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Jean Grey
is a telepathic and telekinetic mutant who was one of the first five members at Xavier's Institute.
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Jean Grey lived with her parents, until Magneto and Professor Charles Xaiver made visits to her house, Magneto trying to recruit her and Professor X trying to help her. She left with Charles and Scott to join the X-Men. Magneto later tried to recruit her again after beating the X-Men, yet Jean used her powers and defeated Magneto. On the day of the explosion at the institute Jean felt something in her mind and this caused her to use the powers of the Phoenix, she ended up in a coma. When Jean woke from her coma she had amnesia, and got aggravated by the nurse who was looking after her, thus using her telepathic powers. She was then chased by the MRD, and so she send out a telepathic pulse causing all of New York to become unconscious. Jean was then sought after by Mr. Sinister who sent Archangel to capture her, he succeeded by beating Emma Frost and Scott Summers and taking Scott too. Mister Sinister then took Jeans DNA, yet the other X-Men came and brought her back to the X-Mansion. After she was placed in the medi-lab Emma Frost used her telepathic powers to render all in the Mansion unconscious and the Hellfire Club took Jean.


Jean was in a relationship with Scott Summers, yet she doesn't remember due to her amnesia. She also took some affection in Wolverine


Jean Grey is a powerful Telepath and has great telekinetic abilities. She can also use the Phoenix when distressed.

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