John Jameson
John Jameson
Real Name John Jameson
Alternate Identity Man-Wolf
Powers and Abilities Transforms into Man-Wolf
Team Affiliations Human Resistance
Allies Spider-Man
Family and Friends J. Jonah Jameson (Father)
You may be looking for John Jameson's alter ego Man-Wolf or the John Jameson Space Probe.

John Jameson is the son of J. Jonah Jameson, an astronaut, and major figure in the Human Resistance on Counter-Earth.


A alien lifeform latched onto Jameson's suit while he was on an asteroid. John piloted the shuttle back to Earth but it crashed on the George Washington Bridge. Spider-Man arrived to help but Rhino was sent by the Kingpin to steal the Prometheum X. Rhino eventually caused the shuttle to crash into the Hudson River but Spider-Man saved John and his co-pilot. He went to the hospital where he was looked after by his father, J. Jonah Jameson. He eventually woke and revealed that there was a man in a rhino costume in the shuttle, thus clearing Spider-Man's name. He was captured by the Shocker so Spider-Man would return the Prometheum X, but was returned to the hospital.

Later he traveled on a shuttle to Counter-Earth. However, it was hijacked by Venom and Carnage. Spider-Man went aboard another shuttle and found that John had joined a group of human rebels against the High Evolutionary and his Beastial army. Together they fought for peace and equality on the planet. John was experimented on and became Man-Wolf. Like Bruce Banner and the Hulk, he would transform when angry. Spider-Man helped him return to normal.


John Jameson was voiced by Michael Horton on Spider-Man and John Payne on Spider-Man Unlimited. Scott McNeil did Man-Wolf.

First version of the character outside the comics.

In the Comics

He has also become the superhero Colonel Jupiter.

Turning into Man-Wolf is a recurring thing that continues to plague him.

He has no connection to Counter-Earth.

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