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Iron Man Armor
Iron Man Space Cool Off IMAA.jpg
Powers and Abilities Repulsor Beam
Jet Boots
Enhanced Strength and Durability
Heads Up Display
Radio Transceiver
Enhanced Vision Mode
Note, this article describes the main Iron Man Armor. For other armors used by Iron Man see List of Iron Man Armors.

Iron Man's armor is the technological means that rich schoolboy Tony Stark uses to fight crime as the superhero Iron Man.


Tony Stark built a suit of armor to impress his father, Howard Stark and showed it to his friend James Rhodes. When the plane they were riding in exploded because of the Mandarin Tony quickly got into his suit and survived the crash. He flew home and required an implant in his heart to keep him alive.

Later, he used the suit to fight crime and was dubbed Iron Man. He kept the suits in a laboratory on Rhodey's family land in the Iron Man Armory. He used it to fight villains such as Blizzard, Whiplash, and Mandarin. He used technology taken from his opponents to build other armors such as the Silver Centurion Armor, Stealth Armor, Dynamo Buster Armor, Space Armor, Arctic Armor, and War Machine Armor.

When Mandarin blew up most of his armors Rhodey donned the War Machine armor so he could give the surviving armor to Tony.


In the comics Tony Stark does not build a suit of armor until he is captured and injured. He gets help from a man named Ho Yinsen, who dies in the process. After escaping Tony uses the design to fight crime. This version more closely follows the one seen in The Invincible Iron Man where Iron Knight builds suits before his accident.

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