Liz Allan
Real Name Liz Allan
Family and Friends Harry Osborn (Love Interest)
Mary Jane Watson
Peter Parker

Liz Allan is a college student and good friend to Mary Jane Watson, Peter Parker, and Harry Osborn.


Liz worked at a coffee shop that was frequently visited by her friends. She would talk with them, especially with her good friend Mary Jane giving her relationship advice. She had a crush on Harry. When Peter and Mary Jane got married, Harry attacked as Green Goblin. She got him to stop by proclaiming her love for him.


Liz was voiced by Marla Rubinoff.

The first version of the character outside the comics.

In the Comics

She was initially the girlfriend of Flash Thompson.

Peter had a crush on her but she thought he was nerdy and teased him along with Flash. When she heard Peter dressed in a Spider-Man costume to save Betty Brant, she developed a crush on him. However, he rebuked her since he was dating Betty. She then began a rivalry with Betty over him.

Her stepbrother is the supervillain Molten Man.

She eventually dates and marries Harry becoming Liz Allan-Osborn. They have a son named Normie. However, Harry suffers a mental breakdown and tries to torture Spider-Man as Green Goblin. Eventually he snaps out of it to save her and Normie but dies in the process.

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