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Jubilation Lee.png
Real Name Jubilation Lee
Alternate Identity Jubilee
Powers and Abilities Shoots Explosive Electricity
Team Affiliations X-Men
Allies Spider-Man
Family and Friends Martha (Foster Mother)
Foster Father

Jubilation Lee, known by her nickname Jubilee, is a Chinese-American mutant and a member of the X-Men.


Joining the X-Men

Personal details

After her mutant powers became known to her foster parents, her foster father called the mutant control division on her, despite the protest of her foster mother. Overhearing their conversation about the decision, Jubilee questioned to herself why she was becoming a mutant and recalled when she used to be normal, also addressing that it was not her fault that she was a mutant. Prior to a Sentinel arriving at her home, Jubilee retreated to the arcade in a mall and expressed sadness over her previous belief that her parents loved her. She found herself questioning what was wrong with being a mutant as she caused the arcade game she was playing to blow up with the accidental use of her powers. As an official of the store asked her if she knew how much the game cost, Jubilee merely replied that it cost a quarter as the man realized that she was mutant and she started to run from him.

While running, she bumped into Rogue and Storm, telling the two to watch where they were going. The Sentinel arrived at the mall and easily identified her, but caused Jubilee to take alarm once it revealed it planned to capture her. Despite some resistance, the robot managed to get her. Once she was saved by Rogue and Storm, she started to roam around the mall desperately and came across Gambit and Cyclops, the latter having her take cover as she passed out while he attacked the Sentinel. She woke up at the Xavier Mansion, where she was being given some support by their medical facility. Once she got out of the room, she made her way across the mansion and saw Beast and Morph as they tended to their own affairs. Upon getting inside another room, she saw Robert Kelly on the monitor and told him to get a life upon hearing some of his opinions on what should be done with mutants.

Right after viewing the dismembered head of the Sentinel that had attacked her, she was forced to hide once again when Charles Xavier and Jean Grey came into the room, the latter pointing out to Charles that the monitors were on prior to their departure from the area. She came across Gambit while he was battling Wolverine and under the belief that Wolverine was planning on killing him, used her powers to stop him from delivering the finishing blow. She explained her actions once the rest of the X-Men arrived and was taken by Storm, who explained what the group was and how they operated. As Storm related her own attributes, Jubilee gave justification for her while essentially stating that she was just someone who could blow things up.

She returned to her home, scared over what might have happened to her foster parents and was confronted by a Sentinel. Despite attacking it with her abilities, she failed to make any effect on it. As she started to run, she was confronted by another Sentinel and was made to pass out by the same one, referencing this being the second time that night that she had been taken out. As she began to loss consciousness, she looked up and saw Henry Peter Gyrich as he loomed over her. Wolverine tried to track her, but her scent went cold and he later joined the X-Men in going after her.

Meeting Bishop

Bishop arrived to the present time thanks to the aid of Forge and Wolverine, in a desperate attempt to save the future and prevent the assassination of Robert Kelly. However, once arriving he retained limited memory of what he had come back to do and only pieced together that he would have to stop the assassination of Robert Kelly after an amount of time spent wandering around, and still managed to come under the impression that the X-Men were responsible for the senator's death. Once he arrived at the Xavier Mansion, Bishop wasted no time in attacking Cyclops. As he prepared to deliver a finishing blow with his weapon, Jubilee stopped him from delivering the attack with the use of her powers, but was taken out alongside Storm once he retaliated. Wolverine tried to stop him and succeeded, though was not able to kill him after Charles stopped him.

Once the pandemonium was completed, the X-Men helped stabilize Bishop to have his mind entered by Charles, though Jubilee had difficulty with what she referred to as the arm-thingy. As Charles entered Bishop's mind, he was able to visually display the images of mutants being treated like animals and other horrible persecutions that were set to occur in the future. However, Jubilee was still confused and asked what they were even supposed to be seeing. Wolverine did not buy his story and criticized Xavier over believing him, justifying his feelings as fueled by the fact that they had previously been attacked by him. In the midst of his statement, Jubilee mentioned and brought up the weapon that Bishop had brought with him, as potential evidence that he was telling the truth. Once Charles finished with his mind, it was determined that the group would try to help Bishop piece together his memories.

Jubilee joined the rest of the team in accompanying him to the area where his time portal was located, where she asked what had come through the portal prior to being corrected by Bishop. As the team stood, they were suddenly attacked by Nimrod, who managed to separate the team in the process. As he attacked Wolverine and Bishop, Jubilee and Jean tried to attack him from the back, as Jubilee told him to back off while referring to him as a jerk. Once the robot turned its attention to the two and shot down Jean, it did not take long for the same to be done to Jubilee. As Bishop attacked Nimrod, he caused him to go back through time by ripping off the device keeping him in the present, which only managed to confuse Jubilee and propel her to ask him how he was able to send him back. Once Bishop explained how he did it and that it was possible that the same could happen to him, Jubilee expressed disappointment in the idea of him leaving the team's side. Once the team returned to the Xavier Mansion, the idea of anyone in the group being the assassin was brought up and caused some suspicion amongst the team. As Rogue returned to the mansion with Gambit, Bishop noticed the latter and proceeded to fire at him.

Powers and Abilities

Razzle dazzle

Jubilee has the mutant power to generate explosive bright bursts of multi-colored energy from her hands that appear like fireworks. She can use this power to destroy electronics, break metal, and even push people away. Initially she could not control her power but learns some control over time. She has a major problem with destroying electronics, much to the chagrin of her adoptive parents and the X-Men.



