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James Rogers
James Rogers NAHT.jpg
Real Name James Rogers
Powers and Abilities Enhanced agility, strength, and durability; Energy Gauntlet; Captain America's Shield
Team Affiliations Avengers
Allies Betty Ross, Bruce Banner/Hulk
Family and Friends Captain America (Father)
Black Widow (Mother)
Tony Stark (Adoptive Father)
Torunn (Adoptive Sister)
Azari (Adoptive Brother)
Henry Pym, Jr. (Adoptive Brother)
James Rogers is from the Non MAU video Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow.

James Rogers is the son of Captain America and Black Widow. When the children of the Avengers banded together, James lead the team to defeat the one that killed their parents.


Early life

Superhuman love

Captain America and Black Widow were members of the Avengers, a group of Earth's mightiest heroes. They fought many powerful villains that no single hero could handle. When it appeared that the team finally found peace, many of them split off and had children. Cap and Black Widow had James.

Baby boomers

Around the same time, Thor had a daughter named Torunn while Hawkeye had a son named Francis. Later, Black Panther and Ororo Munroe, king and queen of Wakanda, had a son named Azari. Last, Hank Pym and Wasp had a son named Henry Pym, Jr..

Then, Ultron appeared and attacked the team. Tragically, James' father was the first to fall. Iron Man's armor was severely damaged in the attack. Before his death, Cap told Tony to get the children away from Ultron.

Tony grabbed the children and fled to the Avengers Mansion. However, he was unable to get to Francis and though Clint and his son were dead. Tony flew the Quinjet to a hideout in the Arctic Circle, a large ship that had once crashed there.

After several months, Vision showed up. He then became a spy for Tony, acting as his eyes and ears to the outside world.

At the Arctic hideout, the children got to stay in bungalows. They were monitored by the artificial intelligence Jocasta who maintained the facility, adjusted environmental controls, realigned the radar, and prepared food. Unbeknownst to them, the Quinjet became the command center that control the facility.

When he was very young, James slept in the same room as Torunn, Azari, and Pym who slept in a crib. They would often beg Tony to tell them stories about the Avengers.

To make the stories more appropriate for the children, Tony changed the names so that Captain America became the Soldier, Thor became the God, Iron Man became the Knight, Black Widow became the Spy, Giant Man became the Giant, Black Panther became the King, Wasp became the Pixie, Vision became the Ghost, and Hawkeye became the Archer.

Gets the top bunk

One night, Tony came in and picked Pym out of the crib. Torunn held Azari while James told their surrogate father that they wanted to hear one of the stories again. Torunn agreed with him saying he wanted to hear more. Tony patted Pym on the back and agreed.

Tony started by telling them when the heroes had gathered in front of the Statue of Liberty. Each member united together against a common threat. He told them how Wasp, Captain America, and Vision fought Kang. Then he went on to say that Black Widow, Hawkeye, Iron Man, and Black Panther fought the Kronans. He went on to say that the team fought the Masters of Evil comprised of Loki, Immortus, Doctor Doom, and Baron Zemo.

He then explained that when the world seemed safe the team separated, many of them fell in love, and they had children. He tells them that Thor returned to Asgard.

Tony then explains that an old villain named Ultron returned. Ultron attacked the Avengers. Tony explains that Ultron wanted to rule the world and killed the Avengers to do so.

He says that he took the children to the ruins of the Avenger's Mansion and flew away in the Quinjet. The plane flew over the flame-engulfed New York City. He hid the children in a place far from the reach of Ultron.

As Tony told his story, the children each fell asleep. James passed out in the upper bunk while Azari slept on Torunn's legs in the lower bunk. He then put Pym back in the crib and turned out the lights before leaving.

Lying in Wait

Over the next twelve years, the children grew up and each grew into individual personalities. Pym and Azari, the two youngest, would play games like tag using their superpowers. Torunn would spent her time praying to her father hoping he would come and save her.

Each child got their own bungalow to stay in. They also spent time training their powers and teamwork in between their chores. They occasionally had to deal with drills and false alarms such as the time a fire broke out on the Machine Level or when Jocasta went nuts because of a water main leak.

Meanwhile, James grew progressively lazy and resentful of not being able to do anything productive. He would sleep in longer than all the others and wouldn't bother to clean his room. The other three would take turns waking James up in whatever way they felt like. He openly insulted the others usually requiring Tony to interfere.

In the comics, Steve Rogers eventually used a similar shield

During this time, Tony built items for James and Pym so they could have their parent's powers. James was given a gauntlet that could generate an energy shield that looked like his father's shield. The shield could be thrown like a discus and could slice through most things. It could also be used to protect himself and others from harm. However, the shield would not last for long when "thrown" and would dissipate after a short amount of time. James also learned to ride the shield.

Torunn had her sword and Azari was born a mutant with the ability to control electricity. Pym was given a suit that could cause him to shrink and grow. He also had mechanical wings that allowed him to fly and could fire bolts of energy from his fists.

Tony also made stone memorials for all of the fallen Avengers and used symbols to represent them. Captain America had his iconic shield and Black Widow had her black widow symbol.

