Jean Grey
Jean Grey XME
Real Name Jean Grey
Powers and Abilities Telepathy, Telekinesis
Team Affiliations X-Men
Allies Brotherhood of Mutants
Family and Friends Cyclops (Boyfriend)
Duncan Matthews (Ex-Boyfriend)
Jean Grey is from the Non MAU series X-Men: Evolution.

Jean Grey is a mutant and a part of the X-Men.


At some point as a child, Jean Grey developed telepathy and telekinesis. Shortly after these developments, she was taken in by Charles Xavier and joined the ranks of the X-Men, along with Wolverine, Storm and Scott Summers.

Formation of the Brotherhood

In the months that introduced the X-Men to the Brotherhood of Mutants, Jean primarily served as a member of the expanded group of X-Men kids and assisted them telepathically in battles against the Brotherhood. In addition, she continued to have uncertainty towards either Scott Summers or Duncan Matthews.

Nightcrawler and Shadowcat's joining

Fellow X-Men Cyclops got into a fight with Duncan Matthews, with Jean quickly responding to the attack. She unintentionally caused the explosion by Cyclops as she caught his attention by calling his name out, which allowed Duncan to hit Scott and cause him to use his powers against his will. Duncan was hit and tended to by medics. As he was carried off, she comforted him and referred to him as a poor baby due to his injuries and soon confronted Cyclops, whom tried to explain to her that he did not mean to use his powers in that way before Jean told him that she already knew and suggested that he leave.

Jean saves Nightcrawler XME

Jean saves Nightcrawler.

The next day, Jean brushed her hair as she was rushed by Scott. She told him to hold on before coming out and holding his chin before walking off. As she and Scott prepared to leave, the two were halted by Xavier, whom introduced them to Nightcrawler. After Cyclops tried to give him a handshake, Jean and Scott both expressed shock in the appearance of his hand. Later that day, Nightcrawler and tested mutant Toad got into a fight and wound up in the Danger Room. She and Scott were called in by Xavier to save the two. After saving Nightcrawler, whom asked her if she was an angel, she in turn asked him if he was demon.

The two were successful in saving Toad and Nightcrawler, both feeling disenchanted on the X-Men's cause. In the end, Toad left and Nightcrawler was convinced to stay by Cyclops. Later, Jean was selected by Xavier to accompany him in recruiting a mutant by the name of Kitty Pryde. She questioned why she was chosen for aiding him in recruiting him before Xavier explained that she could relate the girl. The two arrived at the girl's home, where her father profoundly slammed the door in their faces. Jean cited that next time, they would call and get hanged up on instead before Xavier explained that she would have to make direct contact with her. Jean went to Kitty's school, where she was bumped into by the girl as she was running away. After Kitty retreated to the school's gym, Jean tried to comfort her.

Kitty assumed that Jean was a friend of Riley's, a bully of hers. However, Jean insisted that she was not and tried to relate to her by revealing that when she first gained her powers, which she referred to as gifts that she hated them as well and showed her that she could levitate things after she was able to levitate the mask in her hand. She also revealed that she could read minds, much to Kitty's discomfort, causing her to scream at Jean to get out of her head and running away from her.

Jean told off by Lance XME

Jean is threatened by Lance.

After Kitty left, Jean was threatened by Lance Alvers and told Xavier of such when she met up with him and her parents later. She departed with Kitty's parents to find her and they succeeded in doing so, finding Kitty struggling to away from Lance. While Lance began to take her away, Jean reminded Kitty that earlier she stated that she did not want her powers to become a curse before stating that if she did so, they would indeed become so. This lead Kitty to use her powers to save her, Jean and her parents for Lance's powers and they succeeded in recruiting her.[1]


Jean and the other X-Men watched Wolverine preform a mission in the Danger Room. After Shadowcat asked if anyone else was freaked out over the X-Men's day-to-day routines, Jean participated in staring at her. She and the rest of the X-Men departed to recruit Rogue, whom Xavier viewed as a danger to herself and to others. During the ride, Shadowcat complimented Cyclops and stated that he was kind of cute. Jean did not see so before looking at him and stating that at a certain angle he could be. Upon landing, she was used a means of getting close to Cody, a boy whom Rogue had taken the abilities of. After doing so, she and the other X-Men went after Rogue following her meetings of Nightcrawler and Shadowcat. Mystique had been tampering with their chances of getting the young girl into their group by morphing into Wolverine and attacking her.

