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Iron Man: Rise of Technovore
Rise of Technovore.jpg
Release date April 16, 2013
Rating PG-13 (USA)
Director Hiroshi Hamasaki
Writer(s) Brandon Auman
Kengo Kaji
Producer(s) Taro Morishima
Scott Dolph
Megan Thomas Bradner
Harrison Wilcox
Editor Kashiko Kimura
Mariko Tsukatsune
Distributor Marvel Entertainment
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Music By Tetsuya Takahashi
Running Time 88 Minutes
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Iron Man gets more than he bargained for when a deadly new enemy attacks his satellite launch, killing numerous innocents and his best friend. Tony must run from S.H.I.E.L.D. and other superheroes while uncovering his new foe's horrific plans. But how will he handle someone he helped create?


Friendly Competition

An ant crawls across the barren Utah landscape. It comes across several others scurrying about. They crawl over a dead beetle lying on its back.

Zeke watches ants consume a beetle in some obvious foreshadowing

A man crouches nearby watching. He stands and walks away.

All of a sudden the bugs are blasted away by something flying overhead towards some structures. Two figures fly by. the man watches them go.

One of the figures, Iron Man, flies through the structure being chased by War Machine.

Iron Man shows off his superior armor abilities

War Machine reluctantly agrees to one more race, but reminds Iron Man that he should not be late for his satellite launch in a few minutes. Iron Man teases that he will not only be on time but win their competition.

Iron Man narrowly misses crashing into a support column. War Machine wonders if he had too many cocktails last night.

Iron Man retorts that he has moves War Machine has never seen. The two blast up above the facility. Iron Man teases that despite all his time in the Air Force, War Machine cannot keep up with him. War Machine challenges him to race in F-15s. Iron Man notes that there are no spare planes around, so they will have to "make do" with their armors.

Stark puts on the news event of the century

Elsewhere, a news crew races towards a crowd. A large crowd as gather in an open area outside while the two armored heroes fly overhead. A news van pulls up next to two others. The crew gets out with cameras ready.

In the sky, Iron Man tells War Machine to "watch and learn" as he does something only professionals can pull off. He corkscrews and flies down towards the people. The people look up amazed as he flies over.

Iron Man flies low to the ground as he nears his satellite with War Machine close behind. The two spin around the launch site then away over the facility.

People on the ground watch as the two rocket over the facility and into the desert beyond. Iron Man teases that War Machine is falling behind but that only he will think less of the serviceman.

Iron Man then flies down into a canyon. He nears the river at the bottom and flies low above it. War Machine follows just behind.

Iron Man flies up again while War Machine is determined not to lose. Suddenly Iron Man dodges a rock but War Machine hits it dead on.

War Machine catches Iron Man off guard

Iron Man stops and hovers nearby watching the cloud of dust. He flies over and dodges falling rocks. Just then War Machine comes down from above and grabs him. He spins Iron Man around throwing him into the rock wall.

While Iron Man recovers, War Machine reminds him that he's an experience pilot with actual combat experience. He compares Iron Man to a rookie.

Iron Man smiles and readies his repulsor beam. He blast War Machine into the other wall.

Iron Man flies up and away while War Machine chases him. War Machine berates him for not playing fair. Iron Man reminds him that he is experienced in tactics yet didn't see that coming.

War Machine chases Iron Man through a canyon and around a large rock.

Back at the facility, the reporter for QXTV is at the Stark Industries facility for the launch of the HOWARD, meaning Hi-Definition Observation Worldwide Advanced Remote Device.

A World Without Crime

The reporter asks what the world would be like without violence, murder, and terrorism. He is there to introduce the HOWARD satellite, which would help the S.H.I.E.L.D. detection program to monitor all human activity.

Somewhere, a family sits down watching the broadcast. A man walks over to his chair and sits down.

The reporter goes on saying that privacy rights advocates have called it the ultimate spy device and demanded that the launch be scrapped.

Technicians in the control room monitor the satellite.

The reporter explains that Tony Stark already responded in his presentation the previous night. They cut to an elaborate press conference where Tony stands among holographic displays of the Iron Man Armor, his company logo, a large globe, and holographic women.

Tony turns the past into the future

Tony explains that he named the satellite after his father who looked after him. He claims that it is to protect freedom by identifying problems before they occur.

