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A list of episodes from the first season of Iron Man.


Script # Title Director(s) Writer(s) Original Airdate
14 "The Beast Within" Richard Trueblood Greg Johnson September 23, 1995
15 "Fire and Rain" Bob Arkwright Len Wein September 30, 1995
16 "Cell of Iron" Dan Thompson Jan Strnad October 7, 1995
17 "Not Far From the Tree" Bob Arkwright Francis Moss October 14, 1995
18 "Beauty Knows No Pain" Dan Thompson Brooks Wachtel October 21, 1995
19 "Iron Man, On the Inside" Dan Thompson Steve Cuden November 4, 1995
20 "Distant Boundaries" Bob Arkwright Greg Johnson November 11, 1995
21 "The Armor Wars, Part One" Dan Thompson Len Uhley November 18, 1995
22 "The Armor Wars, Part Two" Bob Arkwright Len Uhley November 25, 1995
23 "Empowered" Bob Arkwright Greg Johnson February 3, 1996
24 "Hulk Buster" Bob Arkwright
Dan Thompson
Francis Moss
Ted Pederson
Greg Johnson
February 10, 1996
25 "Hands of the Mandarin, Part One" Bob Arkwright Douglas Booth February 17, 1996
26 "Hands of the Mandarin, Part Two" Bob Arkwright
Dan Thompson
Douglas Booth February 24, 1996


The Mandarin once again tries to steal the Iron Man armor, but is seemingly killed in the process. Because of Tony's unwillingness to share the truth Force Works disbands with only War Machine and Spider-Woman staying. After a near death experience, Jim Rhodes would become afraid of going into his armor. Hawkeye would briefly return and become injured by Ultimo. Iron Man would have to shrink down in order to save his former teammate's life. After Crimson Dynamo hurts people in a coup in Russia, to which Iron Man is blamed, Tony goes on a crusade to stop all armored warriors in the world against the warning of Rhodey, Julia, and Nick Fury. Iron Man would have to battle both the Leader and the Hulk. The Mandarin shows up alive as always and uses an anti-technology field to shut down New York City and Iron Man. Only the reunited Force Works can save the day.

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