Living Laser
Living Laser.jpg
Alternate Identity Living Laser
Powers and Abilities Lasers
Team Affiliations The Hand
Allies Fin Fang Foom

Living Laser is a technological supervillain. He is a servant of the Mandarin as part of The Hand.


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Living Laser joined MODOK, Hypnotia, Dreadnight, Blacklash, Grey Gargoyle, Blizzard, and Justin Hammer as part of The Hand. Together they fought Force Works to steal Stark Enteprises technology, though they were constantly defeated. Eventually the team disbanded when Mandarin was thought dead.


Living Laser was voiced by Robert Hays.

In the Comics

Real name is Arthur Parks.

Fell in love with Wasp and kidnapped her, bringing him into conflict with the Avengers.

Eventually turned into a being of pure energy.

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