Laven Skee
Laven Skee PH
Real Name Laven Skee
Team Affiliations Warbound
Sakaar Native
Laven Skee is from the Non MAU video Planet Hulk.
Physical Therapy
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Laven Skee is a native of the planet Sakaar. At some point he served the Red King, but he was forced into the gladiator games. On his way to the coliseum he tried to assert himself as the leader of the other gladiators and came up with a plan. He was able to persuade fellow natives Hiroim and Elloe Kaifi, the Kronan Korg, and the robot Android. However, other natives, Miek, and the Earthling Hulk refuse. When the battle begins three Kronans, including Korg's friend Margus, emerge from a pit of lava and begin fighting them. During the battle several insect natives are killed while Hulk and Miek attempt to escape. However, Laven is stabbed by Margus causing the others to react in horror.

In his honor, the remaining gladiators band together as the Warbound.


Laven Skee was voiced by Michael Kopsa.

In the comics, his name is spelled Lavin with an "i". The exact reason for this subtle change is unknown.

In the comics Lavin survived several gladiator rounds before being killed.

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