Real Name Kili
Allies Silver Surfer
Unnamed Master of Zenn-La
Family and Friends Pip (Love Interest)

Kili is a troll on Morovus.


Kili and the other trolls, at least those on Morovus, were genetically created by the Kree to be slaves on the planet. In a bit of cruel irony, they were forced to dig in a mine for minerals that would create collars to control more slaves.

At some point she fell in love with fellow slave Pip.

One day, Silver Surfer arrived on the planet. He absorbed his collar then used his Power Cosmic to free the others. Along with the unnamed Master of Zenn-La, they defeated the Kree overseers freeing the trolls on the planet. Silver Surfer even turned a massive energy blast into rain for the planet. Afterwards, Pip left with him on his journey.

She later helped Silver Surfer and Nova when they found an egg for a Skrull queen.


Kili was voiced by Elizabeth Hanna.

Kili is an original character.

She is possibly named after one of the dwarves in The Hobbit. Both the trolls seen here and Tolkien's dwarves share similar statures.

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