Real Name Latveria
Team Affiliations Europe
Family and Friends Doomstadt (Capital)
Doctor Doom (Ruler)

Latveria is a nation in Europe. It is ruled over by Doctor Victor von Doom.


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At some point, Doctor Doom rose to power. He renamed many of the locations and cities after him. He rules the nation as a dictatorship.

The capital is Doomstadt, ruled from Castle Doom. They have an embassy in the United States of America, though because of Doom's supervillain activities relations between the two nations are not good.

When Doom was taken to another planet by the Beyonder, Doom established New Latveria and ruled over it as he did Latveria. When various superheroes stopped him, he was returned to Latveria with no memory of what happened.


First time in animation that the country is seen.

In the Comics

Was annexed from land from Hungary and Serbia.

Borders Symkaria, home of Silver Sable (she was made Russian in Spider-Man). The two nations are often allies as they repelled the Nazis during World War II together.

Vlad the Impaler lived nearby.

Is a member of the United Nations.

Has treaties with the US, Canada, France, Wakanda, and Atlantis.

Red Skull occupied Latveria twice but was pushed out within days both times.

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