Lady Vermin
Real Name Lady Vermin
Powers and Abilities Rat Senses
Team Affiliations Knights of Wundagore
Allies Machine Men

Lady Vermin is a member of the Knights of Wundagore, the elite fighters of the High Evolutionary of Counter-Earth.


Physical Therapy
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When Spider-Man came to Counter-Earth, she became immediately attracted to him. She usually is seen trying to seduce Spider-Man. When she caught Spider-Man inside Wundagore Castle, he tricked her into thinking he wanted to see her, much to her happiness. Later, Spider-Man states that she was "getting ready" when he knocked her out.


Lady Vermin was voiced by Jennifer Hale. Her constant flirting with Spider-Man could be a reference to the fact that Hale also voiced Spider-Man's love interests Mary Jane Watson in the Spider-Man Unlimited pilot and Black Cat on Spider-Man.

In the Comics

Is more rat-like and almost not humanoid at all. Uses a jetpack to move around.

Fought the Acolytes for control of Wundagore Mountain.

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