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Justin Hammer
Justin Hammer.jpg
Real Name Justin R. Hammer
Team Affiliations The Hand

Justin R. Hammer was a businessman and rival to Tony Stark. He worked with the Mandarin as part of The Hand.


He worked with A.I.M. to orchestrate the death of Walter Stark of Stark Enterprises. He hired Ghost to steal technology for the Iron Man Armor and sold it to various villains, thus starting the Armor Wars. When Iron Man went out of control he created the robot Firepower, which apparently killed Iron Man. However, Iron Man came back and destroyed the robot. Iron Man then came to Hammer's office to confront him. He then uploaded a virus into Hammer's computers that wiped out all his records.


Justin Hammer was voiced by Tony Steedman and Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

First version of the character outside the comics.

The episode "Data In, Chaos Out" gave him the middle initial of R, while no comic has ever stated what his middle name or even initial is.

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