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Iron Man
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Real Name Tony Stark
Alternate Identity Iron Man
Powers and Abilities Iron Man Armor
War Machine Armor
Team Affiliations Avengers
Iron Man is fron the Non MAU videos Ultimate Avengers and Ultimate Avengers II.

Iron Man is the superhero persona used by Tony Stark to fight crime. Tony runs Stark Enterprises while Iron Man a member of the Avengers.


Buidling a Hero

Tony's early life is unknown. Tony is known to be incredibly wealthy, rich enough that he owns a company named after him, a skyscrapper in New York City, and even a fancy restaurant.

While he was in school he used to read about the famous hero Steve Rogers, better known as Captain America.

He needs a battery that keeps going and going and going...

At some point he was injured near his heart. An electrical device was built into his body so that he would live. However, he had to continuously replace the battery or else immediately face heart problems.

He has a fondness for alcoholic beverages, which develops into a subtle problem as he is often seen with a drink.

Eventually Tony decided to fight crime as the costumed hero Iron Man. He designed several exosuit armors to aid him. In addition to Iron Man he also built a War Machine armor and Tin Man Armor. Over time he built dozens of different armors. One of the main features of his armor was the repulsor beams that could fire offensively.

He considered all his armors his favorite, and found new favorites when he upgraded. The Iron Man armor version 6.7 was one he primarily used for quite some time before it was heavily damaged in a fight.

Hall of Armors

To store them he put them all in a secret armory in his tower that he could enter through his private bar. As a tribute to his drinking, the switch to enter the armory was hidden in a beer tap.

However, instead of telling the world who he was, Tony decided to keep his identity a secret. In addition, he made it appear as though Tony and Iron Man did not like each other and often berated his other personality. Tony had a butler named Jarvis who helped him keep up the dual identities.

Stark Enterprises would provide S.H.I.E.L.D. and other government groups with equipment, including weapons. Some of the equipment was necessary to rebuild the Rebirth Chamber.

Though, the company was notorious for not getting the equipment to the government group on time while Tony was known for being difficult to get ahold of. He also had a reputation for not caring if he wouldn't make money. As others would put it, he prioritized projects by which would give him more money.

Government Dealings

Tony felt that his company put S.H.I.E.L.D. "on the map," though the government company felt they did the same for Stark Enterprises.

After Betty Ross informed Nick Fury of Tony's aloofness, Fury decided to contact Tony himself. He sent his number one agent, Natalia Romanoff also known as the Black Widow, to bring Tony to him.

Pepper Potts isn't the only woman in Stark's company

That night, Tony rode an elevator to a fancy restaurant, which he happened to own, with two beautiful women who were also his assistants. Upon exiting, he wrote something on a pad and handed it to one of the women who walked away. The other woman handed him a cell phone for a call with a Mr. Fortier.

Tony and Fortier talked about a conference while Stark greeted several other people in the restaurant. After he finished the call he tossed the phone back to the woman and walked to the bar. The bartender, knowing that Tony was coming, there already had his drink ready for him.

At the bar Tony saw a woman who was with another man, but drank a toast to her anyway. Then he noticed a gorgeous redheaded woman in a small red dress walking towards him, catching the attention of all the men in the room. The woman with a Russian accent ordered the same thing Tony had.

Doesn't really mean much for either of them

The two flirted for a bit before she walked off and Tony followed. Tony asked for her name but she wanted to tell him in private. The two went upstairs to his office. In the office Tony asked her name once again. This time she introduced herself as Natalia Romanov and pulled his jacket down binding his hands behind his back.

Trouble with S.H.I.E.L.D.

Tony recognized the name as she pulled a gun on him. Fury, who had been sitting in his chair at his desk, turned around and introduced her has his agent. Tony knew why Fury was there and informed him that the parts had shipped that morning.

However, Fury was there for another reason. He wanted to know where Iron Man is. Tony kept up his charade and claimed he didn't know anything about Iron Man. He claimed that the hero used "cheap toys."

