Mr. Moriarty
Kingpin's father
Real Name Moriarty (First name unknown)
Family and Friends Wilson Fisk (Son)
Vanessa Fisk (Ex-Daughter-in-Law)
Richard Fisk (Grandson)

Mr. Moriarty is the father of Wilson Moriarty, who later became the Kingpin of Crime under the name Wilson Fisk.


Mr. Moriarty was a petty thug who dreamed of being bigger. While on a job he bumped into his overweight son, Wilson, and dragged him away with him. Wilson eventually joined with him on crimes until his weight kept him behind. He apologized and left him to go to prison. Wilson made several contacts in prison and emerged a better person. He became the Kingpin and created a vast criminal empire. Wilson Moriarty eventually changed his name to Wilson Fisk. He found his father, had him brought before Fisk, and then had him killed.


Wilson's voice actor was uncredited. The character was also unnamed.

He was a character created for the series. The comics have yet to include his father. Another version later appeared on the Daredevil series with the name Bill Fisk.

The aspect that Wilson Fisk had changed his name is also original to the series, meaning his father doesn't have the surname Fisk.

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