Real Name Kiyoek
Team Affiliations Inuit
Allies Wolverine
Family and Friends Pooyetah

Kiyoek is a young Inuit man.


Kiyoek is a young man living in a fishing tribe near Baffin Island. He dreamed of driving snowmobiles and living in the city, but the elder Pooyetah wanted to keep the old ways. One day they found Logan nearly frozen on the ice. Kiyoek wanted to bring him to the city for a reward so he could get a snowmobile, but Pooyetah wanted to nurse him back to health. He was forced to bring Logan on a fishing trip where the newcomer outshined him. His jealousy grew and when confronted by Sabretooth he offered to help the other newcomer betray Logan. However, Sabretooth kidnapped the tribe and destroyed their village. Kiyoek and Wolverine helped each other stop Sabretooth and save the villagers. Afterwards, Pooyetah decided to head to the city.


Kiyoek was voiced by Paul Haddad.

He is an original character to the series.

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