Jarvis interrupted and told Tony that his helicopter was ready to talk him to his meeting with the governor. Before he left he asked her if she would like to have a drink later, but she refused.

Just who has the upper hand?

Tony went up to the roof followed by Fury and Natalia. Fury then reiterated that it was a matter of national security, so Tony gave S.H.I.EL.D. some plasma cannons at a discounted rate. He then got into his copter and flew off.

The next day an airliner lost two of its engines and was going to crash in the city. Tony donned the Iron Man armor and flew to help the plane. This caught the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and informed Fury, who was at Pym Industries recruiting Hank and Janet Pym.

No guts, no glory

Iron Man positioned himself on the nose of the plane and tried to slow it down before it crashed into the Brooklyn Bridge. He then repositioned his jets so that the plane went over the bridge then crashed into the water beyond. He stopped it just before it hit the George Washington Bridge and sank below the surface.

Helicopters moved in to rescue the people from the plane. Iron Man burst out of the water then landed near a group of reporters. As he tried to not take all the credit he detected radio transmissions from S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and realized they were watching him. Just as the agents arrived on the scene Iron Man flew away.

Iron Man flew through the city while being pursued by S.H.I.E.L.D. aircraft, led by Fury. Iron Man detected that the aircraft were firing on him and dodged it. However, he was surprised by the enlarged Giant Man, who stepped out from behind a building and knocked Iron Man out of the sky. On the ground he was quickly surrounded by S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers.

The Avenger's Offer

Fury had landed and walked up to Iron Man. Iron Man pointed his arm mounted weapon at him giving him ten seconds to explain. Fury told the armored hero that the planet was in danger and he was putting a team together. He wanted Iron Man on the team.

However, Iron Man told Fury that he works alone. He then emitted a pulse that disabled all the S.H.I.E.L.D. weapons saying that Stark built lousy guns. He teased Giant Man about his outfit then left.

Tony was intrigued by the offer. Iron Man went to S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters to check out what was going on. He found Betty Ross, scientist Bruce Banner, Hank and Janet Pym, Natalia, and the reborn Steve Rogers were in a conference room listening to Fury explain about Project: Avenger. Upon entering, Hank teased him about a rematch.

Fury lays it all out on the line

The team would be under the command of Captain America. Fury explained to them how a secret Nazi fortress off the coast of Norway was built to launch a nuclear warhead.

Fury showed them pictures that Bucky Barnes had taken. He told the group about how Cap had stopped a nuclear missile from destroying Washington D.C.. Betty asked how the Nazis got nuclear capabilities. Fury told them it was because of aliens called the Chitauri.

The faceplate does make it easy to hide his emotions

The Chitauri had been hiding out on Earth since World War II. Three ships have been hovering around nuclear power plants and military facilities. S.H.I.E.L.D. had found a way to track them but their satellite was destroyed. The group was shown the footage of the satellite attack.

Fury went on to explain that the Chitauri failed to reclaim all the wreckage from the ship that was destroyed along with the early nuclear missile. Fury showed them a piece of the hull, metal they call vibranium. The metal is indestructible and absorbs energy like a sponge.

Three soldiers entered and shot the vibranium with guns, flames, and rockets but did no damage. Fury told them that only vibranium or nuclear blasts can damage vibranium. Natalia demonstrated by piercing the piece with a vibranium knife.

Janet wondered if Stark Enterprises was working on anything, but Betty thought Tony wouldn't care. Hank caught the attention of Iron Man by asking why the government group put up with the billionaire.

Janet then reiterated that they couldn't find the ships nor shoot them down if they did. Fury agreed and told them that it would not be easy. However, Iron Man and the rest of the group decided to continue.

The First Mission

While at the meeting, a Chitauri soldier infiltrated a S.H.I.E.L.D. base where they kept additional satellites ready to launch.

Iron Man left the meeting while the rest of the team got into their outfits and were taken by a S.H.I.E.L.D. transport to the base. He was still unsure whether he wanted to join the team of superpowered heroes or continue on his own.

