came to Odin first. He turns his head saying that Odin rejected their help and they were forced to asked Surtur for help in order to survive. Ander watches intently and prepares to pull out his sword.

The elf goes on to say that after Surtur helped Odin joined only to stop them. As his voice lowers, another Einherjar grabs his sword. Algrim explains that killing Surtur meant death for his people.

Realizing the darkness in people's hearts

The worried Thor calls out to Algrim once again. Algrim says that he now knows why he lives. He lifts the sword and grabs the handle. He says he is to avenge the elves and punish those responsible.


Algrim quickly unsheathes the sword and swings it around. He fires it and Ander quickly leaps up. The blast obliterates the Einherjar with one mighty hit. Thor cries out in horror.

Don't want to end up like the Jotun sentries

Algrim looks up to see Ander in the air. Ander throws his sword and cuts Algrim across the cheek. Without looking Algrim fires the sword and obliterates Ander. He then turns the blast to the remaining Asgardians. They just manage to dodge out of the way.

Algrim looks up, his cheek bleeding, and proceeds forward into the steam. He comes forward and sees three of the Pegasus drinking. He looks around and sees nothing. He sheathes the sword and mounts the Pegasus.

No longer the friend and mentor

He calls out saying that if any of them return to Asgard he will kill them. The Pegasus then flies up away. Thor and Loki hide behind a rock. As Algrim leaves Thor looks out to watch.

Time to take up his other mentor's leadership

The Asgardians emerge from the steam. Loki asks what they should do and Thor looks down at Ander's sword. He pulls the sword out of the ground and tells them to find the horses so they can stop him.

Why don't they just attack from behind?

Behind them, the returning Asgardians stand on a hillside surveying the conflict. Loki realizes they are too late. They look up to see the storm still surrounding the palace. Thor is shocked as he realizes his father is in battle.

Glad those flying horses are agile

He orders Sif and the Warriors Three to help fend off the Frost Giants while he and Loki go to help their father. Loki leaps from Sif's horse to Thor's and the they fly off. The Frost Giants see the group and throw large ice shards at them but miss.

As they fly above Asgard Thor and Loki pull away and fly up towards the palace. Sif and the Warriors Three land and dismount. She pulls out her sword and readies for battle. Overhead, rocks continue to fly in. They look at the pounding of the gate.

Loki walks over to Odin and cradles him in his arms. He tells his father to hold on as he starts to cry. Loki cries out and the swords blast erupts behind Thor.

What a way to go

The blast hits Algrim blasting off his flesh exposing his skeleton and then obliterating any last trace of him. As the flames stop the shocked Thor looks up to see the ruined area covered in flames. Loki stands behind him with the sword.

The only one responsible enough to handle it

Thor looks horrified then turns to Loki. He holds the flaming sword as tears begin to stream down his eyes once again. Thor walks over and takes the sword from him saying that everything is alright.

Loving brothers, NOT!

Loki finally looks at his brother and closes his eyes. Thor puts a hand on his shoulder and Loki hugs and cries onto Thor's shoulder. Thor hugs his brother back.

Just then they hear a loud crash. Thor breaks the hug telling Loki to stay with their father. He turns and runs out leaving Loki and Odin alone in the crumbling room.

When Family is Threatened

Beginning to realize his true origins

Later, Loki sits in the temple before a bowl of water. He waves his hand over the water causing it to ripple and form another snake. Loki and the water snake stare at each other. The snake then moves forward to strike but Loki holds up his hand stopping it. He then breathes out causing it to freeze.

Thor understands Loki's actions, even if he doesn't like them

Thor then calls out to his brother. The ice snake then shatters and falls to the ground. Thor watches from the door then walks forward. He tells Loki that he has been hiding in the temple for too long. Loki says he's not hiding and he likes it there. Loki waves his hand and the ice quickly evaporates.

Loki's not ready for company

Thor tells him he knows Loki regrets his actions. Loki corrects him saying that he wanted revenge, and believes that he would have done the same thing in Algrim's place. Thor claims that no one knows what will happen when their family is threatened. He turns and says he hopes they never have to find out again.


He once again reappeared as an adult. He attempts to invade Asgard with several frost giants. Thor flew into battle, watched by ravens, who delivered the message of Thor’s arrival to Odin. Thor began knocking over the giants, but was smashed by a building wielded by one of the giants. He flew up, calling upon the lightning, “I say thee nay, Thor will not fall by your hand, monster.” However, he was suddenly frozen in ice by Loki.

