Iron Man
Marvel Anime Iron Man Promo
Real Name Tony Stark
Alternate Identity Iron Man
Powers and Abilities Iron Man Armor
Allies Wolverine
Iron Man is from the Madhouse Universe series Marvel Anime: Iron Man.

Tony Stark is a rich playboy who fights crime as Iron Man. He is also the CEO of Stark Industries that builds a variety of technologies.


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Tony was a billionaire playboy and CEO of Stark Industries.

However, things changed when he was kidnapped by terrorists along with Ho Yinsen. He built an early Iron Man Armor and escaped, though Yinsen was believed to be dead.

Upon his return, he began his heroic life as Iron Man. Eventually he desired to retire. He built the Iron Man Dio Armors to give to others so they could fight crime for him.

He went to Japan to test them out, but they were stolen by the Zodiac. Tony donned his armor and went to get them back.

During his quest, he found that Yinsen was alive and working for Zodiac. Yinsen was piloting one of the Dio armors and fought Tony. He eventually died and Tony got the armors back.

He then found that Kuroda was the leader of the Zodiac. He sought to restore Japan to a military state. Iron Man fought Kuroda but was overpowered. Iron Man transferred power to his Unibeam and killed him.


Iron Man was voiced by Adrian Pasdar.

The Mark I armor has blue eyes quite different from the other version of it; the mainstay armor Stark wore in the entire season resemble the Mark IV armor;and the Dio armor resemble the Extremis armor but with blue and white color and its helmet resemble the Rescue armor's helmet.

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