Real Name Kang
Powers and Abilities Time Travel

Kang is a conqueror from the future who opposes the Avengers.


Kang comes from some unknown century where he conquered the planet. He learned of an event that occurred in the twenty-first century that would unravel his present and that it was tied to the Avenger Captain America.

He learned about the history of Captain America. After he ordered his ship to evacuate, most of his people vanished from his timeline except Ravonna, his love, whom he was not fast enough to save completely. She was trapped with a state of limbo, slowly deteriorating. This caused him to make his plans to conquer Earth only to save his love and his people from disappearing. However, the Avengers foiled his plans of conquering Earth and Captain America took him out. Luckily his ship, crew and Ravonna remain in the present but Kang was locked up in the Negative Zone and his ship was taken over by S.H.I.E.L.D.. Kang warned the Avengers that the threat he told them about earlier would still come.

When Captain Marvel was brought to Prison 42, Kang was looking at him knowing the Kree played a role in destroying his timeline.

One day, he was released from prison by a group of time travelers from the future called the Council of Kangs. When he was free, he changed the arc reactor into a time machine, moving his time to the present. He was stopped by the New Avengers.


His personality is that of an egomaniac, but caring and loving about his wife Ravonna. He'll do anything to save his timeline even if it might change the course of history.



Ravonna is the woman Kang loves. When his future got wiped out, she got caught in it. He was keeping her alive but barely. Kang vows to save their timeline even if he had to conquer the 21st Century.

Powers and Abilities

Kang possesses no powers of his own. Through his technologically advanced suit, he has the power to power to fire lasers from his hands and chest, levitate in the air, and can open time portals and force fields for protection.

He is also quite skilled with advanced swords and guns in combat, making him a dangerous foe to threaten.


Kang has a vast array of advanced weapons at his disposal. He can open a portal to grab any weapon from his spaceship, Damocles, to arm himself before fighting his opponents. He has a powerful forcefield that is nearly impenetrable by any of the 21st century weaponry including magic


Kang was voiced by Jonathan Adams.

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