Iron Man found the base on his own and met the group there. He told the rest that he wanted to see how the mission went before committing to the team.

The noncommittal teammate.

Cap explained about the base's automated defenses. However, Wasp didn't think she would set off the defenses and went on ahead. Cap told Iron Man to scan the base from above while he went around to the east, Black Widow went to the loading docks, and Giant Man stayed behind.

Iron Man flew overhead while Wasp, Cap, and Widow entered the facility. While scanning Iron Man finds the Chitauri soldier, but also notices that Wasp is surrounded by infrared triggers.

Cap wondered if she was alright and Iron Man decided to investigate despite Cap's orders. Iron Man dove down and crashed through the ceiling. He destroyed a turret with his repulsor beam.

He began to fly through the corridors but was caught by an infrared trigger, just has Wasp had been. He fired a couple of rockets at a door so he could crash through the remains.

Orders exist for a reason

In the next hallway he found Wasp but did not notice a turret behind him. The turret blasted him into one trigger which bounced him into another trigger. This knocked Tony unconscious and powered down the Iron Man suit.

The Chitauri, having succeeded in its mission, left the facility and activated bombs destroying most of it.

Identity Revealed

Not exactly the ideal reveal

Wasp got up and went over to the fallen Iron Man. She noticed that he was not breathing and tried to get his helmet off. However, she was not strong enough to do so. Cap and Widow got there and Wasp asked them to help. Cap ran over and ripped the faceplate off. Widow, Wasp, and Cap looked in amazement as Tony was revealed.

The four got up and left the burning facility. Tony completely took off his helmet as he walked out. Giant Man noticed Tony and apologized for his earlier jest during the meeting.

Nothing like a good dose of failure to humble someone

Fury arrived and, upon seeing Tony, berated the entire team for failing to stop the aliens. He points out that because they disobeyed orders the alien got away. Tony put on his helmet restating he works alone and flew off.

Iron Man flew back to Stark Enterprises and went to his office. Before he even took off his armor he poured himself a drink. He let it sit on the desk while he turned around to stare at the cityscape.

While he rested, Bruce Banner used an experimental formula in an attempt to control the Hulk. At the same time, the Chitauri attacked S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters. The team heard about this, individually, and headed over to there to help out.

Iron Man arrived with Wasp and Giant Man. Giant Man saved a convoy of vehicles from being destroyed. With Cap in charge, the team moved on the attack. Iron Man used his iconic repulsor beams.

Iron Man grabbed one of the alien soldiers and flew around with it. He let go of the soldier so that Giant Man could hit it like a baseball into one of the ships. Iron Man flew to the hole the soldier created. He fired into the hole causing the ship to crash and explode.


Hulk and Thor, who arrived late, destroyed the other two ships. With the ships destroyed the heroes moved to regroup. From a distance, Iron Man and Giant Man thought that Thor was a woman. Iron Man was glad to have "her" on their side.

The group then noticed that Hulk was still smashing the Chitauri remains. Cap tried to calm him down but was knocked away. Hulk leapt into the air and landed right in front of the armored hero.

For all his technology he can't stop momentum

Hulk picked Iron Man up and used him to knock away Fury and Widow. Hulk then threw Iron Man off the building where he landed on a car. While he was out, the other heroes tried but failed to stop Hulk's rampage.

Iron Man got up to see Cap fighting with Hulk. When Hulk was about to charge Cap Iron Man fired his repulsors to knock the giant back. He then rocketed towards Hulk to tackle him into a building.

Good thing he has strong armor

However, Hulk quickly recovered and threw Iron Man out the building. Hulk landed near Iron Man and began punching in Iron Man's helmet. Cap tried to distract Hulk but then saved the armored hero by kicking the giant away.

Cap then ordered Iron Man and Giant Man to slow Hulk down. Hulk was about to attack Iron Man when Giant Man stopped him. Iron Man fired his unibeam to blast Hulk into Giant Man's fist.

Eventually Betty arrived with some tranquilizers to calm Hulk down. They were successful and he eventually transformed back into Bruce. Iron Man and the other heroes then gathered around Bruce's unconscious body.

