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Lizard SMTNAS.jpg
Real Name Curt Connors
Alternate Identity Lizard
Powers and Abilities Wallcrawling
Extreme Strength
Healing Factor
Team Affiliations Empire State University
Family and Friends Peter Parker
Lizard is from the Non MAU series Spider-Man: The New Animated Series.

Doctor Curt Connors was a brilliant professor at Empire State University. Angered by the loss of his arm in an accident, he intentionally transformed himself into the large creature known as Lizard.


Dr. Connors lost his right arm as a result of a testing accident at Oscorp Industries.

He later began teaching at ESU. One of his brightest students was Peter Parker. During his time, he began experimenting with lizard DNA to regrow his arm.

Following the death of Norman Osborn, he decided to attack the new head of Oscorp, Norman's son Harry. He used a lizard serum and transformed into a large creature.

He tried to attack Harry but was stopped by the superhero Spider-Man. Spider-Man grabbed his tail then hung from a helicopter. The natural lizard response was to detach his tail. However, he was high above the city and fell to his death.

Later, the Gaines Twins used an illusion of Lizard to torment Mary Jane Watson.


Lizard was voiced by Rob Zombie.

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