Lady Dorma
Lady Dorma.jpg
Real Name Dorma
Team Affiliations Atlanteans
Allies Fantastic Four
Family and Friends Namor

Lady Dorma is an Atlantean and love interest to Prince Namor.


After Namor kidnapped Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four, Lady Dorma criticized his decision of allowing a surface dweller in Atlantis and even filling a room with oxygen just for Sue.

Out of jealously, Lady Dorma convinced Namor's army into betraying him and attacking earth, but she got a change of heart and intercepted a blast directed towards Namor, who was helping the Fantastic Four save their city.


Dorma was voiced by Jane Carr.

In the Comics

Initially, Dorma was Namor's cousin. Later retconned to not be related so that they could be lovers.

She grew up with Namor, falling in love with him.

After Namor was thought dead, she became engaged to Krang. She left him when Namor returned.

When she found out that Namor was in love with Sue Storm, Dorma tried to kill her. Namor saved her so she and the other Atlanteans turned on Namor.

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