At some unknown point, James was in the passageways beneath the main dome. It is unknown just what happened, but apparently he fell and grabbed onto a railing causing him to become afraid.

One day, Azari and Pym were playing tag when they got Torunn angry. When she threatened them, she noticed that James had not gotten up yet. The three went to James' room and found him still sleeping.

They stood over him as he stretched his legs. Torunn wondered which of the three of them had to wake him. Pym said it was Azari's turn. Azari snuck up and began to use his powers causing his body to glow. He stretched out his hand and shocked James' exposed foot.

James was startled awake and yelled out. He shoved Azari so hard he flew out the door and into the mud outside. James got up, activated his gauntlet, and wandered out in his pajamas. Looking down, he turned off the shield and saw Azari. He told his "brother" that he wanted to go back to bed.

Azari got angry and told him that James' problem is he had been sleeping all day and ignoring his chores and training. James didn't care what Azari thought. He did a backflip off the balcony and over Azari and Pym. He wondered why they should bother at all since nothing would happen to them out there, as he thought. He didn't see the point in Azari acting like a king, Pym like a superhero, and Torunn always living in a fantasy land.

She's probably not using her full strength anyways

Torunn then got angry and told him to stop being such a jerk. However, James pushed on and sarcastically noted that while all their parents were dead, hers were alive but abandoned her. The Asgardian got angry and attacked James with her sword. James brought up his shield just in time to stop her attack.

Torunn pushed hard but James stood his ground. James wasn't scared and taunted her. She promised to make him afraid and made a crackle of thunder.

Just then Tony walked up and told them to stop. They were surprised to see him and Azari quickly stepped in to stay he was going to break them up. Tony ordered James and Torunn to their bungalows to cool off their tempers. The two walked away and Pym mocked them.

Tony told Pym and Azari to also leave. Torunn flew away and James climbed the steps of his room.

Tony stopped him telling him that he shouldn't be made at his "brothers" and "sister." He told him to be angry at him instead for trapping them all there. Tony noted that his father also wasn't good at just waiting around. He said that James could always talk to him. James slightly turned to note that Tony was not his father and continued up the stairs.

Meeting the Past

Just then an alarm began to blare and red lights flashed. Tony told James to get into his room. The other three children appeared and Pym wondered what was going on. Tony told them all to get inside James' room right away until he gave the all clear signal. They all ran in but James stayed behind to peak out and watched Tony.

While they waited, James changed into his outfit. He sat on his couch while Pym sat on the bed, Torunn leaned against the wall, and Azari paced around. Soon, Azari stepped on something sticky that got stuck on the bottom of his boot. He wondered how James could live in the mess. James stopped picking his nose and smiled.

Torunn grew restless and wanted to be out there with Tony helping. Pym wondered if it was a new training drill, and then thought it could be Ultron. James felt the whole situation was silly and thought it was just another false scare. Pym agreed with him.

Then, the damaged Vision phased into the room behind Pym. The others got up and readied themselves for battle. James activated his shield, Torunn prepared her sword, and Azari emitted a sphere of energy around him. Pym turned around and was frightened by the ghostly image.

Vision became tangible and said hello before he collapsed. The four of them stood down and watched the figure in wonder.

Tony then entered the room and saw his fallen ally. Vision apologized saying that the drones in Ultra City have found a way to damage his immaterial form. He came there but theorized that his access codes must have been damaged.

Tony asked if he was followed, but Vision assured him that he was not. Tony picked up Vision to take him to the workshop. Tony told the children to stay there. However, Pym gave a delayed scream as he pointed at Vision, the shock of the situation finally catching up with him.

As Vision and Tony descended the stairs, the children stepped outside to watch them go. He promised to explain everythinng to them later. However, then he had to take care of Vision. He reiterated that they should stay in their rooms.

The children secretly followed Tony and Vision to the memorials. They watched as he put his hand on the carved Iron Man helmet and it began to glow. The center of the memorial area then dropped down and slid away to reveal a hidden staircase. Tony carried Vision down while the children watched hidden in the nearby bushes.

Pym asked if they were going to follow. James and Torunn agreed. However, Azari stepped forward saying that he did not want to. He felt they should respect Tony's wishes and stay behind. He stood in front of them and generated a sphere of lightning. Torunn then pulled her sword out and absorbed all of his energy. James told Pym to open the door.

The door opened and the four looked down. Pym asked if any of them if any of them knew that the stairs were there. He teased that he was smarter than them. However, the other tree ignored his taunts and walked down. Pym shrunk down and followed.

Uncovering Family Secrets

As they wandered through the corridors Torunn wondered how they could live there all that time and not know about the passages. Pym flew ahead and opened a door for them. Azari noted how much trouble they were going to get into.

James stopped as he seemed to remember the place. He remembered that when he was little he grabbed onto a railing when he was falling and could recall being scared.

Pym teased him until he backed up into a large object. He turned around and saw that he bumped into a robot that looked like a cross between Captain America and Iron Man. Pym got frightened as a light came on showing Iron Captain America.

More lights came on showing Iron Hawkeye, Iron Black Widow, Iron Thor, Iron Black Panther, and Iron Giant Man. Together the robots were the Iron Avengers.