Around the world people watch the report. People stand around in Times Square. In Japan, woman brings food in for her family. People sit in a bar watching. An Islamic family watches. A group of black men crowd around a set somewhere.

Other reporters comment on the launch. One claims it will provide countless benefits. Another points out that it could violate privacy. A third points out that Tony has a background as a weapons contractor. Another points out problems with trusting technology so much. One more wonders if man is controlling technology or vice-versa.

Meanwhile, Iron Man and War Machine continue to fly through the desert. They fly up near a blimp.

The satellite gets ready to launch. Water pours into a tank below the rockets.

Somewhere, children watch the report on their phone while others play basketball. One of the children shoots and makes it into the net.

A reporters states that Tony Stark is approaching in his armor along with Colonel James Rhodes in the War Machine Armor. He states that they are there to reassure the public as the two fly around the blimp.

The Raiders launch their attack

Suddenly, a laser cuts through the blimp. The two armored heroes stop their race to see. People on the ground stop and look up.

The laser cuts right through the painted helmet of Iron Man then the blimp blows up. The two heroes are blasted back. Iron Man crashes to the ground while debris rains down below.

Several armored figures fly around. Inside one, the pilot smiles. They break formation as they are fired on by War Machine. War Machine flies up and chases them as they begin firing their lasers. Neither side hits the others but they continue firing.

One machine lands on a truck crushing it and fires its laser from the ground.

An explosion is seen in the distance. One of the machines flies over the facility blowing up a car. Another machine flies out of a warehouse.

Iron Man and War Machine have each other's back

War Machine continues firing his guns as the machines fly around. Iron Man slams into one then flies up putting his back with War Machine's. The two are both glad Tony is alive.

Iron Man wonders who they are. War Machine states that he fought them before, and they call themselves The Raiders. Iron Man theorizes that they are worried the satellite will track their activities.

Just then Tony notices his display malfunctioning. War Machine realizes their communications are being jammed. A laser causes the two to separate. They fly around as one of the Raiders chases and fires.

Another Raider chases War Machine and hits his shoulder. He crashes to the ground.

Somewhere, a woman tells Nick Fury that their communications have been interrupted. Fury tells them to send Interceptors.

Out on the Helicarrier, several Interceptors take off while more ride the elevators up.

Back at the battle, the facility is engulfed in flames. A Raider chases Iron Man firing its laser causing more explosions. The Raider looks around then fires at War Machine who is holding a van. The vehicle blocks the attack.

Iron Man swoops down and fires his repulsor. As the van explodes so does the Raider.

War Machine watches the cavalry battle

War Machine flies up and is greeted by numerous Interceptors. They fly around to attack the Raiders, who shoot at and destroy one.

The entire complex is one massive blaze.

Iron Man hovers near a Raider on the ground, presumably the leader. He explains that he should give up and take the detention cell. The man retorts that he is not scared since their employers is superior to Iron Man.

Elsewhere, a Raider lands on an Interceptor, fires, and destroys it. It then fires at a second destroying that one too.

Iron Man wonders if the employer is that good if he could hire him. The man claims that his employer will destroy the satellite before Tony has a chance to use it.

Somewhere, a Raider lands on the ground. Lasers from above slash through it till it falls.

Iron Man is amazed by the villain's speed

Iron Man asks why the guy would not be there if he was so strong. The man claims he is already there. Iron Man looks up to see a glint of light in the sky. It flies overhead towards the satellite before Tony can track it. He realizes that the employer is incredibly fast.

Iron Man tells War Machine to deal with "chuckles" as he fights the employer. He rockets off with War Machine calling out to him.

Inside the facility, a silver sphere lowers itself. An armored man walks down the hall. More spheres dissolve themselves into machinery. The armored man holds up his hand. Spheres form from his skin, float up, and dissolve away. Behind him, the floor begins changing. Inside, small cells form.

Zeke cares little for anything

A man orders others to evacuate the facility since the satellite is launching soon. The people run off and he turns to see the armored man down the hall. He walks down explaining that only authorized personnel are allowed there.

The supervisor stops when he sees the man standing with floating spheres with the wall changing behind him. The armored man holds a sphere towards him and it launches towards the supervisor. He screams as it nears.

The Wind

Outside, Iron Man hovers over his facility.

Inside the control room, the technicians are going over the last pre-flight checks. Behind the man in charge, the door dissolves and the armored man appears.

