Kang the Conquerer NAHT
Real Name Kang
Alternate Identity Immortus
Powers and Abilities Time travel
Kang are from the Non MAU video Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow.

Kang is a villain who fought the hero team the Avengers. He fought Captain America, Vision, and Wasp and apparently lost.

All that is known about Kang is that he is able to travel through time.

An alternate future version of himself also went back in time and fought the Avengers under the name Immortus. This version joined the villain team the Masters of Evil.

Despite the Masters of Evil's efforts they were defeated by the Avengers. Eventually the hero team went their separate ways and began families. However, the robot Ultron came and killed most of the team except for Iron Man and Vision. They took the children of the Avengers to a hidden location. When they were young they asked Tony to tell stories about their parents. One of the stories involved the Avengers fighting both Kang and the Masters of Evil.

It is unknown if Kang or the members of the Masters of Evil also fought Ultron or if they too went into hiding.


Kang is never mentioned by name. He is part of Tony Stark's story about the Avengers and is called one of several time-traveling conquerors. The movie does not even bother to mention that his real name is Nathaniel Richards.

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