Meeting the old robotic man

Azari wondered what they were. James noted that they resembled their parents. Pym recognized them from Tony's stories. He flew around identifying all of their fathers, though he confused Iron Thor for Torunn's mother because of the long hair. Torunn walked up behind Pym and went for her sword scaring him.

Azari wondered who Iron Hawkeye was supposed to represent. Torunn then noticed that the Pixie and Knight were missing. Pym then realized that Vision was the Ghost from the story.

Meanwhile, James wandered over to Iron Captain America and stared at the representation of his father. Torunn wondered why Tony would keep the robots from them. Azari thought they should leave if they were going to continue following Tony.

Azari, Pym, and Torunn began walking away but Torunn stopped when she noticed that James was not following. He continued to stay at Iron Cap. Azari and Pym continued on while Torunn stayed behind.

Torunn walked up to him as he continue to be fixated on his robotic "father." James wondered if Iron Cap was programmed with his father's voice, personality, and possbily his memories. However, Torunn wasn't optimistic.

James began talking to the robot though it didn't respond. Torunn told him that it wasn't his father, just a machine. He ignored her and stepped up onto the glowing platform. He asked if Iron Cap was online. Just then the eyes of the robot began to glow shocking James.

Bad Decision

He stepped back as Iron Cap accessed its database for a mission. It found that its mission was to destroy the artificial intelligence threat Ultron. James stepped out of the way as Iron Cap walked forward. As it walked away, Iron Cap told the other Iron Avengers to assemble. The others activated and followed.

Can't stop the wheels of fate

As Iron Black Widow left, James tried to stop them all. Iron Giant Man activated and walked around the platform. James ran after them and tried to turn them off. Failing that, he tried to pull his "father's" hand but Iron Cap brushed him away. James fell as the rest walked on.

The Iron Avengers went into another room and stood on a large platform. Torunn and James ran after them and saw them all in formation. The two stopped when they saw the roof overhead open up. The platform they stood on retracted back into the door.

The platform rotated the Iron Avengers into position. Soon, they blasted off and flew through the hanger door. Iron Cap lead the way followed by Thor, Black Panther, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and eventually the massive Giant Man.

As the robot team left, James and Torunn noted their mistake. Standing in the empty hanger, the two look at each other in fear. The two ran back towards Tony and the others.

They burst into Tony's workshop where Pym is holding Vision's disconnected head. James started to explain about the robots but Tony told him he already knew. Tony turned back to watch the action.

They watched on the radar as the Iron Avengers flew high above Earth until they came into contact with Ultron. The Iron Avengers stopped while Iron Giant Man flew forward. As it slowed down, Ultron flew through it deactivating it.

Seeing this happen, Tony told the children that they were all leaving. However, Pym noted that they had never left that place before. Tony sighed as he turned to see what was happening on the radar.

Tony told them that they don't have much time and they had to get to the control center where Vision would explain everything. James wondered where Tony was going to go. He was interrupted by news that Iron Black Widow was offline. Tony told them to leave.

The group went outside and the hidden door closed behind them. The group ran towards the control center. They then heard that Iron Thor was also infected. Torunn wanted to go back to help but Azari explained that Tony told them to leave. They then heard that Iron Black Panther went offline so the group began running again.

James asked Vision why the robots were going offline. Vision informed them that Ultron knows how to infect other machinery and reprogram them to serve him. Vision informs them that the Iron Avengers have most likely been compromised.

Then Jocasta told them that Iron Captain America was offline. Vision noted that Iron Cap was the last obstacle in Ultron's path. Pym fumbled with Vision at the idea of Ultron coming there.


A blast then shook the entire area. The children looked up to see that the blast shock the sky revealing a honeycomb-like grid. Pieces of debris began falling all around them. Torunn grabbed the grew and flew away but was knocked down. The group collapsed onto the ground.

James got up to see snow falling all around them. In the bright sky he saw a large hole revealing night beyond. Then the grid powered down darkening the area around them.

"My name is James Rogers. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

The group got up to witness a large red light descend through the hole. As it entered the dome the light dissipated revealing Ultron. It landed right in front of the group. Ultron spotted the group and assessed them. It scanned the four children and Vision's head while Torunn readied her sword.

Ultron determined them to be potential threats and decided to terminate them. It raised its hands where its repulsor beam began to glow.

Then Iron Man flew out of the smoke and grabbed Ultron's head. He twirled Ultron around and threw the robotic villain into the trees. He fired his unibeam to blast Ultron back.

Guess he did know better

Pym immediately recognized him as the Knight. Iron Man lifted his faceplate revealing that Tony is the one piloting the armor. He told them to run to the control center while he held off Ultron. Ultron then blasted into the sky and Iron Man lowered his faceplate to blast off and join it.

Torunn wanted to join but Vision stopped her. He told her that Iron Man was right and their safety is important. He claimed that she had to protect the others. The group moved on, and after a moment's hesitation Torunn followed.

The group make their way to the control center through the stairs. James and Azari followed Pym and Vision while Torunn guarded the rear. They entered the room and Pym set Vision down on a console saying that they would be back later.