Loki invades Asgard.

Thor smashed the ice, but was thrown against a wall by one of the giants. On the ground, separated from his hammer, Thor was being stomped on by the giants, until one picked him up. Thor then summoned mjolnir and smashed the giant’s teeth. Thor then called upon the lightning once more, electrocuting the giants. As the giants fell, Thor was blasted over by magic. Loki had come to welcome his brother.

Loki blasted Thor back, saying that he and Odin deserved what was coming. Thor didn’t wish to fight Loki, as once they were brothers, friends. They used to fight side by side as the sons of Odin. Thor assured him that it could be that way again. Loki said that Thor had already made his choice to remain blind to Odin’s lies, and for that, he would suffer. Thor summoned Mjolnir and hit Loki back. Loki then used a magic blast on Thor, who deflected it with his hammer, and knocked Loki over again.

The God of Thunder gets a taste of his own medicine.

Thor summoned a massive lightning bolt onto Loki, but he disappeared, only to reappear behind him, knocking him down. He said to Loki, “Surrender brother, it need not be this way.” Loki answered, “I think it does” and began mocking Thor’s bravery. Thor then grabbed him with his hammer at the ready and said “Come brother, you have much to answer for”. He tied him up and took him to Odin, who was sitting at his throne. Odin said that Loki had gone too far, so he would banish Loki to the Isle of silence, where no one will have to suffer his lies and deception. Suddenly, he teleported Loki to the Isle of Silence, a land devoid of color where no sound could be heard.

The Master Plan

As Thor leaves Asgard, the Enchantress watches him go. She then transports herself to the Isle of Silence. There, Loki sits alone, recalling his plan as he set it in motion. Going to the Frost Giants and telling them that Asgard plans to attack them, telling the Wrecking Crew to attack a Stark Industries freighter while he is disguised as Leader, having the Enchantress "warn" Thor of the Wrecking Crew's attack at the docks, and telling Odin that Thor has fallen for the mortal Jane Foster while he is disguised as Balder. Enchantress then arrives on the Isle of Silence along with Executioner. She casts a spell to protect them from the silence of the place and Loki asks if all goes according to his plan.

I have the last laugh.

After the Enchantress frees him from the Isle, Loki sends her to gather the Masters of Evil to start the next phase in his plan. The plan is to gather several items like the Casket of Ancient Winters to empower the Frost Giants to aid in conquering the Nine Realms. He also brings Malekith the Accursed back to life though Malekith betrays him and attempts to turn Midgard into a new Svatalfheim.

He finally reappears to hold Thor captive. Loki tells Thor that his previous assault on Asgard was meant to be a failure, the challenge was to make sure that the Asgardians believed his performance. He knew he Odin would exile him, and if he was exiled, Thor would not pay Loki no mind. It was Loki who orchestrated the argument between Thor and Odin before the Odinsleep approached. He reveals that he is the one responsible for the supervillain prison breakouts to keep Thor back in Midgard while he took over Asgard. Loki was the one who barred Thor from entering Asgard.

Loki then absorbs another portion of Yggdrasil when a troll calls and tells him there are intruders. Loki opens an image and sees the Avengers defeating the sentries. Loki angrily destroys the image. Thor says that he and Loki have one thing in common, they both underestimated the Avengers. Loki responds by blowing a giant horn which summons Hoarfen the Ice Wolf.

Loki tells Thor that he commands the Odinforce, the Tree of Life gives it's power to him. Thor responds and asks if Loki is that strong, why hasn't he won yet. Suddenly, the unconscious Hoarfen crashes into the palace and the Avengers confront Loki. Captain America asks Loki to surrender. Loki simply laughs it off.

The Avengers charge towards him. However, Loki, now possessing the Odinforce, defeats the Avengers with very little effort. He even shatters Captain America's shield with a single blow. Before Loki could kill them all, he was intercepted by Iron Man who is wearing an amor made of Uru. The Avengers free Thor and they (except for Black Panther, Hawkeye, and Ant-Man who attempt to break Loki's connection with Yggdrasil. Loki starts to lose control of the Odinforce and it threatens to trigger Ragnorok.

Not Captain America's shield!

Loki, however, does not care until Ant-Man uproots Yggdrasil and a new one takes it's place and takes the Odinforce from Loki. Loki stills vows to destroy the Avengers despite being greatly outnumbered until Odin arrives. Odin says long has he ignored Loki's deeds. But this is no mere trickery, this is evil. Odin asks Loki despite raising him as a son, this is how he repays him. Loki responds angrily that Odin deserves much worse.

