Leech XME.jpg
Real Name Dorian Leech
Alternate Identity Leech
Powers and Abilities Power Negation
Allies X-Men
Leech is from the Non MAU series X-Men: Evolution.

Dorian Leech, also known as simply Leech, is a mutant.


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Dorian lived with his mother.

After mutants were revealed to the world, he was quickly identified as a mutant for his unusual appearance. His mother protested that he was just a normal child. He would occasionally get headaches.

Dorian was present when a group of humans led by Duncan Matthews clashed with the X-Men. After suffering a severe headache, his mutant powers activated for the first time. He was able to completely nullify all the energy in the area such as the humans' weapons and the mutants' powers. His mother was angry that he had been revealed as a mutant, and demanded how he could live a normal life. Spyke, then living with the Morlocks, sadly replied that he could not.

Rogue later absorbed Dorian's powers, it is unknown how she was unaffected by his powers, during the attack against Apocalypse. She used them to shut down his Eye of Ages and trap him inside.

Powers and Abilities

Dorian Leech possessed the mutant ability to suppress the energy around him and a large area. He can stop objects like streetlights or weapons as well as mutant powers like Spyke's bones or Cyclops' optical blasts.




Leech was voiced by Danny McKinnon.

The name Dorian Leech was created for the series. In the comics he is simply known as Leech because of his powers with no known real name.

In the Comics

He has a more altered appearance while in the series he appears as a normal person with green skin.

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