Part of a Team

After the attack Tony joined the team. Meanwhile, the New Yorker News dubbed the team the Avengers.

Tony acknowledges who really won the battle

When the team had recovered and Steve got out of the hospital, the Avengers had a feast to celebrate. Steve came out onto the balcony on crutches and Tony offered a toast to the man who brought them together.

At some point Tony heard Thor's story about himself but did not believe the potential Asgardians God.

Months later, Tony took his vice presidents to climb Mount Everest. While climbing he talked to Jarvis about shipping and women issues. While Tony did well, the vice presidents struggled up the mountain.

When they reached the top Jarvis then told him that Fury wanted to talk to him. Fury wanted to talk about how T'Challa came to Cap regarding the return of the Chitauri and the death of T'Chaka, the Black Panther.

However, at that moment Tony fell down in pain as his heart battery began to fail. He tore off his backpack and uncovered his chest to reveal the mechanism underneath. He took the old battery off and tossed it away. He quickly searched through his backpack for another battery. After finding one put it in and sighed in relief.

He's king of the world

Jarvis called him back and Tony told him he would get to Fury when he could. He went back to the vice presidents and told them to head backdown the mountain.

Tony suited up in his armor and flew to S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters where he saw Bruce, Betty, and Hank walking towards the building. He landed near them, announced his arrival, and asked for a hug. They all ignored him and walked on.

Tony got out of his armor and waited with Janet, Hank, and Natalia in the meeting room until the other came. Tony chose to spend the time flipping through some paper work. Eventually the others, minus Thor, came in and Fury started the meeting.

Fury introduced the team to Herr Kleiser, director of Nazi Germany's Totenkopf Division and the only known Chitauri. Kleiser was their version of the supersoldier. Fury informed that Kleiser was assumed killed in the nuclear explosion over the Atlantic but since reappeared.

Sure he's paying attention to the briefing?

Fury went on and stated that Kleiser recently assassinated T'Chaka, king of Wakanda. However, he doesn't have any information on Wakanda since they're an isolationist nation, heavily protect their boarders, and covered in constant cloud cover. The nation does not want the Avengers there.

The Avengers' mission was to go in fast, set up surveillance, and get out before they cause an international incident. However, because of Steve's emotional state Natalia is given command.

Going to Wakanda

Will he ever get to lead?

The Avengers boarded a S.H.I.E.L.D. aircraft and headed towards Wakanda. As it neared the nation the aircraft landed and the team disembarked. Widow ordered the team to move out in a twenty meter spread. Iron Man flew off.

As they spread out, Iron Man decided to ask Cap about leaping onto the missile. He was curious to see if Cap knew he would live. However, Cap didn't know. Iron Man responds that he wouldn't have done it. He claimed that Cap has the guts while he wants the glory. Cap pointed out that know one really knows what they would do until the situation comes.

When Black Panther arrived Iron Man and Wasp landed near Cap to see what he wanted. Cap and Panther went off towards Wakanda while the rest stayed behind.

That night, Iron Man along with Wasp followed Widow through the jungle. However, they were being followed by Wakandan warriors. As they were being attacked Iron Man flew through the jungle. The warriors threw spears but they did not even scratch his armor. He fired his repulsors causing them to scatter.

Being arrogant rarely gets you anywhere

Iron Man chased several warriors through a canyon and blasted a spear before the warrior could even throw it. He came around a bend and landed. Iron Man wasn't worried as the warriors aimed their spears.

He aimed an arm-mounted weapon at them. But a warrior threw a spear so hard that it destroyed the weapon. He looked at his destroyed weapon in amazement before they hit him with a log. Iron Man was knocked several feet back. He got up, embarrassed at his heavily damaged armor.

The warriors followed Iron Man as he walked over to Panther and Cap, who had stopped the Wakandans from attacking. Widow helped Iron Man stand as Panther ordered the Avengers out of his nation.

