Leader (MSH)
Real Name Samuel Sterns
Alternate Identity Leader
Powers and Abilities Greatly Enhanced Intellect
Allies Chameleon
Leader is from the Non MAU series The Marvel Super Heroes.

Samuel Sterns, also known as the Leader, is a gamma-enhanced genius and enemy of the Hulk.


Samuel Sterns was once a manual laborer at a chemical research plant. Due to is own carelessness Sterns was bombarded by gamma radiation. The gamma radiation turned Sterns' skin green and increased his intelligence to super-human levels.

Sterns, now calling himself the Leader, built an army of androids he called Humanoids. Leader then sent his Humandoids to steal all nuclear powered machines on the planet. However, Leader's Humanoids were stopped by the Hulk.

Leader later learned that Bruce Banner had created a machine called the Absorbatron which was capable of absorbing the entire force of a nuclear explosion and sent his Humanoids to steal it. Leader planned on selling the Absorbatron to a foreign country. When Leader stole the Absorbatron he was also able to capture the Hulk. Leader brought Hulk back to his lair and studied him to find a way to either control the Hulk or duplicate his strength. However, Banner transformed into the Hulk and destroyed the Absorbatron.

Leader later partnered with Chameleon and had him break into Banner's laboratory and steal a miniature gamma bomb. However, Hulk was able to stop Chameleon and Leader was not able to obtain the gamma bomb.

When Hulk was shot in the head, Leader operated on Hulk and saved his life. However, while operating on Hulk, Leader placed a device in his brain that allowed him to control Hulk. Leader then teleported Hulk to another planet to steal all the knowledge that belonged to the Watcher. Hulk got a sphere that contained all of the Watcher's knowledge. However, when Leader placed the sphere on his head he died from an overload of information.


Leader was voiced by Gillie Fenwick.

First version of the character outside the comics.

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