Jean talks to Rogue XME

Jean talks to Rogue.

She confronted Rogue after the others, whom was immediately scared of her. However, Rogue was able to determine whom Jean was, with Jean enforcing that if she knew who she was, then she knew she would not hurt her. She told Rogue that if she ever needed someone to talk to she should contact her before giving her a communicator. However, her progress was nearly completely destroyed when the other X-Men arrived to support the two. After Rogue gained usage of Storm's powers, Jean and the others decided to leave after being instructed to by Xavier. After she and the others left, Rogue would be enrolled in her and the other young X-Men's school.

Blob's crush

Jean meets Fred XME

Jean meets Fred.

Jean went with Wolverine to watch one of Fred Duke's shows. Their attempt to recruit proved ineffective, as Mystique as Darkholme was able to reach him first. She and the other X-Men went to school the next day, with Jean stopping the new student Blob from hurting Duncan. She told him her name and welcomed him to Bayville High School. She asked him what his name was and was given his real name. She tried to reassure him of the school, stating that the first day was always the roughest and said it would get better.

She sat with the others at lunch and was asked by Kitty if Fred was the one she and Logan had gone to see the previous night. She stated that he was okay, when he wasn't tearing lockers off of the wall. Meanwhile, Fred decided to fill his lunch plate and accidentally caused it to fly in the air, landing on Duncan and some of the other football players. She advised Kitty to stay in her place, citing that it could get messy before trying to confront Fred. However, Jean slipped and was nearly hit by Blob in a rage before Scott got involved. Though Scott tried to merit a fight, Jean wanted to simply talk to him and stated that the kids shouldn't have laughed at him after Blob expressed his own opinion in the manner. While reaching out to him, she stated that he needed some type of training to control himself and told him of her own powers before showing them to him. Though Blob claimed that she could really hurt somebody with her powers excitedly, Jean stated that the Xavier Institute was about learning how to control one's powers and that she was sure that the professor would be eager to meet him.

As Jean walked out, Blob noticed her backpack. Though she responded to his cry, Blob decided to brush it off after he saw Cyclops. After school, Jean and her friend Taryn (X-Men: Evolution) were walking out of class before Jean was approached by Blob, whom requested a date with her. However, Jean did not have the time to go out with him and suggested that the two go out some other time before Blob called her out for her supposed excuse as she began to walk away from him. Jean suggested to Taryn that she go ahead of her, whom asked her if she was positive that she would be alright. Jean stated that she would and after Taryn left, began to talk to Blob.

She told him that she had responsibilities that kept her from going with him before Blob stated that she was his friend as he grabbed her arm. Rather irritatingly, Jean stated that she thought she was, but reminded him that friends do not hurt each other and asked him calmly to let go of her. However, Blob told her to just let him talk to her for a second in private and began to take her off with him. Though Jean told him that she had to leave, he stated that she could not and had to go out with him. Jean stated that she did not have to anywhere except for home before using her powers to propel a large amount of nearby constructions materials on him.

Jean captured XME

Jean is captured.

However, the materials landed and hurt Jean more than him, evidenced by a red bruise on her forehead. She was taken by Blob back to a room he prepared for her away from the school. Jean woke up, only to find herself tied to a chair and the room lit with candles. As Blob closed in on her, Jean stated that her current situation could not be happening and alerted Xavier via telepathic communication, signaling to him that she was in trouble. Though Wolverine and Cyclops individually tried to save her, they failed and were defeated by Blob.