Instead of banishing Loki, Odin sends him to another dimension to be tortured by the Midgard Serpent for all eternity.

Somehow, however, Loki managed to escape again and continues to be a major antagonist to the Avengers.


At some point during the next Odinsleep, Loki and Enchantress kidnap Bruce Banner also known as the Hulk to defeat Thor as the Hulk is the only one to rival Thor in strength. Bruce begs Loki to stop so the Hulk does not get free or else the green giant would cause massive damage. However, Loki wants that. Loki states that were it not for Bruce, Hulk would rule Midgard, the Asgardian name for Earth, with his rage. Bruce is determined not to let the Hulk out but Loki begins slapping him around and insulting him.

Unable to stop himself, Bruce transforms into the Hulk and breaks his shackles. Hulk moves to punch Loki but the master of mischief puts up a magical shield to stop the attack. Hulk breaks through the shield but Amora creates a spell of her own that subdues the Hulk. She performs another spell that separates Bruce from the Hulk and leaves the green giant a mindless brute.

Hulk sees Bruce and angrily grabs his head. About to crush Bruce, Amora casts another spell that allows Loki to control Hulk's every action. Amora collapses with exhaustion while Loki tries out his new toy.

Loki see, Hulk do

As the Warriors Three and Balder drink in triumph they hear the roar of the Hulk. Volstagg initially thinks it to be only another troll. The Warriors Three ride their horses to meet the "troll" only to be easily punched aside by the incredible Hulk.

Loki enjoys the power but Amora warns that Hulk is fighting him as well the Asgardians.

For a battering ram that requires several large trolls to carry, Hulk wields with ease

The Warriors Three try again but are still easily defeated. Balder watches as Hulk crushes Hogun with a battering ram then throws it at him. Balder dodges it as the ram smashes right through the gate. Hulk runs up to Balder and punches him away. As Hulk is pounding on other Asgardians Balder blows a horn calling forth reinforcements.

Thor does have his tricks

Back at the gate, Balder fights gallantly against Hulk but is not strong enough. Hulk crushes Balder's helmet as he approaches. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning strikes the sky and the hammer of Thor, Mjolnir, knocks the Hulk back. Thor arrives from the sky and calls Mjolnir back to him.

Loki is finally able to get rid of the thorn of his life...

Thor lays the tired Balder down as Hulk jumps to meet him then tackles him away. Hulk throws Thor then punches him even farther. Thor recovers and tries to reason with the doctor inside the creature to no avail. Instead Thor hears the voice of Loki, speaking through the Hulk. Hulk then begins to continually punch Thor. Amora watches Loki in his glee but seems disturbed.

...but decides to leave the pummeling to the real threat instead

Thor frees himself and hits Hulk repeatedly with Mjolnir. Thor eventually knows Hulk into a statue of Odin. Hulk grabs the statue and throws it at Thor but the god of thunder easily smashes through it and continues at the Hulk. However, Hulk grabs Thor, smashes him into the ground, then throws him onto a temple. Thor digs himself from under the rubble to find Hulk smashing him through the roof into the temple below. Thor then drops Mjolnir.

Loki then tries to get Hulk to pick up Mjolnir to use against Thor. However, even Hulk's great strength cannot lift it. Though Loki is determined to use the hammer, Amora warns that his own rage fuels the Hulk and may break the spell.

Plan Backfires

You know it hurts when the rocks rise up around him

Mjolnir suddenly rises up and returns to Thor. Thor then calls down a bolt of lightning directed at the Hulk that destroys the temple around them. Thor then fires another bolt at the mighty beast, causing him great pain.

Loki is physically knocked back as the spell is broken. Amora informs Loki and Bruce that the Hulk, in incarnation of rage, is now free to do as it wishes. Through a magical ball, Loki watches the Hulk smash Thor and laughs. Amora seems to regret what is happening but Loki reminds her that it is because of her "black, broken heart" that this is all possible.

Loki has little respect for mortals

Bruce tries to warn Loki about the Hulk's savagery. But Loki has had enough of Bruce's whining and kills him. Loki watches as Hulk climbs towards Odin. Suddenly Mjolnir bursts through the wall, hailing the entrance of Thor. Amora enters and Loki realizes she betrayed him. Thor states that the Hulk is be returned to Midgard and Loki will pay. Loki agrees stating that the Hulk provided him enough amusement.However, Amora notes that since Bruce died in Asgard Hela claimed his soul. Therefore, the Hulk cannot be returned to Midgard.