As they were flying away, Tony sat in the aircraft's recreation area. After Cap left the craft to find a Chitauri soldier, Janet and Hank came in arguing again. Tony realized that they needed their privacy so he left.

Later, Cap returned with Panther and a captured Chitauri. Tony suited up in his damaged armor and joined the other Avengers. However, Panther revealed himself to be Kleiser in disguise. Kleiser and the Chitauri then began firing on the team.

Taking the damage no one else can

After Wasp was hit in the chest, Giant Man grabbed her and Iron Man used his body to shield the two. Kleiser and the Chitauri fled the ship and ordered the Chitauri Command Ship to fire on the Avengers' aircraft.

The Command Ship hit the aircraft dead on. The ship began to fall apart and flames erupted everywhere. Iron man used his energy field to protect himself and the rest of the team. Thor then quickly arrived and took them back to S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters. The ship then blew up and T'Challa thought they had all died.

Thor held up Iron Man as he collapsed. Widow ordered the infirmary to expect wounded. Fury asked if Iron Man needed help. But Iron Man claimed he needed drugs and a mechanic. Thor helped Iron Man walk away.

Tractor Armor

At that time the Command Ship entered Earth's atmosphere and extended an energy field around the planet.

Tony returned to Stark Enterprises. He laid on a table in the armory drinking some alcohol while he tried to take his armor off. He put a brace on his knee. Upstairs, Jarvis watched the news on the energy field before entering the armory.

The shot, particularly the residue, is a recreation of when Nick Fury recruited Tony in the Ultimates comics

As Jarvis entered the room Tony pressed a control which caused a large mechanical arm to descend. the arm lifted his broken chest piece off, breaking the sticky residue that kept the armor to his body. He simply left the rest of his armor lie around him.

Tony needed to find a new armor to use so he and Jarvis descended the stairs going deeper into the armory. Jarvis suggested the Tin Man armor as he liked the color and design. However, Tony felt he needed heavier equipment.

Time for a new favorite

Tony suggested the War Machine armor. But Jarvis felt like it handled like a ten ton tractor. Tony decided to disregard that because it had powerful guns. He flipped a switch and watched the missile launcher and mini-gun move into position.

Iron Man, in the War Machine armor, joined the rest of the Avengers. Thor transported he, Fury, Giant Man, Cap, and Black Widow to Wakanda, where the Command Ship focused its attack. Wasp stayed behind since she was in a coma. Panther was quick to meet them as he was glad to see them alive.

Kleiser spotted the team and ordered that they be killed. The Command Ship released flier pods to attack them. Iron Man flew up with Thor to attack the fliers.

Iron Man spotted Giant Man struggle with a Walker and fired at it with his mini-gun. He followed this up with a salvo from his rocket launcher. He did not notice a flier come up behind him before it hit him in the back. He fell down in front of another walker. Thor blasted the walker and flew away.

Command Ship Assault

As the battle continued, Iron Man saw a S.H.I.E.L.D. aircraft land delivering Betty and Wasp. Iron Man joined Widow in meeting them. Betty handed a Gamma Generator with a gun attachment to Iron Man. He put it on since it was to help infiltrate the Command Ship.

Betty explained to him that he needed to get into the ship, find the vibranium power source, and use the generator to destroy it. However, Iron Man was worried about the large cannon underneath the ship pointed at them. Thor landed nearby and told them he could handle the cannon.

Giant Man interrupted saying that Iron Man would need back up and suggest joining him. Iron Man didn't want to bring a full grown man along but he shrunk down. Iron Man held out his hand to the tiny hero in his hand as he said good bye to his wife.

The shot would be reversed heading out of the ship with Giant Man carrying Iron Man

Giant Man entered into one of Iron Man's rocket launcher holes as Iron Man and Thor flew up to the ship. Giant Man asked if they could survive a blast. Iron Man retorted that they wouldn't feel anything if they were hit.

The cannon aimed at Iron Man but Thor fired at the cannon so it would target him. Iron man increased his speed and readied the gamma generator. As he got close he fired to weaken the hull. He told Giant Man to plug his ears as he fired several rockets opening a hole.