Ultimately, it was Rogue whom proved able to do so and received questioning by Jean as to why she did it, causing her to run away. Though Jean tried to pursue her, she was told by Wolverine that Rogue was not ready and agreed with Shadowcat that the X-Men now owed Rogue for her aid.

The joining of Spyke

Storm's cousin Evan Daniels developed powers at an early age, powers of which that Storm deemed to much for him to control on his own, causing her to tell Xavier of them. As a result, Jean and Scott were deployed to convince Evan further that the Xavier Institute was a good place for Evan to enroll and control his powers better. After Evan concluded that his aunt Storm did not give up, Jean told him that she did not because she loved him and that she was concerned. As the conversation continued, Cyclops related that having powers could be cool sometimes, causing Evan to rudely question what his powers were. Jean told him that Cyclops's powers were not indoor friendly before the young mutant headed up stairs.

After he slammed his door on both his parents and the X-Men, Jean sarcastically related that their meeting went well before Evan came back downstairs and exited the house on his skateboard. In his time away, Evan fell into trouble when he was framed by that of Pietro Maximoff for the damaging of some of his school's lockers. Jean and the others visited him while he was in jail and after Evan asserted his innocence, Jean read his mind and told him that she knew he did not do it. After Evan agreed to come to the Xavier Mansion, Jean and the other X-Men had dinner, with Jean passing the sausages to Wolverine telepathically. Later that night, Evan was called back to school and met up with Quicksilver. Though he tried to defeat the latter on his own, he was easily defeated before Jean and Cyclops arrived.

Quicksilver captured XME

Quicksilver is captured.

Jean quickly questioned if Quicksilver was the guy who trashed the school's lockers and reacted to him pushing Cyclops to the ground. Evan reacted in rage however and chased the speedy mutant. After he left, Jean told Cyclops that they could not let Evan face his rival alone and the two quickly went to aid him. After she and Cyclops caught up to Spyke, they found themselves on the end of a tornado created by Quicksilver and the three caught onto a pole. After Cyclops and Evan defeated him with their abilities, Jean and Scott were proud of Evan for having used his powers to defeat his enemy and prove his innocence and retreated when the police arrived.

Nightcrawler gone

Jean and the other X-Men sat down and discussed Duncan Matthews's party. Though Jean and the others were in favor of going to Duncan's party, Scott did not believe it to be a good idea, proposing multiple scenarios that would cause the X-Men to have their powers exposed. In the midst of their conversation, an argument between Kurt and Nightcrawler occurred, causing him to withdraw from the group with the use of his powers. After Kurt left and Scott asked if he had blown it, Jean and Evan concluded that he had. While on his own, Kurt was accidentally zapped by Rogue into an alternate dimension that was only inhabited by one other person.

Jean and Scott talk XME

Jean and Scott talk about him and Nightcrawler.

While with Scott, Jean and the former discussed his argument with Kurt. After Scott asked her if she thought he should apologize to Kurt, Jean told him that his own thoughts were what mattered most. After two boys emerged from the boys' bathroom and claimed to have seen a blue and furry demon, Jean waited outside for Cyclops as he looked inside for Kurt. After he exited, Jean asked him if he was not there and was told by Cyclops to contact Kurt and tell him to stop his shenanigans. After looking for him with her powers, Jean told Scott that she could not pick up a trace of him anywhere, stating that it was like he did not exist.

As the two continued to talk, Lance Alvers and Fred Dukes walked over to the two. After they responded to Scott's questioning of Kurt's absence in a way that implied they knew where he was, Scott quickly grabbed Lance and shoved him against a locker, causing Blob to grab him and Jean to tell him to put her friend down.

Jean against Lance XME

Jean prepares to duel Lance.

However, Lance quickly tried to fight her and she began to touch into her powers before Darkholme came to the four and automatically believed Lance and Fred, whom lied on them. As they walked into her office, she discovered her furniture to be missing and ran out to recover it, leaving Jean and Scott to find her car being vaporized by that of Toad with a strange device. The two chose to confront him about it, along with Spyke and Shadowcat. Though the group succeed in catching Toad, they were halted in extracting information from him by Rogue, whom threatened the well-being of Kurt if they did not comply.