Thor berates Loki, stating that Hulk will not stop until all of Asgard is destroyed bringing Ragnarok upon them all. Thor then sends Amora to Sif's side to protect Odin. She is reluctant but does as he wishes and teleports there. Thor then tells Loki to send whatever dark forces he has left to aid the Asgardians against the Hulk. Thor tells Loki that they both will go to Hel.

The last place anyone would want to be, the one place they must go

Thor and Loki arrive in the bowels of Hel. The two see the numerous spirits of those fallen during Odinsleep. Loki comments on what a busy time Odinsleep is for his daughter, Hela. Loki torments Thor with the idea that his friends are also there, but Thor threatens to leave Loki behind.

Journey into Hel

Loki and Thor find Hela with a Fenris Wolf at her side. Thor informs Loki's daughter that the Nine Worlds are in danger, including Hel and Niflheim and that Ragnarok is upon them. She tells him that Bruce's soul is hers, just has Thor's almost was earlier. Thor questions why she would risk all for one soul, and she states he is doing the same. Loki points out that she has half a soul, Bruce Banner is incomplete without the Hulk. Hela then ponders this. Loki then tells his daughter that the Hulk's soul is rightfully hers and convinces her to bring the Hulk to Hel and merge the two halves.

Hulk cannot smash what has no body

Hulk frees himself and begins attacking the souls, but without success. Try as he might the souls cannot be smashed or even grabbed. However, he does manage to make them go away by using the force of his fists to blow them away.

Hela curses Loki for tricking her into bringing Hulk to her realm. But Thor says that he and Loki will capture the Hulk. Loki is hesitant but Thor reminds him that if he does not he will fight alone. Loki ponders the fact that they are already in Hel and stays behind to watch the two fight.

As Hulk vainly fights the spirits Thor knocks him down with a bolt of lightning. Hulk comes at the god of thunder but Thor dodges and knocks him back with Mjolnir. Hulk makes another attack but again Thor dodges and uses a lightning charged Mjolnir to knock him away. Thor blasts Hulk with a powerful bolt of lightning, but the Hulk still jumps out to make another attack and tackles him into a statue of Hela.

If nothing else Hulk proved that Thor and Loki could set aside their differences

Loki watches as Hulk does a more damage to Thor, then enters with a spell to restrain the Hulk. Thor uses his lightning attack again but Hulk breaks free and grabs the two stepbrothers.

Hulk and Bruce merged into one once again

As he is about to smash the two, Bruce runs up to Hulk stating he's the one the green giant wants. Hulk runs up to smash Bruce but in a flash of light the two are merged into one again.

Thor runs up to Hulk and the giant says he is tired and collapses, turning into Bruce once again. Thor berates Loki for thinking Bruce to be weak and states that he has a lot of courage. Hela lifts Bruce and claims him to be too powerful to keep but to valuable to lose to Valhalla. So she returns Bruce to Midgard to stay.

Loki's not going to be happy with Thor when he is released

Loki tries to flee but Thor stops him so that he may answer for the damage he has done to Asgard. However, since Hela released a soul she demands that one take its place. Thor prepares for a fight but she instead choses Loki. Loki is dragged down into the ground by the souls around him as he begs for Thor's help.

Thor contemplates fighting for Loki's soul but decides against it. Hela tells Thor that since loki is her father, his imprisonment will not be permenat. Loki was later seen trapped in Amber while hela sits next to him feasting.

Powers and Abilities

Loki has the ability to generate and control a great quantity of mystical abilities for a variety of purposes, of which can be used to further enhance or augment his physical diagram, like his speed, strength, and stamina, but only temporarily. Being a telekinetic, Loki can influence the movement of objects and people with his mind, and as such, this power proves to be devastating and chaotic in nature. His known abilities include the ability to fire powerful beams of concussive force, generate highly durable force fields, bestow superhuman attributes to living beings or inanimate objects, or teleport across dimensions. Loki can change the shape of several objects like water into the shape of a snake.

He'll grow up to learn much higher standards of magic than this

Like all Asgardians, Loki, although he is inhumanly durable, at least by human standards, can still obtain injury, also like all Asgardians, his metabolism enables him to rapidly regenerate damaged tissue much faster and more extensively than a human being. However, through the use of his sorcery, Loki's ability to heal himself is far above that of other Asgardians. His magical energies are so imbued into his body that he can reattach severed limbs and, while still a male, even reattached his own head at least once.

