Real Name Ka-Zar
Allies Zabu
Karl Lykos
Family and Friends Shanna (Wife)

Ka-Zar is a man living in the Savage Land.


Physical Therapy
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He is married to Shanna.

Ka-Zar hated Magneto and other outsiders who came to his land and imprisoned his people.

After Magneto left, the Savage Land was taken over by Mister Sinister, and Magneto and Charles Xavier searched for an escape, their powers rendered useless. They found Ka-Zar, and agreed a truce to help rescue those whom Sinister had imprisoned. They managed to make it to Sinister's lair, where Xavier and Magneto were defeated, whilst Ka-Zar and Zabu, his faithful Sabertooth tiger, escaped.

He later joined forces with Wolverine, and the two helped the X-Men defeat Sinister and free the people of the Savage Land.

When Sauron was transformed back into Karl Lykos, Ka-Zar welcomed his former enemy into his tribe.


Ka-Zar was voiced by Robert Bockstael.

In the Comics

His name is Kevin Plunder and comes from the civilization. He got stranded in the Savage Land as a child.

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