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Team Affiliations Brotherhood of Mutant Terrorists (Formerly)
Lockheed is from the Non MAU "Pryde of the X-Men" episode.

Lockheed is a small dragon that bothers the Brotherhood of Mutant Terrorists.


Lockheed found its aboard Asteroid M after the mutant Magneto turned it into a base for his Brotherhood of Mutant Terrorists. It was considered a pest and constantly annoyed Magneto.

After the Brotherhood stole the Mutant Power Circuit Magneto had Toad install it before swatting away Lockheed. Afterwards Toad chased Lockheed around the asteroid.

Professor X used his powers to find and discover what Magneto was doing. Magneto had successfully installed the Mutant Power Circuit and was diverting the Scorpio Comet towards Earth. It would have killed most of the human race so that mutants can rule.

Magneto watched on a monitor while Cyclops blasted his way through the airlock. Magneto sent the Brotherhood after them, after again swatting away Lockheed.

The X-Men attacked the asteroid and Nightcrawler was alone when he faced Magneto who only taunted him. He tried to destroy Nightcrawler but Kitty Pryde phased up through the floor to stop him. Magneto was further distracted when Lockheed bit his ankle.

Magneto accidentally broke the circuit, which meant that nothing could change the comet's course. However, Xavier told Nightcrawler to complete the circuit while Kitty pushed Magneto back onto the platform. The resulting energies pushes away the Scorpio Comet, but sent it towards Asteroid M.

Unfortunately, Nightcrawler must have continued completing the circuit or else the comet would head back towards Earth. Magneto left with the Brotherhood back to Earth.

Nightcrawler told Kitty to leave, as does Xavier since he had a plan. She grabbed Lockheed and headed back towards the Blackbird. Xavier kept the Blackbird on a viewscreen that Nightcrawler could see. Xavier told him that he must teleport aboard at the very last second. Unfortunately Nightcrawler waited too long and the comet hits the asteroid.

Luckily Nightcrawler did teleport away but into the vacuum of space. But he was entering the atmosphere and would have burnt up. The X-Men hurried to get the grappling beam on him. Nightcrawler disappeared just before the beams could latch onto him. They heard a banging noise from the back and went to investigate to find Nightcrawler alive and well.

Kitty thanked Nightcrawler for his heroism. Storm asked Wolverine if he was wrong. He says that Kitty is still no X-Man. Not yet anyways.


Lockheed is voiced by legendary voice actor Frank Welker who also voiced Nightcrawler and Toad.

Lockheed is never given a name. This article is only titled that because it is unmistakably the comic book character.

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