The two heroes entered the ship. While in the ship, Iron Man encountered Chitauri everywhere. He fired his mini-gun and rockets to clear a path. He eventually got a reading on the core and thought that it must have been enormous. Giant Man found the core first and pointed it out.

Unfortunately, Iron Man was hit in the back by more soldiers. Giant Man jumped down and told Iron Man he would hold them off. Iron Man ran to the core as a gigantic Giant Man defended the position.

He does get to be the big hero this time

Iron Man reached the core and fired the generator. However, the gun soon ran out and the core was intact. He took the generator off and threw it into the core believing he was defeated. Fortunately, the generator explodes destroying the core. He ran out just as the core exploded.


The explosion pushed Iron Man forward and knocked Giant Man down. Giant Man grabbed Iron Man and flew into a wall. The ship became engulfed in flames as the two flew out. They turned to see the ship explode.

However, a piece of the ship knocked out Giant Man. Iron Man wrenched himself from Giant Man's fist and called out to the hero, who did not respond. He flew over to the controls and got Giant Man to shrink back to normal. Iron Man caught him as the energy field began to disappear.

He's going to learn from Hank's example

Iron Man landed at the foot of the palace with Giant Man in his arms. The others cleared the area for him. Wasp ran to her husband as Iron Man set him down. They all watched as Giant Man died in his wife's arms.

Panther looked up to see the remains of the Command Ship heading towards them. Iron Man thought he could deflect the debris. Cap wondered if he could survive. Iron Man stated he would take that posthumous award and flew off.

Iron Man flew to the front of the falling craft and tried to use his boots to push it away. However, his onboard computer informed him that his power cells were down to two percent and falling. He ordered that power be diverted from Life Support to support his boots.

Learning what it means to be a true hero

Soon his power cells depleted completely and the suit shut down. He fell below the ship before it crashed into the jungle in a massive explosion. Cap watched as Iron Man fell and crashed creating a large cloud of dust.

Cap ran over and rolled him on his back. He took off his helmet so he could breathe. Thor came over and knelt next to Cap and Iron Man. He held up Mjolnir and storm clouds formed over Wakanda. Thor used his lightning attack to recharge Iron Man's battery.

The Avengers' "Big Three"

Iron Man woke up as the clouds disappeared. He sat up realizing that Thor really is a god.

The team then returned to S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters, which had been heavily damaged again. The aircraft landed and the team exited.

At some later point, the team held a funeral for Hank Pym. Tony arrived early and began drinking a martini. He sat at the bar and watched Fury and Natalia enter. She wore the same red dress she seduced him in earlier.

He offered Fury a toast as he walked by. Natalia stopped and sat next to Tony. She took the olive out of his drink and ate is seductively. She stood and walked away leaving Tony by himself.

The last shot of Tony

He watched Janet and Betty mourn together. Eventually he walked over to them, put their arms around them, and walked them away.


See also Iron Man Armor and War Machine Armor.

The power of flight

Tony has no powers to speak of. To defeat superpowered foes he built himself a powerful set of armor. He builds several offensive and defensive armaments into the Iron Man suit. Small arms fire and primitive weapons are generally ineffective against them, which only tickles him.

He built five early models before he settled on one that became his main model. This version he upgraded seven times before it was destroyed.

One of the earlier versions of the 6 armor may have been damaged by the Hulk's rampage and fixed before it was destroyed the Chitauri.

Features built into his suit include:

  • Repulsor beams. His most iconic weaponry. They appear to be concentrated energy that are emitted from ports in his hands. He is deadly accurate with it and can hit spears out of the air.
  • Unibeam. This is a more powerful version of his repulsor beams. It is located in his chest. However, it requires more energy to use and cannot be used as often.
  • Electromagnetic Pulse. Iron Man had the ability to emit a pulse that would disable any electronic technology in a given radius. Though it appeared limited to technology built by Stark Enterprises. He may have done this to prevent his technology from falling into the wrong hands.