Before they can leave, Vision used the code "Quinjet" and the door closes behind them. Vision told them to sit down before the launch. Azari wondered what Vision meant when the whole room blasts upward. The control room, revealed to them to be the Quinjet, broke through the building and into the sky.

James yelled at the jet to stop but it continued out of the dome. The children looked out the window to see the outside of the dome where they had been living. It had been located in an enormous ship that had crashed landed in the ice.

New Direction

The children watched, through a video feed, as Ultron defeated Iron Man. They then saw the Iron Avengers land next to their new master.

Torunn ordered Vision to turn the ship around but he refused. He felt that since Iron man sacrificed himself to protect them that they should do as he wished. He noted that there were places where Ultron had not yet conquered and set course for the Savage Land.

Azari was surprised by the name Savage Land while Pym thought it sounded horrible. Vision claimed that parts of it were quite nice. However, before he could go on Vision's reserve power began to deplete and he powered off. Feeling guilty, he stared off into the space outside of the craft.

Pym thought he could fix him but Torunn refused. She did not want to hide any longer. Azari agreed with Vision that they should respect Tony's wishes. They then asked James who was still staring.

He says that he led Ultron to their home. Torunn then ordered Pym to take them to Ultra City to confront Ultron. However, Pym didn't know where Ultra City was nor how to fly the Quinjet.

The group did find a way to pilot the craft and found Ultra City. Realizing that the city could have defenses set up, the group planned to use the Quinjet as a decoy while Torunn flew them in herself. However, Azari didn't think that the jet would be attacked. The group decided to use it as a decoy anyways and sent the craft towards the city on its own.

The jet closed on the city low over the water. A camera in the rocks saw it and the coastal cannons fired onto it. The jet was quickly destroyed and crashed into the ocean.

Torunn floated in the sky holding Azari and James while they all watched. Pym hovered nearby holding Vision's head. Azari acknowledged that he was wrong, though James got angry.

The four entered the city and snuck through the corridors. Azari led the way as the group found an opening to the heart of the city. They looked out and saw flying robots soaring through the city. Vast parts of the city moved around beneath them.

Torunn came up with a plan. They would find Ultron, destroy it, and get back Tony. However, James did not believe they could defeat Ultron despite Torunn's claims that she is invulnerable. She claimed that she fears nothing and flew away. The others watched her in shock.

James and Azari dropped down near where Torunn was slicing robots in half. They rushed to help her, but she used her sword to protect her from an attack from a walker. She dodged an attack from a tentacle and cut off the end. She grabbed the piece and threw it at the robot.

However, more fliers arrived and dropped more walkers around her. She continued her attack but one flyer fired a cannon at her. The force of the blast broke the ground around her and she found she could be hurt. She cannons fired knocking her back.

Pym watched in anger and flew forward to fire at the flyer. Pym dodged an attack from the flyer. He flew around firing at the robot.

That's one thing his father's shield couldn't do

James and Azari ran up to see all the action. James activated his gauntlet. Azari fired a large lightning bolt at the robot but it fired back. James increased the size of his shield and protected him and Azari them both from the robots' fire. They became covered in debris.

Then the Iron Avengers landed around them. Iron Thor grabbed Torunn by the head and lifted her up. James, Azari, and Pym emerged from the flaming debris to see Iron Thor throw Torunn into the ground. Azari wanted to help but the three were attacked by the Iron Avengers.

They got up but saw Azari grabbed from behind by a large metal hook and dragged back into the wall. Before they could do anything, Pym was also grabbed. James dodged an attack from Iron Hawkeye before he was also grabbed. He then passed out.

The Rival

James woke up to find Pym and Azari standing over him. He wondered where Torunn was, and then where they were. They looked around to find themselves in the basement of a ruined building. Then a glowing pair of eyes rose behind Pym. They found themselves surrounded by robotic-looking creatures.

Then another boy stops the ambushers saying that they need to move on. The ambushers came out of the shadows to reveal that they were actually humans in armor.

Torunn also came out and James was glad to see that she is fine. However, she was obviously upset after losing her sword. She dropped down and admitted that she wasn't strong enough causing her to lose her sword.

The other boy stated that Ultron was wired into all of its machines and they needed to leave before they could be spotted. The children follow the new boy and the other humans out of the area.

As they walked along a pipe Pym asked who the kid is. He said his name is Barton, but that everyone calls him Hawkeye. Pym recognized Hawkeye as the Archer from Tony's stories. Azari wondered if he knew a Clint Barton.

Hawkeye stopped and turned wanting to know how they knew his father. Pym told Hawkeye that Clint was an Avenger like their parents were. Hawkeye got angry stating that he was taught that his father was the last of the Avengers.

Like fathers, like sons

He then picked Pym up demanding to know where they had been all that time while he had been there fighting. James stopped him saying that they didn't know anything about this. Hawkeye looked at Torunn and the group moved on.

The group made their way to the ruins of Grand Central Station where the rest of the Scavengers were hiding. Hawkeye explained that his father brought people underground to avoid Ultron and taught them to survive.

