Lady Chaos
Lady Chaos
Real Name Lady Chaos
Powers and Abilities Unknown
Allies Thanos

Lady Chaos is a mysterious figure. She is encased in stone and the subject of the affection of the powerful being Thanos.


Thanos fell in love with Lady Chaos. However, she was in the form of a statue. Thanos constantly tried to find a way to return Chaos to her living form.


Lady Chaos imprisoned in cold stone

Thanos, crazed to discover the secrets of returning Chaos to him, teamed up with Ego the Living Planet. Ego told him of the great knowledge of the planet eater Galactus. Intent on finding Galactus’s secrets, Thanos invaded Silver Surfer’s mind to find Galactus’s secrets. In the process of searching Surfer’s mind, Thanos restored Surfer’s memories. However, Thanos succeeded in finding out that Chaos will return if the universe was in total chaos.

Surfer found a series of planets that have been devastated by Thanos, and Surfer rushed to warn the next planet in Thanos' target. It was a planet of dreamers. Surfer woke one of their heroes, Beta Ray Bill, to help defeat Thanos once and for all. They succeed in tricking Thanos by sending a dream making him think that Lady Chaos was back.

Surfer's plan worked and Thanos was fooled until he left the area.

Thanos later made another attempt to create enough chaos to awaken Lady Chaos. Time began to rewind all over, with only Silver Surfer seeming to notice. Eventually, Thanos concluded that he would have to destroy the entire universe to win her love, and before the Surfer could stop him, the universe collapsed in on itself.


Lady Chaos was voiced by Lally Cadeau, who also played Moira MacTaggert on X-Men.

Lady Chaos is based off of the comic's embodiment of Death. Censorship issues would not allow her to be named death (the same reason Sinister Six was changed to Insidious Six). However, since she is only named by Thanos it is possible he got it wrong and she is Death.

The only animated version of the character outside of a cameo in the deleted opening of The Invincible Iron Man.

An unproduced script for "The End of Eternity, Part Two" revealed the events following the apparent destruction of the universe, including Lady Chaos' first true appearance as well as how she met Thanos. Thanos had been admiring two nebulas colliding destroying each other whe he first saw her. She then rejected him and the two fought. In the present, she escaped her stone tomb during the battle between Silver Surfer and Thanos. He once again pledged his love but she rejected him and crushed him into dust. She then asked Silver Surfer to join her in creating a new universe of chaos. Silver Surfer then threw the universe ball (the Big Bang waiting to happen) at her causing the rebirth of the universe apparently destroying her. [1]

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