James Rhodes
Real Name James Rhodes
Alternate Identity Rhodey
Team Affiliations Stark Enterprises
Allies Li Mei
Ho Yen
Family and Friends Tony Stark
Pepper Potts
Howard Stark
James Rhodes is from the Non MAU video The Invincible Iron Man.

James Rhodes, also called Rhodey, is an engineer at Stark Enterprises, former army medic, and friend of Tony Stark.


Little is known about Rhodey's life. At some point he was a medic in the United States Army. He left and became an engineer at Stark Enterprises and close friend to Tony.

Tony sent Rhodey to China to dig up the temple of the Mandarin. However, they were attacked by the Jade Dragons and captured along with Ho Yen. Tony was eventually captured and injured, so Rhodey and Yen helped him. Rhodey helped Tony build a suit of armor and escape.

Upon returning to America, they became wanted by S.H.I.E.L.D. for selling arms to the Jade Dragons. They got Pepper Potts to sneak them into Stark Enterprises where Tony revealed he had been making dozens of armors. Eventually, Rhodey got himself arrested so Tony could use the armors to stop Mandarin.

Presumably he was released when Tony's name was cleared.


James Rhodes was voiced by Rodney Saulsberry.

In the Comics

He was briefly Iron Man and eventually the similar armored hero War Machine.

He was a combat pilot in the Marines.

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