James Xavier
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Real Name James Xavier
Family and Friends Charles Xavier (Great-Great-Grandson)

James Xavier was a man from the nineteenth century. He is an ancestor of X-Men leader Charles Xavier.


James Xavier was a doctor during the Victorian period in England.

He was friends with fellow doctor Nathaniel Essex and the two frequently debated. Xavier treated Nathaniel's wife Rebecca Essex.

They both heard about the theories of evolution by Charles Darwin. Xavier was skeptical but Essex became obsessed with it.

Essex's obsession lead him to perform terrible experiments. He eventually changed himself causing his wife to leave him. Xavier then became consumed with the need to find and stop Essex, who began calling himself Mister Sinister.

While hunting Essex, Xavier learned that he created the criminal known as Jack the Ripper.

James wrote about his experiences in a diary and passed it among his children.

Long after he died, his family came to the United States of America and built the Xavier Mansion. His descendant Charles Xavier, a mutant and proof of evolution, formed the X-Men who fought Mister Sinister.


James Xavier, like Charles, was voiced by Cedric Smith.

He is an original character to the series.

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