Jean and the others went with Rogue to a room, where they were soon attacked by the Brotherhood of Mutants after figuring out what to do with the device that had been used to teleport Nightcrawler to his current location. After being given orders to defend the former's way home at all cost, Jean and the other X-Men charged at the Brotherhood of Mutants. She and Cyclops fought against Blob, whom they defeated by having Jean use her telekinesis to place him on the ground on his back, in the process causing him to be unable to move around and rendering him immobile. The group's efforts proved affective when Nightcrawler and his fellow inhabitant Forge succeeded in getting back to their universe. After saving Forge and reuniting with Nightcrawler, Jean told Kitty that she and the other X-Men would find a way to sneak her into Duncan Matthews's party after Cyclops concluded that going would not be such a bad idea.

Rogue joins and Sabertooth

Jean struggles XME

Jean struggles with lifting Cyclops and Nightcrawler.

Jean and the other X-Men partook in training in the Danger Room, where Jean had to lift Nightcrawler and Cyclops as they hovered above inferred motion sensing bars. Though she was able to do so, she claimed that one of the two had been gaining weight, as it had made it more difficult for her to lift them. Her grip was completely lost when Wolverine as a guard came behind her and caused her to let go off the two, also being the catalyst for Cyclops and Nightcrawler to fall down and for the former to be touched by a simulation of Rogue. After Cyclops stopped the simulation over it and went to school, he and Jean discussed it.

Though Cyclops found their attempts to get Rogue on their side and the simulation against them to be complete contradictions, Jean claimed to him that they were just training before the two expressed interest in going on their upcoming field trip. As they unloaded their things, it was discovered by their instructor that Jean would not able to go due to a last minute change. Though she was disappointed in having to leave, she wished Scott and the others a good trip before leaving. After she returned to the Xavier Mansion, she explained the situation to Xavier, telling him of her knowledge of Rogue taking her place, whom joined the X-Men after she realized the truth about the group and her life and Cyclops' were threatened by that of Mystique. Along with the rest of the X-Men, she learned that their principal Darkholme was really Mystique in disguise and discussed her frustrations over not being told in the beginning by Xavier.

Jean spykecam XME

Jean has her privacy invaded.

Shortly afterwards, Spyke failed to properly do a report on the Star Wars project and had a make-up assignment assigned, to record that of those around him and find out what kids his age were like in current times. During Spyke's attempted filming of Jean the next day, she had just woken up and was still in her pajamas. Though she merely only modeled in front of her mirror, she saw Spyke trying to record her and used her powers to slam the room she was in's door shut. Spyke's camera caused Sabertooth to discover where Wolverine and the other X-Men lived and he attacked the group at the Xavier Mansion. However, he was outnumbered and defeated by them.


Jean positive outlook XME

Jean looks on the bright side of the X-Men being forced to do an obstacle course.

Jean and the rest of the X-Men were placed in an obstacle course camping trip, with already X-Men leader Scott Summers serving as the leader for the entirety of the camp. After Cyclops told the group that he wished for them not to washout in front of the entire school, Jean stated that at least Xavier gave them a choice, survival training there or with Wolverine. She and the other X-Men watched as Scott went against Lance Alvers of the Brotherhood of Mutants and calmed down Evan when he tried to use his powers to get back at Lance for using his powers to cause Scott to fall into the water. She reminded him that they were supposed to only be using their natural abilities before Spyke concluded that Lance needed his boat popped.

Jean tried to reassure him again, stating that Scott was trying to relax and that she was sure that the X-Man would be able to win without his powers before Cyclops fired on Lance. After Scott won, she argued with the group over Avalanche's cheating when they accused Scott of doing so himself. However, it was stopped when their couch forced them to do push-ups and quickly told the kids that the teams would be racing to the top of a nearby mountain. After being given instructions by her couch, Jean stopped Cyclops from getting into a fight with Avalanche after the latter tried to provoke him, with Scott reasoning that he was getting tired of the X-Men always having to play by the rules while the Brotherhood of Mutants got to use their powers carefree. However, Avalanche told the two that the Brotherhood of Mutants would play by the rules for the event, claiming that he and the others did not need their powers to defeat the X-Men. After the agreement was made, Jean began to tell the two that she was proud of both sides before she was dragged off by Cyclops, whom wanted to continue ahead.

