Iron Man Armor
Iron Man Armor NAHT
Real Name Iron Man Armor
Powers and Abilities Unibeam, Repulsor Beam, Flight, Enhanced strength and durability
Team Affiliations Avengers
Allies Iron Man
Iron Man Armor is from the Non MAU video Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow.
Physical Therapy
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Iron Man NAHT

Classic armor

The Iron Man Armor was a powerful suit of armor designed by Tony Stark. He used it to fight crime along with the other Avengers. However, it was heavily damaged in the battle with Ultron. Tony left with the children of the Avengers and hid out in the Arctic Circle. He built himself another set of armor along with the Iron Avengers, robots designed using Iron Man's technology to mimic the powers of the dead Avengers. When Ultron returned Tony donned his new armor and fought. Ultron infected part of his shoulder but Iron Man ripped it off before it could infect the whole suit. It was severely damaged by Ultron and the remains were taken to Ultra City to be put in the Trophy Room inside the Citadel.


The armor from the classic Avengers' days appears to be either the MK III, IV, or V. The modern day armor appears to be the Model 29 armor.

When Ultron detected Iron Man in the Artic Circle, the image of his creator's armor appears to be the Mark Version 6.7 armor from two Ultimate Avengers films

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