It's Amazing
Real Name It's Amazing
Family and Friends Iron Man Cartoon

It's Amazing is an American reality television show. Average people come onto the show to demonstrate their talents.



Peter Parker came onto the show under his newly designed persona Spider-Man. Spider-Man showed off his webshooters and wallcrawling abilities.

Agents would sometimes watch the show looking for new talent. An unnamed agent saw Spider-Man on the program and got him signed up for a wrestling deal.


The show's format appears similar to The Gong Show.

The show uses the same font as the main title for Spider-Man.

The show was likely named so because of the nickname "the Amazing Spider-Man." An in universe explanation is that the show inspired the nickname.

In the Comics

The show Spider-Man went on had no known name.

Spider-Man went into wrestling before television. It was the TV station that the burglar robbed.