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A list of episodes from the first season of Iron Man.


Script # Title Writer(s) Original Airdate
1 "And the Sea Shall Give Up its Dead" Ron Friedman September 24, 1994
2 "Rejoice! I Am Ultimo, Thy Deliverer" Ted Pederson
Francis Moss
Ron Friedman
October 1, 1994
3 "Data In Chaos Out" Doug Booth
Ron Friedman
Stan Lee
October 8, 1994
4 "Silence My Companion, Death My Destination" Steve Hayes
Ron Friedman
October 15, 1994
5 "The Grim Reaper Wears a Teflon Coat" Doug Booth
Ron Friedman
Stan Lee
October 22, 1994
6 "Enemy Without, Enemy Within" Ron Friedman October 29, 1994
7 "Origin of the Mandarin" Ron Friedman November 5, 1994
8 "The Defection of Hawkeye" Ron Friedman November 12, 1994
9 "Iron Man to the Second Power, Part One" Yale Rudoff November 19, 1994
10 "Iron Man to the Second Power, Part Two" Ron Friedman
Yale Rudoff
November 26, 1994
11 "Origin of Iron Man, Part One" Ron Friedman December 3, 1994
12 "Origin of Iron Man, Part Two" Ron Friedman December 10, 1994
13 "The Wedding of Iron Man" Ron Friedman December 17, 1994


The Mandarin tries to take over the world many times, often trying to use Stark Enterprises technology. But Iron Man and Force Works always have something to say about that. The Mandarin tries to take over Stark's armory, builds Ultimo, steals an indestructible jet, and even creates a double of Iron Man. When Iron Man becomes trapped in the Chinese arctic he recalls his troublesome past.

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