Clint taught them all how to survive in the cracks while avoiding Ultron and its minions. However, he eventually was found and also killed. Now his son, who took his father's superhero name, leads the Scavengers.

Letting others take the lead

Pym thought that Hawkeye could help them to rescue Tony. But Hawkeye didn't know who Tony was. Azari explains that Clint wasn't the last Avenger but he was taken captive. Hawkeye laughed and said that Ultron didn't take prisoners and believed that Tony was dead.

Betty Ross spoke up and disagreed with him. She said that Tony would be kept in the Citadel. Hawkeye dismissed her as being crazy, but James felt that if there was a chance Tony was alive then they would rescue him.

James told him that they were going and requested his help. Though he initially refused saying he didn't want to die. James asked if his father gave up so easily. Hawkeye threatened to punch him for the remark. He looked at Torunn then agreed to help show them how to get there but not necessarily to help. He walked away while bumping into James.

Rescue Mission

Hawkeye showed them a corridor they could use. Azari leapt down it while James climbed up a cable. Pym soon followed. Hawkeye watched them go but flirted with Torunn before she left.

Azari followed James as he reached the top of the cable. The other two flew up next to them. James peaked over the top and spotted the Citadel. He looked around but found no robots. He gave the all clear signal and the group moved up.

They moved to a large track where a tower was moving towards the Citadel. They leapt into the tower and climbed up. Hawkeye had told them that the opening to the Citadel was on top of the tower. But James didn't think they could make it up in time. Torunn grabbed him and Azari and flew up.

They reached the top but it appeared that they were about to be crushed. Then the group got inside the tower as it slammed into the Citadel. They then prepared for an attack.

James ordered Pym to try to open the door. Pym flew over and felt that Azari could open it, just as he would do with the maintenance hatches back home. Azari touched the control pad with his hand and shocked it. The door opened and the group looked at the empty hallway.

Azari went first. Pym returned to normal size and followed. Then the walls moved away and began rotating around. Pym jumped back as the floor beneath him fell down. Then all the floor fell. Azari leapt to the other side where he was safe though Pym did not make it. However, Pym flew up saying he was teasing and landed next to Azari.

Torunn didn't think that they should have been there. James assured her that everything would be fine. They took each other's hands and she flew him over to the other side.

Azari lit the room up with his body. He noted that there's nobody and nothing there. He thought that no one would be dumb enough to break in to warrant security. However, Pym boasted that they just got it. He then stepped on a plate causing it to glow.

The floor began to glow and a walkway pop up over to the wall. On the other wall, six displays began to glow. James was shocked but walked over to them.

Meeting the real old man

In one case he saw the damaged armor of Iron Man. Then the rest followed him. Azari peaked in the display and shut his eyes in anger. Torunn grabbed him and cried into James' shoulder. James looked around and saw the tattered mask of Captain America in another display.

Azari continued to stare at Iron Man's armor. The group also see the enormous mask of Giant Man, ruined costume of Wasp, Black Panther's outfit, Black Widow's uniform, and Hawkeye's remains.

James let go of Torunn and walkd over to his father's case. he stared at the mask and then down at the cracked shield. James stepped forward and accidentally activated another plate. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of displayed turned on. Azari reasons that they are in Ultron's trophy room. James tells them to push on.

Saving Tony

The group made their way to where Tony was held captive. James activated his gauntlet and threw it knocking out the power. James and Azari leapt forward and caught Tony as he fell. Tony stated he hoped they did not just fall into the trap. Pym reasoned that they were just that good. Tony then revealed that he knows Ultron because he built it.

Then the room around them opened up. The walls moved around moving the Iron Avengers into position around them and Ultron soon followed. it states that the superhuman variable must be extinguished before it spreads to the rest of the human population.

Must have the same face

Pym then told the villain that James does not have powers. Ultron accessed the Avengers' data files and scanned James. It determined that James is the son of Captain America. It had determined Cap to be the most dangerous of the Avengers because he could inspire the rest of the team. It then claims that it will kill James first, just as it did his father.

James looked up and saw Hawkeye taking aim using an arrow with a grenade on the end. Hawkeye fired and it exploded around Ultron. However, it was unphased by the blast. It turned and spotted Hawkeye. He then readied another arrow and fired, but it also did no damage.

Ultron prepared to fire its repulsor when the other Scavengers entered the room and fired at the robot. Iron Giant Man went to attack as more humans entered from the other side.

Letting Francis take command, for now

James told Pym and Azari to follow Hawkeye while Torunn took Tony. They all ran to Hawkeye to told the scavengers to run. The Iron Avengers chased some of the Scavengers, though one melts the shield of Iron Captain America.

The children followed though James lingered. He listened as Ultron threatened the children. Ultron fired at James who leapt off the side dodging the attack. He leapt down following Azari.

James and Azari were nearly crushed by the walls as they transformed all around them. James activated his shield and threw it between two closing blocks. The two went through the small gap. When they cleared them, the shield disappeared and the room began transforming again.

James, Azari, and Hawkeye continued to run and kept moving until they ran out of room. Then they were pushed over the side and into the ruins of New York City. They fell but Torunn saw them. She grabbed Hawkeye who grabbed James who then grabbed Azari. They flew through the decrepit buildings and Torunn landed.