The armored man casually walks towards them. He announces himself and the people stop. He holds up his hand and a small sphere appears then dissolves.

Having made his way inside, Iron Man asks JARVIS what the strange appearance of the walls and floor is. JARVIS does not know and has no reference. It theorizes that it could be corrosive cells.

In the control room, a man is consumed by the corrosive cells and falls. All around are the dead bodies of the technicians. The armored man stands over a computer console watching a man and woman cower in the corner. A sphere launches forward and pierces the mans' chest. He is consumed by the cells and falls.

Right away, Zeke proves Iron Man's inability to stop him easily

The woman runs as Iron Man flies into the room. He fires his repulsor but a sphere extends itself protecting the armored man. Another sphere launches itself into the woman knocking her down.

Shocked at the woman's death, Iron Man fires again but a sphere blocks the attack again. The man moves to activate a button. Iron Man cries out and launches himself forward.

The armored man flies up avoiding the attack. Iron Man throws a punch but the man's armor swirls off and blasts him back.

The countdown reaches zero and the satellite's engines activate.

War Machine finishes off the Raiders

Outside, War Machine finishes off a Raider by pulling it apart. He stands and watches the rocket blast.

Iron Man pulls himself up out of the wall.

The satellite rockets off into the sky. War Machine follows it as it blackens out the sky with the brightness of its engines.

The man releases numerous spheres that surround Iron Man and explode.

The satellite rises high above Monument Valley.

Iron Man crashes to the ground. His armor sparking. Inside, his display malfunctions and JARVIS states that his power levels are at fifty-five percent and dropping. The man stands over the fallen hero.

Iron Man isn't technologically advanced enough

Iron Man asks who is the man. JARVIS responds that he is unable to get a DNA scan and requires a lab for further analysis.

Iron Man asks the man why he would kill so many just for the satellite. The man responds that all leaders of Fascist companies see the world the same. The man's faceplate dissolves away revealing a young man.

Iron Man lifts his faceplate noticing that the armor isn't the only thing strange with him. The man claims that those, like Tony, who place their faith in technology should be put into museums with fossils., though he also suggests coffins.

Iron Man stands noting to the kid that they will not be friends. The man claims that he is the future. Iron Man wonders what he means then the man seemingly instantly moves back to the other side of the room.

The man claims that he will dance around Tony's coffin as they put the final nail in. He tells the hero that he is only delaying the inevitable.

He raises his hand and a sphere flies to the ceiling blowing it open. Iron Man drops his faceplate and blasts him. However, the man easily dodges the attacks.

The man says farewell then flies up. Just then an explosion rocks the facility.

Iron Man notices something that War Machine doesn't

Iron Man looks around and notices that all the surfaces are infected with the cells. He then hears War Machine calling out to him.

War Machine walks down the hall unaware of the infected surfaces. He wonders what happened then raises his faceplate. He continues calling out to his friend.

Iron Man cries out for him not to continue down the hall. War Machine wonders if he is in trouble. He then notices the infection spreading across the hall.

Iron Man races forward calling out to War Machine. However, an explosion knocks him back.

War Machine is in the wrong place at the wrong time

War Machine cries out as he is surrounded by a blinding blast.

Explosions rock the entire building destroying it completely. Outside, everything is on fire.

Nick Fury and Maria Hill watch the explosion through a video feed. Fury wonders what happened. Hill notes that the control tower was hit.

High above, an Interceptor flies over. The building collapses in an enormous dust cloud.

In the Helicarrier, Fury asks Agent Hill if there are any signs of life. She replies that there are none. Just then she notices movement indicating a single survivor. Fury orders that Black Widow be sent down to investigate.

Loss of a Friend

Never give up on a friend

Later, Tony sits in his powered down suit. He looks out to see the building to be nothing but burned rubble. He gets up and begins searching for his friend. He lifts a large concrete block and tosses it aside.

He begins talking to Rhodey saying not to make them late for drinks by the pool. He tosses aside various pieces of rubble. He grabs a rebar pole and begins digging around.

Black Widow grabs the pole trying to stop him. Iron Man begs her to help him look. He continues digging around. Widow slowly approaches saying that she has to get him out of there and S.H.I.E.L.D. will keep looking. Iron Man reluctantly agrees.

On the Helicarrier, Hill explains that medical teams are searching for survivors. However, casualty reports are estimated to rise to three-hundred.