Jean berates Cyclops XME

Jean refuses to use her powers and berates Cyclops.

As she and the other X-Men made it to the top of the mountain, Spyke found himself falling off after an earthquake and was saved by Jean. However, Cyclops assumed that she was now ready to openly use her powers and told her to levitate the whole group to the top, in order to win. Jean did not abide by his orders, much to his initial confusion. After Cyclops reminded her that she had just used her powers to save Spyke, Jean in turn reminded him that Spyke could have been killed in the previous situation where as the X-Men were only trying to win a game, something she verbally expressed that she expected Cyclops to already have known.

After the Brotherhood of Mutants requested their aid in getting out of the mountain after being caved in, she assisted them before the arrival of Storm, whom issued their help in saving both Charles Xavier and Mystique from being killed by Juggernaut. She and the rest of the X-Men teamed up with the Brotherhood of Mutants to defeat their shared enemy, with Jean using her powers to levitate the brute away from Xavier momentarily before giving in to his size and releasing him. She would have been grabbed by Juggernaut had it not been for Blob, whom slammed the large mutant with his stomach. After Wolverine told the two groups to remove his helmet, they succeeded in doing so, enabling Xavier to hurt his mind severely and leave him passed out.

Nightmares of Rogue

Rogue began to have nightmares, depicting a woman running with a baby away from a man. After Rogue woke out of the dream, Jean and the other X-Men responded to her. Shortly after coming to comfort her, she was ordered by Xavier to go with Rogue and Nightcrawler to his library. After Rogue's mind was entered by Xavier, he had Jean and the two go back to bed, stating that the X-Men had enough excitement for one night. The next day, Nightcrawler began to get irritated by Rogue and stormed out of the school by teleporting. Jean and Cyclops quickly responded and assumed that it would be best to help out their teammate.

Shortly afterwards, they were called by Xavier to Nightcrawler's room. After Jean questioned what she and Cyclops had to do, he explained to her that Xavier wanted them to search Nightcrawler's room for anything that could possibly suggest his leaving from the mansion. In addition, Scott also told her of Quicksilver having previously came to the mansion. She soon found a note to Nightcrawler, depicting the meeting place scheduled and what information would be exchanged.

Jean helps Nightcrawler XME

Jean holds Nightcrawler during the fight.

She and the other X-Men rushed to the scene, where they arrived just in time to see Nightcrawler being defeated by the Brotherhood of Mutants. While tending to Nightcrawler, she supported Cyclops in his battle against the aforementioned Quicksilver, whom she stopped in his tracks thanks to her powers to levitate and allowed Cyclops to score a direct hit on the latter after he requested her aid due to his speed avoiding him from making any good shots on the fast mutant. She later joined with Wolverine, Scott and Xavier to discuss their findings, where they concluded that many of the things they found out could hurt Nightcrawler.

Not long after, she and the others started to annoy Shadowcat with their presence, whom complained to her parents while writing to them that the Xavier Mansion was just to small for the group to remain apart for more than a mere few minutes. After she aided in battle and saved the life of Wolverine, she began to have second thoughts about Jean and the others.


Jean and Cyclops returned from school, with Jean reminding the latter that he was leaving his books behind before concluding that he had purposely left them there. She soon heard a nose in the bushes of their home and concluded that it was Shadowcat before realizing it was not and using her powers to move a bush, revealing it to be Toad, whom charged at her. She was able to easily best him as she asked what he was trying to prove before he continued to strike at her, with Jean lowering him into a wale before being snatched by a large metal ball. She was taken to Asteroid M, where she was imprisoned by being put in a form of stasis and was soon joined by Storm and Rogue.