While powerful, the energy shield cannot last forever

  • Energy Shield. His main defensive technology. He can put a shield around himself and others close around him. Though he cannot sustain the field for extended periods of time.
  • Jet Boots. This provide him with the power of flight and allow him to travel everywhere. They appear to use the same technology as his repulsor beams for propulsion. Provided with enough energy, they could divert a large object like an airliner or space ship.
  • Enhanced Strength. His suit gives him strength far beyond that of any normal man. However, he is not as strong as superpowered beings like Hulk and Thor.
  • Enhanced Durability. Just like his strength, he can survive falls and attacks that would kill any normal man. This includes falling from high altitudes and even surviving a pummeling from an enraged Hulk.
  • Heads Up Display. His faceplate provides him with information, mostly on his suit's condition. It also provides him with warnings if his power and weapons systems are low.
  • Radio Transceiver. He is able to listen in on radio transmissions and detect when others are talking about him.
  • Enhanced Vision Mode. This includes infrared and radar. He can even see through buildings.
  • Voice Filter. This is used to protect his secret identity. He slightly deepens his voice and gives it a mechanical filter. Presumably, it makes it impossible to positively identify him while wearing the armor.

Army of one

In addition to his main armor he built dozens of other armor with varying abilities for different usages. After his main armor was damaged he moved onto the War Machine armor. War Machine was a more powerful set of armor, but moved similar to a tractor. While it is unknown exactly when he built the armor, he could have built it after his defeat by the Hulk. He may have put in the additional weapons in case he needed to attack the green giant once more.

Features of the War Machine armor include:

  • Shoulder-mounted mini-gun. Unlike his repulsor beams, the mini-gun used bullets that fired at high speeds.
  • Shoulder-mounted rocket launcher. It could fire up to five rockets at once.

All his armors require a special gel to keep the armor connected to his body. However, it became quite messy when taking the armor off. It would also tend to stick to his body.


Needing a recharge

The main problem with his armor is that it draws on the energy on the battery on his chest. While this does provide him with plenty of energy, if it is depleted it will cause him health problems. If no energy is left he will die if it is not charged or replaced quickly.

He is vulnerable in certain areas. Areas that are not covered in armor, such as joints and arm mounted weapons, can be damaged with the proper attack.

He can be defeated with an attack of sufficient force such as a well placed bomb, enormous log, or space ship cannon.


The man. The legend.

To the outside world Tony is seen by others as being, as Hank Pym put it, an arrogant jerk. He appears to be more interested in making money and dating beautiful women than with helping people. This often earns him the ire of those who do not know or have limited dealings with him. Indeed, he often plays this role quite well in public so that it is in stark contrast to the Iron Man personality.

Tony puts a lot of time and care into each suit of armor he builds. As such, they all become his favorite. That is, until he builds a new one and uses that. He loves all his armors but realizes that when one is damaged or outdated, it is time to move onto another one.

Being a superhero requires some level of selfless heroism. He is not afraid to risk himself to save others when the time is necessary. He does not always take all the credit and tries to give it to other rescue workers, even if he did most of the work.

Despite his apparent selflessness, he is quite arrogant as both Tony and Iron Man. As Tony he will often belittle business partners that he does not like, such as Nick Fury, and claim more recognition than he deserves. Though in truth he does deserve a lot of recognition.

As Iron Man he often feels he is the best person for any job. That is why he initially passed on the offer to join the Avengers. At times he underestimates his opponent, believing that his armor can defeat anything. He will ignore orders from his superiors if he feels he can accomplish something. However, he fails to realize that orders are made for a reason, which caused him extensive damage. This causes Tony to act like a lone wolf, often ignoring the help of others.

Demon in a bottle

Tony Stark has an alcohol problem. When at social functions he is often seen with a drink in his hand. The bartender knows to make his favorite drink as he walks into his restaurant. Worst yet, he has been known to drink alone after being defeated. This could be because Tony does not like defeat and takes it poorly.

