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Iron Man
Iron Tony NAHT.jpg
Real Name Tony Stark
Alternate Identity Iron Man, The Knight
Powers and Abilities Iron Man Armor
Team Affiliations Avengers
Allies Hulk
Bruce Banner
Betty Ross
Family and Friends Ultron (Creation)
Iron Man is from the Non MAU video Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow.

Tony Stark, formerly known as Iron Man, is part of the Avengers. He fought alongside the other heroes including Hulk.


Iron Man in his prime

But when his invention Ultron destroyed the Avengers he took their children (minus Francis Barton) away and raised them as his own. He told them the story of their parents and trained them to combat Ultron in the future.

He raised them as his own but kept them from the world. Eventually, Vision returned and James Rogers accidentally activated the Iron Avengers. The children fled as Ultron approached. Tony donned his Iron Man Armor and fought but lost.

Tony was taken to Ultra City, built on the ruins of New York City. He was rescued by the children, Francis, and the Scavengers. They then fled the city to find Bruce to see if Hulk would help them.

Tony sans armor

Bruce refused so the children lured Ultron there. Eventually Hulk transformed and destroyed the Iron Avengers and Ultron. Torunn took Ultron into space and was saved by her father Thor.

The newly reformed Avengers then decided to go back to Ultra City to destroy all of Ultron's robots.


Iron Man was voiced by Tom Kane who also voiced Ultron.

In the comics, it was Giant Man who built Ultron, and Tony had no part in it. In the video, this was either changed or Tony was lying to protect Henry Pym, Jr.

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