The Truth

The children made their way back to the ruins of an old theater. They built a small fire and sat around it. Tony explained that he built Ultron for law and order. However, Ultron's programming evolved and it thought that the best kind would be from its domination.

Tony revealed Hawkeye's first name as Francis, and explained that this is why he survived Ultron's attack. He explained that his armor was damaged in the battle. Pym then laughed at the name Francis but Hawkeye hit him on the head with an arrow.

He explained that Captain America told him to grab the children and run, but he couldn't get to Francis in time. He said that he thought Ultron had already gotten him. He went on to say that he tried to raise them all as their parents would have wanted.

Some non-fiction for once

Torunn then asked why her father did not help. Tony explained that after Odin died, Thor felt that Asgard was his responsibility rather than Earth.

He then said that Vision found them months later and became Tony's eyes and ears to keep track of Ultron's movements and abilities to look for a way to defeat it. However, he did not want to lose any of the children so he kept the truth a secret.

He explained that he did not know anyone else survived the attack until Vision told him about Hawkeye. Then Betty entered and told them that Hulk also survived. Pym wondered what a "Hulk" was. Hawkeye said his father told he was a monsters. Tony agreed that Hulk was a creature of pure rage. James wondered if Hulk could beat Ultron. But Betty said that he was too scared.

Tony wondered how Hulk was able to hide from Ultron for so long. Betty told him he went where he always went, the desert. Tony asked Francis if they could get out of the city.

Francis then said he did not want to help the man who made Ultron, and asked what his father would have done. Tony said that Clint would punch him and then help. Francis was surprised by how well Tony knew Clint.

Francis took them to a drone flyer that the Scavengers had captured. He noted that once they power it up Ultron would find them. Tony stated he knows how to get Ultron out of the system.

As Tony reprogrammed the machine, the children carried supplies into the robot-turned-aircraft. Francis bid farewell to the Scavengers. They told him that they would hold off Ultron as long as they could.

The next morning the Scavengers activate a series of bombs to distract the defenses. The team flew out of the city through the sewers.

Inside the ship, each person went off on their own. James found Francis staring out a window at the landscape beyond. He was amazed at how big the world is as he had never been outside the city. James told him he felt the same way when he went into the city.

James asked why he came back after all that he said. Francis claimed that it was because the Scavengers look up to him and he didn't want them wiped out. He told James that they would need help taking down Ultron if they could.

Francis could want her, or just be egging him on

He then said that he wanted to impress Torunn. James got jealous and said she was like a sister to him. Francis smiled asking if she was available. James quickly responded that she was not.

Strongest There Is

The group found the cave where Bruce Banner had been hiding. They landed and snuck into the cave. They found Bruce meditating in his peaceful environment.

Tony interrupted Bruce's meditation and walked in with the children. Pym didn't think that Bruce was the scary monster they heard about. Bruce told them all to leave. Francis just thought he was crazy. Tony didn't think Bruce recognized him, but Bruce stated exactly who he is.

Betty then entered and calmed him down. Pym admitted that the old man was kind of scary. James wondered why they didn't want Bruce angry. Tony explained that anger is how the Hulk comes out.

The group then built another campfire. They all sat around.

Bruce held a hot cup of tea. He told them that he was out there because of the Hulk. Tony explained that they had to get out of the city. James asked if Hulk could beat Ultron. Bruce explained that the Hulk doesn't care about villains, and that he only wants to be left alone. Bruce reiterated that they were all in danger should if the Hulk came out. He went on to say that neither he nor the Hulk could help them.

Later, the children went to the mouth of the cave. James stood above the cave entrance. Azari came out asking what they were to do since all Tony wanted to do was hide. Torunn agreed stating that they couldn't beat Ultron.

Going into the family business

James said that they could and had to. He pointed out that Ultron would never stop hunting them or Tony. If they did not stop Ultron no one else would. James explained that if they couldn't get the Hulk to Ultron they would find a way to bring the robot there.

The children went off to the ship. James explained that they would power it on so Ultron could detect them. Pym then joked that James never said so much at once. Francis thought that James was also crazy. James tried to reassure them all. However, Torunn disagreed then flew into the cave. James felt she just needed time and the others agreed to help.

The four boys entered the ship to turn it on. Azari hoped that James' plan would work and James agreed. Azari glowed and grabbed two cables. He powered up the ship and it began hovering.

Tony left the cave to see the ship powered on. James told him that that is what their parents would have done. He then asked who wanted to explain it all to Bruce. The group chose James since it was his plan.

Living with the decisions

James and Tony went to Bruce and told him of the plan. Azari and Hawkeye watched. Bruce grew angry and slammed James into a wall. Tony tried to pull Bruce off of the boy. Azari wondered if they should help but Francis pointed out that it was James' plan.

A Day Unlike Any Other

Tony explained to them how to defeat the Iron Avengers while the children prepared for battle. James worked on his gauntlet and created an energy shield. Pym asked about Ultron but Tonly only gave a grim response. He reassured them that they had been training for this day all their lives.