Deep inside, Iron Man sits on a desk explaining to Fury how Rhodey died. Fury states that their sensors were blocked by an electro-magnetic field. Since only Iron Man talked to anyone and lived, he wants answers.

Iron Man stands and walks around. He says there was a deranged boy with a strange techno-organic armor. He never saw anything like that before and it's more powerful than anything he has.

Iron Man realizes something is up

He walks towards the door vowing to make the man pay for the death of Rhodey. However, Black Widow blocks his path. He stops and asks Fury what's going on.

Fury explains that he will not be leaving the Helicarrier until S.H.I.E.L.D. sorts out this mess. Iron Man wonders if they think he had anything to do with it. Fury retorts that they need answers. What happened is being broadcast across the globe. They need something so people at the Pentagon will not "lose their heads."

Iron Man jokes that Washington could stand to lose a few heads. Iron Man drops the faceplate saying they need to find the kid before he does anymore damage.

Iron Man isn't easily stopped

Widow rushes forward but Iron Man blasts off and down the hall. Fury orders her to go after him.

As Iron Man rockets down the halls he flies by the technicians knocking them down. He enters the hanger bay then flies up. He then crashes through the roof.

Outside, planes fly around the Helicarrier. Iron Man requests that Fury call off the planes.

Inside, Fury casually sits listening to the battle outside.

Outside, the fighters fire their laser cannons at Iron Man. The hero flies around dodging three fighters. He tells Fury that he will not wait around for another attack.

Fury's only response is "Well too bad."

Iron Man dodges an attack and tells Fury that he is the only one who can challenge the man's technology.

Fury states that he doesn't enjoy doing this. However, he has rules that he must follow. He cannot let their only witness get himself killed.

Iron Man replies that he never obeys the rules. He then becomes distracted when the laser attacks get closer. One launches a pair of missiles at him. JARVIS tells him that they are homing missiles. Iron Man thanks the Artificial Intelligence for the update, spins, and fires at the two missiles destroying them.

Iron Man intercepts the Interceptor

The hero lands on a plan and blasts it with his foot. The plane is damaged and blows up.

He flies down into a canyon below with the remaining two following. They fire their lasers at him. Iron Man dodges and fires his repulsors at the walls. The two planes fly into a cloud of dust. After they clear the cloud they see Iron Man flying into an even narrower canyon.

Iron Man flies in while the two fighters stop. The two fighters inform their commander that the hero is gone.

Fury continues to stare at his monitors.

Lone Wolf

As Iron Man flies over the desert, he is joined by another fighter. Inside, Black Widow is piloting.

Iron Man flies up and the fighter follows. He tries to land on it but Widow dodges him and fires the cannon. Iron Man dodges and fires his repulsors at her but she also dodges.

Natasha may be a better pilot than most but that still didn't help

The two fly straight towards each other staring each other down. They pass each other but Iron Man disappears. Widow looks around then spots him on the wing.

Iron Man apologizes to 'Tasha then slams his fist into the wing pulling out circuits. He flies off. The plane ignites and careens down. Widow ejects out of her vehicle.

The fighter ignites on fire and crashes into a canyon. Overhead, Widow parachutes down swearing at the hero.

Iron Man races over the desert. He thinks to himself how unusual the armor is and how he needs to find a weakness. He begins flying over farmland. A horse looks up as he passes.

He nears a city where a thunder storm is approaching. He flies over the city, through the clouds, and into the calm skies above.

Elsewhere, the man lies in a room next to a pool. A woman sits nearby. They listen to music on a phonograph.

The man explains that the Raiders failed. The woman turns a page in her book saying that they will succeed next time. She says that if she had had better intel on the launch site the satellite would be destroyed.

She does not believe that she has the same talent for revolution as he does. He believes it is in her blood. She says that they need both talent and chaos to "give birth to a dancing star."

She states that the "God satellite" will not help them. He follows that the "false iron idol" will not save them from the future. He claims that Tony possesses much technology that people worship, such as the satellite. She claims he is the high priest of technology. He claims that Tony and people like him are false idols leading the world to disaster.

In the skies above, the rocket opens up revealing the satellite. It moves into position.

Zeke has a lot of power for a young boy

He states that the people must be taught the truth. He looks at the water and a small drop floats up. It floats near his head and begins to change into a butterfly.


