Isle of Silence
Isle of Silence
Real Name Isle of Silence
Powers and Abilities Stops all Sound
Team Affiliations Yggdrasil
Family and Friends Asgard
For the episode see "The Isle of Silence".
Isle of Silence is from the Yost Universe series The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

The Isle of Silence is a place in Yggdrasill where no sound exists.


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The Isle is used as a place of punishment, like a prison, by Odin of Asgard.

After being defeated by Thor, Loki was sent there so that he could not longer infect others with his words. Hugin and Munin went along to keep an eye on Loki.

While there he thought about how he had impersonated Leader and used the Wrecking Crew to attack his brother.

Amora and Executioner arrived, and she used a spell to negate the Isle's effects. They then left with Loki.


Was changed to a tree-like structure floating in nothingness.

It also apparently negates color.

In the Comics

Is an isle, also known as an island.

Is inhabited by trolls.

Thor tracked Loki to the isle shortly after the formation of the Avengers. Loki trapped him there using a spell to make a volcano erupt. Thor got free and took Loki back to Earth to be judged by the new team.

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