John Jameson Space Probe
Real Name John Jameson Space Probe
Team Affiliations United States Government

The John Jameson Space Probe is a robotic shuttle sent to explore outer space. It is named after astronaut John Jameson.

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The probe was named after astronaut John Jameson successfully prevented the deaths of anyone after his shuttle crashed as a result of the Venom Symbiote. Jameson successfully landed it on the George Washington Bridge, which had been evacuated, though it eventually crashed into the Hudson River because of Rhino. Luckily Spider-Man saved the two astronauts.

Spider-Man tricked Venom, a combination of the symbiote and Eddie Brock, into going to the launch of the shuttle. The roar of the engines caused Venom to separate and Spider-Man webbed the symbiote to the probe. While in space, the symbiote spawned the Carnage Symbiote.

Later, Dormammu ordered Baron Mordo to crash the probe onto Earth. A couple found the probe and were attacked by the two symbiotes.

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