Jason Wyngarde
Jason Wyngarde
Real Name Jason Wyngarde
Powers and Abilities Create Illusions
Team Affiliations Inner Circle Club

Jason Wyngarde is a member of the Inner Circle Club and the main instigator of Jean Grey's corruption into the Dark Phoenix.


Wyngarde, with help of Emma Frost, entered Jean Grey's mind and projected a dream world where Jean fell in love with him. Thanks to this illusion, they managed to have Jean join the Inner Circle. This made Jean's Dark Phoenix persona emerge, and she eventually eschewed the Inner Circle. When Wyngarde tried to use his illusions on her again, Phoenix didn't fall for them and forced Wyngarde to assume his true weak form.

Alternate Version

In a alternate reality, Jason was a member of Magneto's X-Men.


Wyngarde was voiced by Nigel Bennett.

As the series' version of the X-Men had never faced Wyngarde before the Dark Phoenix saga, his "real form" doesn't have any real purpose besides being a nod to the comics.

In the Comics

Wyngarde goes by the name Mastermind, but he doesn't use it in the series.

He was a founding member of the Brotherhood of Mutants.

While in the Brotherhood, he tried to seduce Scarlet Witch who turned down his advances.

He was captured by Sentinels and rescued by the X-Men.

After creating Alpha, the Brotherhood fought the Defenders and were defeated. As part of their punishment, they were turned into children though they later returned to normal.

He was a probationary member of the Hellfire Club.

His encounter with Phoenix left him catatonic.

It was Jason who caused Rogue's persona to fight with Ms. Marvel.

He tried to get the power of Phoenix for himself but Rachel Summers defeated him.

He died of the Legacy Virus. His final words were asking Jean to forgive him for what he did to her, which she grants allowing him to die peacefully.

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