Torunn entered with her returned sword ready for battle. She put her sword away and grabbed James' hand as he welcomed her back. Then they are all knocked down by a large shock.

The children ran outside to see Iron Giant Man in the rain rise above them. It raised its fists as a lightning bolt struck and punched the cave. The force of the blow knocked all the children out of the cave and onto the ground.

James opened his eyes to see that he did not fall, but that he and Azari had been grabbed by Torunn. Torunn put the two down while Pym fired at Iron Giant Man. They then saw the other Iron Avengers land.

James noted that Iron Captain America had his father's real cracked shield. Iron Black Panther and Iron Black Widow rushed to fight the children. James told the others to get behind him just as the rain stopped.

Iron Widow's hands folded into her forearms while guns folded out. It fired its guns at them so James protected them with his shield. Iron Panther leapt over the shield and tackled Azari. Iron Widow also leapt up. Torunn flew up to meet Iron Thor.

James barely dodged Iron Cap's shield throw. He turned to see Iron Cap running at him. Then several arrows landed on the robot and exploded knocking it back. James looked up to see Hawkeye swinging down.

Iron Widow attacked James. It came at him so he flipped around sending the robot into a rock. He turned to see Tony falling after Iron Giant Man attacked him. Iron Cap ran at him so he leapt onto its shield and jumped off.

James invents a new extreme sport

James leapt off a rock and used his energy shield to slide across the rock face. he caught Tony and slide him to safety. He then saw that Tony was unconscious. Pym flew over and asked if Tony was fine.

James grabbed Pym and pointed Iron Giant Man. He told his younger "brother" that he could stop it. Pym flew away while Iron Giant Man continued to punch the cave.

Pym grew to match the robot's size. They fought but Pym seemed to do no damage. James told him to hit the robot. Pym did so but to no apparent effect.

James blocked Iron Cap's attack with his shield. He leapt between its legs and threw his shield. However, Iron Cap blocked the attack with its shield. The attack caused a rock slide burying Iron Cap. James leapt away and landed next to his father's shield.

Taking the full family legacy

He looked up to see Iron Widow's arm split into two, each having its own pistol. It leapt into the air and fired at James damaging his gauntlet. He jumped back and grabbed his father's shield to protect himself. He threw the shield slicing off three of Iron Widow's arms. He leapt into the air as the shield came back to him. He then used it to tackle Iron Widow.

When Iron Giant Man released the nine Iron Wasps James threw his shield knocking out one of the robots out of the air. James told Pym that he had to get Bruce angry. When Pym asked how James suggested making fun of his pants.

As the battle continued, everyone stopped when they heard the roar of the Hulk. Hulk flew out of the cave and destroyed Iron Giant Man's head. Hulk landed alongside the destroyed Iron Giant Man and two Iron Wasps. James was stunned with wonder. Pym exclaimed that they were going to win.

Final Battle

James watched as Hulk smashed Iron Widow into the ground. Then Ultron flew overhead and blasted Hulk. Ultron remembered the green giant and the two fought. Eventually, Ultron dislocated Hulk's shoulder and brought the green brute to his knees.

At the same time, the children began defeating the robotic version of their parents.

In psychology, all sons must kill their father

James threw his shield slicing Iron Cap in half. He got the shield back and was happy to have won. When he turned around he saw Hulk fall before Ultron.

The children gathered and Torunn threatened the robot. Ultron looked at them and fired at the ground knocking them all back. Pym then charged Ultron and fired but to no effect. The robot then burned Pym in its mouth and the boy fell onto the chest of the Hulk.

Azari attacked with a large electric attack but that was absorbed by Ultron. It fired its unibeam knocking Azari back.

Saving the girl

Torunn attacked with her sword but Ultron was undamaged. She dropped her sword when it grabbed her by the neck. James ran forward and slammed his shield down on Ultron's face. The attacked forced the robot to drop Torunn.

He fell back and flipped forward knocking the robot over. James crouched behind his shield as Ultron stood and fired at him. James endured the attack as Ultron closed in. Ultron boasted that it would finally destroy the Avengers.

Then Hulk grabbed Hulk's head stopping the attack. James looked up to see Hulk running and slamming Ultron down into a rock. Hulk then began to pound on Ultron. James ran over to Francis and helped him up.

Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Hulk pounded then picked the robot over its head. With one hand on the head and another on the legs, Hulk pulled Ultron apart at the midsection. The children gathered to see Hulk slam Ultron's head into the ground, the glow in its face slowly fading.

Hulk then proudly announced that he was the strongest there is. James got worried at hearing that. Hulk looked over at the children and ran at them. The children fled except for Pym who was too shocked. Hulk raised his massive hand over the child. Francis readied an arrow.

Betty then called out to Hulk. He looked up and saw her at the mouth of the cave. He leaned over Pym and told him not to sting Hulk anymore. Pym's legs shook and gladly agreed.

Hulk leapt into the air and landed at the cave. Hulk and Betty greeted each other. She sat Vision's head down and Hulk scooped her up. He turned away from the cave and leapt away.

The children watched them go. Pym's knees finally gave out.