Shortly after their arrivals, she was joined by Xavier in captivity as well and was released when the X-Men arrived to save her. In the meantime, Cyclops had been convinced by Magneto to use his enhancer and transformed into a bulkier and more powerful version of himself, also fully-embedded with Magneto's cause. After she and Xavier started to aid the other X-Men, Cyclops came to the two and told them that they were ruining everything. Jean however, did not see things the same way, telling Scott to look at what Magneto had done to him before his brother Alex jumped in and commented that the two were the future. Jean rhetorically asked Cyclops if he was the future, continuing by stating that if he were she would want no role in it. Deciding to leave Cyclops to his servanthood of Magneto, she retreated with the rest of the X-Men from Asteroid M. However, the asteroid soon began to crumble and most likely would have killed both factions if not for that of Scott and Alex, whom saw the error of their ways and used their powers to destroy it. Jean was proud of both of them and returned Cyclops' glasses to him after he reverted to his normal state.

New Recruits

Shortly after Magneto's defeat, Jean stayed an X-Men and watched the teams number of members increase with the introduction of the New Mutants. She continued to play sports and maintained her relationships with her teammates. She also stayed in a relationship with Duncan, who continued to treat her good.

Jean had a soccer game and was cheered on by her teammates. Jean played later on the school's stadium, only to be interrupted by the Brotherhood, who announced their powers and some of the X-Men, including Jean. As Jean stood by and watched them, Jean was given the spotlight by a camera on the stadium. She helped in defeating the Brotherhood and looked after Xavier, after he passed out from clearing minds.

Her powers started to cause her to hear people in the audience's thoughts while she tried to give a speech. She had several head migraines and tried to suppress them before they started to get out of control. The X-Men came to save her. Jean was saved by Rogue after she transferred her powers into her.

She was used against her own will to steal several artifacts, alongside Spyke, Nightcrawler and Shadowcat. She appeared at the Xavier Mansion one night and was seen by Cyclops. She used her powers to render Scott unconscious and placed him back in bed with her telekinesis. She fought the uncontrolled X-Men alongside the rest of her mind controlled teammates. She lifted Scott up into the air and made him shoot his optic blasts at the others. She was pushed to the ground by Rogue, but not before handing Mesmero the rings she had stolen. After handing him the rings, Jean was freed from Mesmero's control and was helped up by Scott.

She and the rest of her team were told by Xavier of the Scarlet Witch. She and the other X-Men went to fight her, but, they were all ambushed by the Brotherhood. After she and the others defeated the male members of the team, Scarlet Witch came to fight them. Jean tried to help Scott, but, Scarlet Witch stopped her by throwing her. Jean told Scott they had to retreat, but, Scott thought they could still win. She told him they couldn't and the team escaped.

On the Run

Jean would be one of the few X-Men to escape capture by the government and would continue on with the other X-Men to find Charles Xavier.

Jean speech XME

Jean gives a speech.

Upon being reaccepted to school, Duncan tried to talk to her. When he told her that he didn't care about her powers and that they could use them to cheat tests, Jean insulted him, grabbed Scott's hand and walked away with him. She apologized to Scott for involving him in her relationship with Duncan. She later gave a speech that day about mutants and human's differences.

Jean worries about Scott XME

Jean worries about Scott.

She started to have bad "feelings" about Scott, who had recently went to Mexico to help his brother. After Xavier told her to brush them off and that Scott was probably fine, she went to find him on her own. She soon tracked him on Cerebro with Xavier and went with him, Wolverine and Storm to find Scott. She succeeded in finding him and fought Mystique. She used her telekinesis to make Mystique hit the walls several times before colliding her with a wall hard enough to the point that she bursted through it. She told Scott the two had a "connection". She and Scott formed a relationship after this.

Jean and Scott started to teach at the New Mutants shortly after graduating from high school. Jean expressed excitement in teaching the kids before Scott was hit by one of the kids. Jean and Scott later used their powers to demonstrate to the kids that being taught could benefit them and be fun at the same time.


