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Kingpin SMITSV.jpg
Real Name Wilson Fisk
Alternate Identity Kingpin
Team Affiliations Alchemax
Family and Friends Vanessa Fisk (Wife)
Richard Fisk (Son)
Kingpin is from the Non MAU film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Wilson Fisk, also known as Kingpin, is a crimelord based out of New York City. He was the husband of Vanessa and father of their son Richard.


At some point, Kingpin fought Spider-Man. He was vicious in his attacks which frightened Vanessa and Richard, who walked in on him. Vanessa took Richard and sped away in their car but were hit and killed. Wilson became obsessed with getting them back and invested into interdimensional technology with Alchemax. Soon Alchemax created a machine called the Super Collider which could open portal to other dimensions. Kingpin intended to replace his wife and son with alternate versions of them from another dimension.

Kingpin Kills Spider-Man.PNG

He teamed up with Prowler and Green Goblin. While Kingpin was testing his Super Collider, Spider-Man arrived and tried to stop him. Green Goblin shoved Spider-Man into the energy that was being released by the Collider which caused it to explode. After the explosion a weakened Spider-Man lies on the floor bloodied and bruised unable to move. Spider-Man tells Kingpin that he saw his family in the Collider and says that his plan to bring them back won't work because they are gone. This enrages Kingpin who brutally kills Spider-Man on the spot. Miles Morales who was in the room ran off. Kingpin heard Miles and ordered Prowler to kill him. However, Miles was able to escape the Prowler.

When the Spider-Gang developed a device that could override the Super Collider, Kingpin sent his minions after them. However, when Prowler learned that one of the Spider-Men was his nephew Miles, he refused to kill him. Due to Prowler's insubordination Kingpin shot Prowler in the back and killed him.

Just as Spider-Gang got to Kingpin's base with the override key, Kingpin had just activated the Super Collider. Kingpin used the Collider to find alternate versions of Vanessa and Richard. However, before Kingpin could bring them into his dimension, Miles used the override key on the collider which caused it to malfunction. With the override in pace it allowed Peter Parker, Spider-Woman, Spider-Man, Spider-Ham and SP//dr to return to their home dimensions.

Kingpin (SMITSV).png

However, the override key caused Kingpin to lose contact with alternate versions of his wife and son and he attacked Miles. Enraged at the fact that he lost his family again Kingpin struck Miles the same way he did Peter Parker and intended to kill him. However, Miles survived this blow. Miles got back up and grabbed Kingpin and threw him into a control panel which caused the Super Collider to explode. Kingpin was then arrested.


Kingpin is voiced by Liev Schreiber.

This is the second version of the character seen in film following Michael Clarke Duncan's role. He is the first film version to be married.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was the first time since the Spider-Man: The New Animated Series episode, "Royal Scam" that Kingpin had been portrayed as a Spider-Man villain in either movies or television. In the interim, Kingpin had been portrayed as a Daredevil villain while the rights to the characters were with separate studios.

Kingpin is modeled after the Kingpin from the 1986 comic Daredevil: Love and War by Frank Miller and Bill Sienkiewicz.

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