Jubilee looked up to Wolverine, often tagging along with him on missions. The two had a father-daughter relationship, possibly due to the two not having much family left and both feeling as outsiders on the team. Her first encounter with him left a little to be desired, as she believed him to be a murderer while he dueled against Gambit. Once he began to come back to his senses following her blast, he remarked that she would not be alright for long after Storm asked how she was. Despite this, the two became close. As Wolverine returned to the Xavier Mansion after securing Magneto with Cyclops and Jean, Jubilee greeted him. In response, Wolverine told her that he had missed her.


Jubilee first met Cyclops after joining the X-Men. Though she was primarily the sidekick of Wolverine, she still had a level of respect for the leader of the X-Men and looked for his approval on multiple occasions. Once Iceman was brought to the Xavier Mansion, Jubilee resolved to help him infiltrate the military base that he believed Lorna Dane was being held in. Cyclops instead believed that he had taken her and vowed that he would do something about it. Once he met with her and Iceman, he tried to downgrade the latter as Jubilee defended him. Cyclops showed his sympathy and compassion for Jubilee when he went to speak to her foster parents about her being kidnapped by the Sentinels. This was possibly because he knew what it was like to be a foster child and had been in Jubilee's shoes of being rejected by people and feeling lonely due to having uncontrollable mutant powers.


Jubilee was shown to have a close bond with Gambit and cared about him despite him getting on her nerves. She attempted protecting him against the Sentinels, and when Gambit came to her rescue the first time, he asked her if she missed him, to which she collapsed in his arms out of relief, hugging him. She went with him and Storm to Genosha, and they were often shown spending time together one-on-one, with Gambit taking her to the movies. When Gambit was accused by Bishop of being the one to murder Senator Kelly, Jubilee fiercely defended him, believing in his innocence.


Jubilee seemed to view Rogue like an older sister, Rogue showing to have had a fondness for her, often calling her "Sugah" and "Sweet Pea" and looking after her while out in the field. While they dealt with the Sentinels, it was Rogue who was seen watching Jubilee's back and protecting her. After Jean's sacrifice and "death," Rogue showed compassion for Jubilee when she got angry over how unfair it was that Jean "died", hugging her while she cried and being the first one to comfort her in her grief.

Jean Grey

While they may not have had the closest bond, Jubilee greatly loved and respected Jean as both a teammate and a friend. When Jubilee went off out of the institute to check on her foster parents, Jean was shown to be very worried about her and rushed to tell Wolverine and Cyclops of it. Jubilee attended Jean's first wedding as flower girl, and when Jean absorbed radiation while on a mission in outer space, she was seen standing by Jean's hospital bed in worry for her. After Jean's "death", Jubilee was angry and devastated by this and screamed at how unfair it all was, breaking down in tears. Jean, along with Storm, were often the ones Jubilee turned to when she was in need of advice or comfort. A case of this was when Jubilee went to go and get her CD player fixed after having fried it; when the store clerk fixing it for her got infected with the "plague" that was going around, Jubilee was saddened and confused as to why the blame was placed on her, a teenaged girl. Jean and Beast both comforted her, with Jean telling Jubilee that humans were just looking for someone to blame because they were afraid, and walked out of the infirmary with an arm wrapped around her, making Jubilee feel better.


Storm, along with Rogue, Cyclops and Gambit, could be considered the first mutants Jubilee had met. When Jubilee was attempted to be captured by a Sentinel, Storm released her and hugged her, calming her down while Rogue fought the robot off. Storm explained to Jubilee who the X-Men were, was one of the X-Men dispatched to rescue her after she was kidnapped by the Sentinels, and went with her and Gambit to Genosha.


Jubilee first met Beast at the institute when he explained to her the concept of the Danger Room. While she was at first freaked out by Beast due to his blue, beastly appearance, she quickly warmed up to him. When Beast was released from prison, Jubilee was the first one to run up and give him a hug, overjoyed to have him back.


Jubilee first met Morph upon her arrival at the institute, freaked out by his ability to shape-shift into anyone. Jubilee acted as Morph's replacement when she joined the X-Men after he had gone missing. After Morph came back being controlled by Mr. Sinister, he posed as Storm and sent Jubilee to a Friends of Humanity HQ, although he would not have done so if he hadn't been under mind control. It was possible Morph felt guilt for putting Jubilee's life at risk and he genuinely had a fondness for her after having first met her.


Jubilee was voiced by Alyson Court.

She was featured heavily in the first season because she was a "way in" for new audiences to learn about the X-Men. Essentially, her role was to be the new person so that the other characters could explain things for the actual benefit of the audience.[1]

When casting Jubilee, the producers had in mind a Valley girl voice like Ally Sheedy on speed.[2]

Initially another actress was cast as Jubilee. While that actress was a professional she had a sweeter and cuter voice that was not what the producers wanted to portray. Court was brought in to rerecord the pilot at great expense. She had to record a third time after the writers redid parts and a fourth time after recording more episodes.[3]

Jubilee shares many common traits, and criticisms, with Kitty Pryde of the failed pilot "Pryde of the X-Men". Most often referenced are that many stories focus on them, their naivete, desire to always be included, and general whiny tone. Pryde was also intended as an audience surrogate.

In the Comics

Following the deaths of her parents she was homeless, not put into foster care as on the show.

She joined the X-Men after she was saved by Dazzler, Storm, Rogue, and Psylocke.

She has expressed jealousy of other female X-Men.


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