Jean's graduation ceremony was held over by members of Magneto's Acolytes, who came to announce Rogue's control by Mesmero.

Phoenix Vision XME

Jean in a vision

When Apocalypse was defeated, Xavier saw a vision of Jean being possessed by a powerful force.

Powers and Abilities

Jean is a powerful psychic with the power of telepathy and telekinesis.

She has shown enough control to scan the minds of others and has even demonstrated offensive use of it. An example of her telepathic strength is that she was able to psychically connect with Scott over a vast distance. When her powers surged, Jean found herself losing control, overhearing thoughts without effort.

Initially Jean had the ability to levitate and manipulate multiple objects however she struggled to levitate more than two people simultaneously. However, after this event Jean's control over her telekinetic abilities improved dramatically to the point where she was able to levitate two helicopters with little effort as well as bend sheet metal.


Similarly to her counterpart from the 90's animated show, Jean's telepathy allows her to be an aura of empathy and compassion to those around her, as she is able to know how everyone feels. The most popular girl in school and one of Xavier's highest-praised students, Jean is outgoing, loyal, friendly, sweet, cheerful, loving, and always willing to offer a helping hand to those around her. Her popularity and cheery nature puts her into a one-sided rivalry with Rogue. She is shown to be very polite, as seen when she tries comforting Kitty after witnessing her being picked on by bullies at school. Jean is also feisty and stubborn, being shown to stand up for herself on multiple occasions and not willing to accept being treated like she is weak because she is a girl. She possesses a bit of a jealous streak when it comes to Scott, especially when he tries dating her friend Taryn. Jean additionally seems to have a feminist view-point, as shown when she yells at Scott for calling her a "damsel in distress", or when she gets angry with Duncan for buying her tickets for the Sadie Hawkins dance, telling him that the girl is supposed to be the one to ask the guy. Her ability to have immense amounts of compassion and be friendly to everyone puts her in a dangerous situation with the Blob, though, when he becomes obsessed with her.

Jean also has a slightly maternal side to her and is Scott's equal when leading the team out in the field. This motherly, protective side to her personality is displayed when after finding the mansion demolished after it had self-destructed, she cries out to Bobby and Amara in worry for their safety. She additionally convinces Scott to get the X-Men to stop Juggernaut, and calms Ororo down when she displays anger towards Mystique, telling her to remember what the professor would want of them.

Additionally, Jean is very eloquent and intelligent, as she is the one chosen by Professor Xavier to give a speech to the Bayville High school board, convincing them to allow her and the other X-Men to return to school. Jean is also shown to occasionally care too much, and this side of her can drag her to feel intense guilt. This is displayed when she watches as Apocalypse kidnaps Professor Xavier and Storm. After witnessing it happen, she runs off crying, sobbing that she should have tried to stop the professor from going to Egypt and that she should have protected him and Ororo, despite knowing that the professor made his choice.


Scott Summers

Scott and Jean were the first two students at Xavier's institute, instantaneously becoming best friends and forming a bond, making them inseparable, that did not go unnoticed by Ororo, Logan and Xavier. However, the two drift apart as Jean becomes involved romantically with Duncan, and Scott tries forming a relationship with Jean's closest soccer girlfriend Taryn, much to Jean's dismay. After she breaks it off with Duncan, her and Scott become a lot closer and deeper in their friendship, to the point where Jean reciprocates Scott's attraction to her. They eventually end up developing a psychic link that is so strong between the two of them they can sense when one needs the other from miles away. After Jean breaks down in tears as a result of Professor X and Storm being taken by Apocalypse, Scott tells her that there wasn't anything she could have done to prevent it and Jean falls into his arms crying as he hugs her.

Ororo Munroe

Much like their comic counterparts, Jean has a close bond with Ororo, who acts as an aunt/older sister for Jean. Ororo is often the one Jean relies on for relationship advice or comfort, as Storm is very motherly and Jean is shown to be closer to her than her own biological family. Storm is one of the people who noticed Jean's attraction to Scott, and is genuinely happy when the two start dating. She is shown to love Jean like a niece or younger sister. When Storm and Professor Xavier get taken by Apocalypse, Jean is so devastated by this that she breaks down crying, blaming herself for not being able to stop it from happening.