Although he tries to act selfless, he is in fact a self-proclaimed glory hound. As he told Captain America, he would not want to sacrifice his life. He would instead want the glory that comes with winning. However, this may have been an underestimation of his abilities and true selflessness. Soon after, he was tested on that selflessness and chose to abandon the glory and go for the guts. He chose to disregard his own life by diverting power from his life support systems to save Wakanda. Were it not for Thor's control of the elements Tony would certainly have died.

Tony is a world class ladies' man. He is not afraid to flirt with any beautiful woman, even if she is involved or not. He shows a particular fondness for the beautiful Natalia Romanov even though she shows more interest in Steve Rogers. He hires gorgeous women to work with him and often does business deals with other women. However, he would not considered a bona fide gentleman and is often getting in trouble with the women he goes out with.



Tony's butler could be considered his best friend. Jarvis has known about Tony's secret for quite some time. Jarvis helps him with all his tasks, mostly keeping up his dual identities. Jarvis is privy to all of Tony's secrets. Jarvis typically takes care of Stark Enterprise business while Tony fights crimes.

Steve Rogers

The man and his hero

While in school, Tony studied the memorable efforts of Captain America. He may have even built the Iron Man armor as a way to follow in Steve's footsteps.

However, when Steve resurfaced and took command of the Avengers Iron Man did not initially listen to him. He thought that he knew better and chose to disregard Steve's orders. This caused him extensive damage and berating of his teammates.

Afterwards he chose to listen to Steve and they became effective teammates. While in Wakanda he chose to pursue the relationship with Steve. He did not think he could match Steve's bravery, but later learned from his example and almost sacrificed himself.

Nick Fury

Tony and Fury have a love-hate relationship. They love their business partnership but hate each other. Tony thinks that it is because of him that S.H.I.E.L.D. got anywhere, while Fury feels the opposite. They constantly antagonize each other but continue to work with each other.

After Tony was revealed as Iron Man their relationship cooled. Presumably they got along better and fought less.

Natalia Romanoff

She's not afraid to flirt back

Tony was smitten upon seeing Natalia for the first time. However, she was merely playing with him. Since then he maintained a flirtatious relationship with her, despite her relationship to Steve Rogers.

Various Women

Throughout his life Tony has flirted with many women, even in front of their boyfriends. He has dated many of them, though they often do not end well. He has, on occasion, dated business partners, which then require him to ask for forgiveness before continuing their business.

Alternate Version

What could have been

When he was climbing Mount Everest, Thor had a vision of the future. In this future Thor did not arrive to save the Avengers. Presumably, he left to return to Asgard at the order of his father, Odin. In this timeline, the Avengers were all killed by the Chitauri command ship. Iron Man's smokey, skeletal remains crashed to the ground with the rest of the team.

This version was elimanted when Thor came to save the team from the attack.


Iron Man was voiced by Marc Worden. Worden also voiced Iron Man on The Invincible Iron Man and again in Planet Hulk. The armors seen worn by this version were seen in The Invincible Iron Man and could either be laziness on the animators part or alluding to the other movie being a prequel to Ultimate Avengers and Ultimate Avengers II.

More 616 than 1610

Although the movies were based off the Ultimate Marvel comic line, Iron Man is a combination the Ultimate and 616 versions and typically leans more towards the 616. Ultimate Iron Man had a brain tumor and used bulkier armor. He also was very open about his identity as it was known to the world. 616 Iron Man had heart damage and used slimmer armor. He also kept his identity a secret for many decades and pretended that he and Iron Man were different people. This film's armor is a combination of the two armors.

The producers went with the mainstream comic version of Tony as an arrogant playboy rather than an engineering genius he is in the Ultimate line. In the comics Fury wants Stark to join because the Iron Man suit is a recognized brand name while here he merely suspects Tony of being involved with Iron Man.

In the comics, Janet Pym separated from her husband after he beat her, and pursued a relationship with Steve Rogers while Natalia Romanov began a relationship with Tony Stark. However, it was later realized that she was a traitor and playing him. However, because Janet stayed with her husband Natalia pursued Steve and Tony was left alone.

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