The children stared at the two pieces of Ultron. Tony walked over stating that it wasn't over. He pointed out that Ultron's body was already repairing itself. They saw as wires began reconnecting the two halves and Ultron's hand began to twitch. Tony explained that if there's enough of it, Ultron would come back.

She's returning the favor

Torunn stated that they should put him someplace where he couldn't come back and flew forward. She dropped her sword, grabbed the two pieces, and flew into the sky. James asked what she was doing. She replied thatt she was keeping her family safe and James yelled out to her. She turned and blasted off into the sky.

The children waiting for word from Torunn. Tony grabbed Vision's head then set it down near them. The storm began to break apart as james paced around.

Notice how James got there before everyone else

Then, a massive bolt of lightning struck the ground. In its wake stood Torunn, then clad in gold Asgardian armor. She stood and the others rushed over to give her a hug. James was the first to reach her. Tony watched them in amusement.

During the hug, Vision was recharged. He noted that he was no longer in the Quinjet and Tony stood in front of him smiling at him.

As they ended the hug, Pym fell to the ground in exhaustion. Francis picked him up saying that it wasn't over. He reminded them that Ultra City was still overrun with robots that needed to be destroyed. Tony asked the group if they were ready to do any avenging.

Avengers: The Next Generation

The children all gathered behind James. He held up his father's shield and told the newly reformed Avengers to assemble, the same cry that his father once used to inspire the team.

Presumably, James and the others went to stop Ultron's robots from controlling Ultra City and the world.

Powers and Abilites

See also Energy Gauntlet and Captain America's Shield.

The presence of powers in James Rogers is debatable. His mother had no known extraordinary powers. His father was enhanced by a super soldier serum to be at the peak of human perfection. However, it is unknown if James inherited any abilities. He does display many abilities that are not normally possible. Though he could simply be incredibly athletic like his mother. He was shown to leap large distances and has enhanced agility, strength, and durability.

That arm is probably much stronger than the other due to the extra weight, and probably very smelly too

James's most recognizable feature is he energy gauntlet on his left hand. The gauntlet creates a large circular shield that mimics his father's iconic weapon. In addition to looking like his father's shield, it could also act like it. It could also protect James and others through many kind of powerful attacks. It could also be thrown, though it would not last long without the gauntlet's power source. The shield could be thrown like a discus and slice through many kind of objects. However, the gauntlet could be damaged making the energy shield completely useless.

When the gauntlet was damaged, James took his father's shield from Iron Captain America. Having trained with the energy shield, the real shield came naturally to him. Like his father, he would even put it on his back using the arm straps to put it on his shoulders. He used the shield in his left hand just as his father did.


The leader of kids

James had too much of his father in him. He was unable to simply sit back while the world around him crumbled to Ultron's might. Because of this, he grew resentful of his situation and those around him. He neglected his duties to himself and others feeling they were without purpose. He lashed out at the others seeking a challenge.

After his mistake caused Tony to get captured and their home destroyed, his sense of responsibility caused James to feel very guilty. He blamed himself and sought to redeem himself by saving Tony.

Because of his guilt, James allowed Torunn to take command because of her aggressiveness. However, when she lost her confidence James felt he needed to lead. He saw that Tony was too scared to fight, Torunn too afraid, and Francis too selfish. Realizing that the group needed a bold move to win, James took after his father and lead the team to victory. Perhaps he was pushed by Ultron's insistence that he, like his father, could inspire the others to action.


Tony Stark

Blood is thicker than water

Despite being like a father to him, James grew to resent Tony. Though he respected Tony a great deal James did not like that Tony kept them hidden while the world around them fell apart. Tony tried to make amends but James couldn't get past the fact that his real parents were dead.

After Tony's capture, James began to consider all that Tony did for them. James did all he could to make up for his mistake and rescue Tony. After Ultron was defeated, the two made up while James took his father's place as the leader of the Avengers. Presumably, Tony acted as an advisor since his armor was too damaged for combat.


Holding those hands a little longer than the others did

James and Torunn grew up together and were nearly the same age. Like any siblings they fought and argued many times. However, since they were not related the two developed feelings for each other despite their fighting. The two knew each other quite well and knew how to deal with the other. Francis knew his protection of his "sister" was rooted in his love for her. James became jealous when Francis flirted with her.

Francis Barton

While Francis did save James and the others, he quickly became a rival to him. He openly flirted with Torunn, causing James to become jealous. Francis wanted to integrate James and his "siblings" into the Scavengers and leave Tony for dead. James knew that they couldn't not defeat Ultron under his command. Much like their fathers, Francis often acted in an antagonistic role to James though he always came through and helped the team. Eventually Francis did submit and follow James' lead, though he wasn't always happy about it.


James Rogers was voiced by Noah C. Crawford.

James is most likely named after James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes, Captain America's former sidekick and villain turned hero.

James' outfit was designed to be a cross between Black Widow's black leather and Captain America's stars and stripes design. When incorporated into the comics, he wears a sleeveless version of his jacket.

James' parents were established because Captain America and Black Widow had a relationship in Ultimate Avengers and Ultimate Avengers II.

Like the other children, James was adapted into the comics.

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