A huge contrast from the relationship between Jean Grey and Wolverine from the 90's animated show and the comics, Logan acts as a gruff uncle-figure to Jean, but they are still shown to have a close bond. Jean is one of the few people Logan shows his soft side to, and cares deeply for her. Unlike the comic counterpart of Wolverine who harbored a crush on Jean and a rivalry with Scott, this version of Logan is shown to be very supportive to the idea of Jean and Scott dating, even stating in Blind Alley that "it was about time" Jean and Scott confessed that they loved each other. They are shown spending one on one time together often, and it is hinted Logan considers Jean like a daughter.

Kitty Pryde

Kitty and Jean are shown to have a close connection and friendship, with Kitty possibly seeing Jean as an older sister. When witnessing Kitty being bullied at school after heading there to recruit her for the X-Men, Jean is one of the first people that is kind to Kitty and goes out of her way to comfort her. They are often seen around each other especially after Kitty is first recruited, talking about Scott looking attractive. Jean is one of the people outright reluctant to take Kitty practice driving after she gets her learners permit, and makes Scott do it for her, insisting if someone is taking Kitty driving, it's not going to be her.


Unlike their 90's animated series counterparts who have a sisterly relationship, Rogue has a one-sided rivalry with Jean, as Jean is everything Rogue is not, and it's clear that Scott has a crush on Jean. However, Rogue slowly over time warms up to Jean, helping her out by absorbing her powers on multiple occasions and realizes that Jean is not perfect all the time. Rogue begins respecting Jean as both a teammate and a friend when she realizes if she were in Jean's position of losing control of her powers, Jean would be there for her and have her back.

Amara Aquilla

When Amara first joins the institute as a New Mutant, Jean serves as a mentor for Amara and is shown to be close to her. The two are seen in photos in Jean's bedroom of them going horseback riding with Logan. When Jean arrives at the destroyed mansion finding it in ruins, Amara, as well as Bobby Drake, are the first two people she calls out to in worry.

Charles Xavier

Jean, much like Scott, is shown to look up to Professor Xavier like a father. Scott and Jean being Professor Xavier's first students, he acts as a parental figure for the two. Before Professor X goes off with Storm to talk to Apocalypse in an effort to stop him from turning humans into mutants, Jean begs him to allow her to come with him and Storm. Professor X however insists that Jean stays with the students. When Professor Xavier and Storm are kidnapped by Apocalypse and turned into two of his four horsemen, Jean is shown to be the most affected and devastated. She runs off in tears, sobbing, saying that she knew something like that was going to happen and that she should have done something to try and stop Professor X from going to Egypt. When Professor X gets a glimpse of the future, he sees Jean becoming something that appears to be the Dark Phoenix. This as a result deeply startles him especially after Jean succeeds with stopping him using Cerebro and freeing him from Apocalypse's control.

Duncan Matthews

Duncan is Jean's ex-boyfriend. When they are together, Jean is shown to be extremely frustrated with Duncan and often getting into fights with him. The last straw is when Duncan tells Jean he wants to use her telepathic powers to cheat on homework and tests, with Jean breaking it off with him, yelling at him and calling him a 'lughead'. She is shown to not talk to him again after that. However, in the beginning when they are together, it's possible Duncan cares about her. After Jean recovers from her power surge, Duncan sends her roses along with a card, possibly to let her know he is worried for her.

Freddy Dukes

Jean's ability to have empathy, compassion and her willingness to help other people makes the Blob fall for her hard. In fact, Fred falls for her so deeply that he holds her hostage by tying her to a chair, leading to Jean being saved by Rogue.


Jean Grey was voiced by Venus Terzo.

Frank Paur revealed that had the series gone on, Jean would have become the Phoenix.

In the Comics

She went under the name Marvel Girl before settling on simply Jean Grey.


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