Like a number of gods or goddesses, Loki possesses highly developed shape-shifting capabilities. He is able to adopt almost any form imaginable whether it be animals, other humanoid beings, or even inanimate objects. His shape-shifting abilities can deceive The Wrecking Crew and even The All-Father Odin himself. He can turn his entire body into small moths for escaping or sneaking behind opponents.

The tissues of Loki's body are superhumanly durable and are roughly equal to those possessed by the average Asgardian male. However, at times, Loki had imbued himself with magical abilities that enable him to withstand injuries that would prove fatal to another Asgardian. He is able to withstand high caliber bullets, falls from great heights, powerful impact forces, exposure to temperature extremes and powerful energy blasts without being injured. Thor hit him once with Mjolnir and sent Loki crashing into a building only to get up immediately.

Loki has demonstrated powerful psionic capabilities, the full limits of which aren't known. He has demonstrated the ability to project his thoughts telepathically across great distances as well as potent hypnotic capabilities. He is able to communicate with beings telepathically, though his ability to do so is greater with beings that serve him.


While apparently possessing some extrasensory abilities that resemble psionic powers. Loki can not directly read the minds of other beings, nor can he control their actions. His passionate hatred of Thor, lust for power, and his tendency to alienate himself through his ignoble actions greatly impedes his ability to bring his well laid plans to fruition. Loki's powers are believed to at least be slightly weaker on Midgard than on Asgard, as his birth was not of Gaea, and even Odin's magic was on the wane on Earth. He often underestimates opponents especially mortals which caused his very own downfall.


Loki as a boy

Unlike his stepbrother, Loki is not an impulsive man, quite the opposite: thoughtful, manipulating, farseeing, he's the perfect tactician. Loki is mischievous by nature, always eager to prove himself: being physically weak, he developed a sharp intellect and an acute mind to overcome his handicap amond the Asgardians warriors. He's pitiless and obstinate, ready to destroy everything on the path to his aims. Brilliant and smart, he's an incredible foe for a society mostly based on mindless combatants.

However, like his brother, Loki can be arrogant at times. When he got control of the Odinforce, he believes that he is virtually invincible when against others. But this does not stop him from complimenting one's strength, as shown as when he fought Iron Man, saying that out of all the mortals, he was the only one to get his attention. He believes that one.'s strength comes from physical features.



When they were children, Thor was Loki's best and probably only friend. They look out for each other when the other is in trouble. However, at some point, Loki harbors hatred for both Thor and their father Odin. Now, Loki does not hesitate to kill Thor, even going as far as to send the Hulk to Asgard to kill Thor. He was amused when The Hulk was beating Thor to near-death.


A loving son, for now

In the past, Loki deeply cares for his own father and would even kill if his father is in peril. An example is when Loki heartlessly killed Algrim with Elderstahl when the Elf nearly killed Odin. But when Loki became and adult, he deeply resented Odin.(Probably because he found out that Odin killed his true father and took him as a child.) When Odin once questioned how Loki repays him with hate after raising Loki as a son, he tells Odin that he deserved a thousand times worse.


He'll get her back for that, eventually

Amora the Enchantress used to teach Loki in the mystic arts when they were children. Both of them have a love-hate relationship with each other. On one occasion, they almost kissed(though this was Amora's way to make Thor jealous.) When they are adults, the Enchantress works as a mere henchman for Loki, even calling him her Lord. However, after Loki escaped from the Midgard Serpent, Enchantress and Loki treat each other like equals.


Loki is voiced by Graham McTavish on Hulk vs Thor and The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Rick Gomez on Thor: Tales of Asgard. Ironically, McTavish and Gomez where the only people who voiced along with Matthew Wolf, who voiced Thor in both movies and saw none of the other cast members.

This is the first television version of Loki to be Thor's adoptive brother like in the comics. All previous animated versions of Loki were stated to be Thor's half-brother.

In the Comics

Loki is actually a Frost Giant, though this was not firmly established. In Thor: Tales of Asgard Loki's skin does not change color in the presence of Frost Giants like the Asgardians do and is shown with an uncanny control over water, hinting at his true origins.

Loki was directly responsible for the formation of the Avengers. He was performing a scheme to have Thor killed, which attracted Ant-Man, Wasp, Iron Man, and Hulk who joined with Thor to defeat him. They then decided to stay together as a team. In the series he is indirectly responsible.

Loki was the one who gave Absorbing Man his powers with an Asgardian potion. However, for The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes he is changed to be another gamma powered villain.

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