Elsewhere, a beautiful woman lounges in the sun wearing a bikini. She floats on a raft in a calm pool. A dragonfly hovers over the water. A drink, cell phone, and a Fasciner magazine sit on a nearby table. The place is peaceful and calm.

Pepper sees the boss coming

She looks up as she hears a high-pitched whine. Just then Iron Man comes screaming out of the sky. He slams into the pool causing a massive wave. Water rains down on the table with the woman's stuff.

The woman realizes she is in the air being held by Iron Man. Iron Man tells Pepper that he needs her to check the Black Market for illegal bio-technology. He then lifts his faceplate and smiles.

Pepper responds that she is supposed to get a full week's vacation. Iron Man responds that he'll get her a bigger villa with support staff. She retorts that he did when he made her miss the last vacation. Iron Man then promises to buy her the island.

He then informs her that this is important.

Back in the Helicarrier. Fury wonders how long before the HOWARD is online. Hill states it should be up and running within four hours. Fury replies that they will use it to find its creator. He states that their first priority is to find the fugitive Iron Man.

In the sky, the cameras on the satellite get into position.

Inside the villa, Pepper, now in a bathrobe, feels sorry for Rhodey and asks what happened. Holding an iced drink, Tony blames himself for what happened. She asks if the man was actually a child. Tony explains that he had some highly advanced suit that seemed alive.

Pepper walks to a couch with her laptop and sits. Tony laments that Rhodey was unlike any of the shady people he dealt with. He remembers his friend for always sticking to his code. He looks up at a picture of him and Rhodey both looking happy.

Rhodey and Tony, best friends forever

He praises Rhodey's heroism. He claims that they were best friends despite being from completely different worlds. Tony says he should have let Rhodey win sometimes. He then vows to avenge his fallen friend.

Pepper tells him not to be so hard on himself.

Tony wonders what the technology could be. He knows that it's more complicated than Nano-Technology and Bio-Technology. He thinks about how it turned living tissue into metal, something that can't be done at a normal facility.

He stands and walks around. He realizes they couldn't be mutated cells. He theorizes that the man synthesized them in a molecular assembler or they wouldn't be stable.

Pepper then asks for his authorization. After giving it, Pepper finds some information on mechanical-human hybrids, Mechatronics. She states that research is being done around the world but no one is successful. Tony agrees that he hadn't heard of any success either, but trusts his eyes that it happened.

Pepper brings up Advanced Idea Mechanics, a group that has always been disreputable. She explains that they have been researching this kind of thing for a long time and deal with shady people.

Tony wonders where their latest activity is. She says they were last found in Karachi, Pakistan. She goes on to say that their front company deals with medical supplies but really works with chemical weapons and illegal arms. She holds up a flash drive with coordinates.

Tony and Pepper just want a moment alone

Tony walks to a window and Pepper asks if he will be fine. He replies that he can take on a kid. He asks if she wants to come along but she refuses. They lean in to kiss and Tony says he'll get an island for two.

Just then the Helicarrier nears. Tony curses the bad timing as his watch beeps.

Inside, Hill notes that Tony isn't responding and they are being jammed. Fury orders Gold and Blue Team to cover the escape routes while Red Team moves in to capture and contain.

Pepper wonders what Tony did to tick off S.H.I.E.L.D. Tony replies that he doesn't know while staring at a painting of himself.

Home Sweet Home Invasion

He snaps his fingers and the painting reorganizes itself and disappears revealing a long corridor. A mechanical arm moves up and brings him a suitcase.

Tony walks out of the villa with the suitcase in hand. He finds himself surrounded by Mandroids. The robots order Tony to throw away his weapons and surrender. They state that they are authorized to use deadly force. Tony remains calm as they approach.

Fury watches from his computer console.

Tony never fails to surprise

A Mandroid gets close and tries to grab Tony. Instead, Tony grabs it with an armored gauntlet extending from the briefcase. He rips apart the hand promising to pay Fury back for the damages.

Fury orders the Mandroids to attack.

Tony learns to run fast

The Mandroids raise their arms and charge their weapons. Tony runs forward as the suitcase extends itself into an armor. He leaps up and it engulfs him. Behind him, missiles land tossing up debris.

Iron Man rockets forward knocking one down. He spins around and knocks down two more. More land around him and slam their arms down. He struggles to keep them off him as more approach. He tosses them up and blasts them back.

Inside, Pepper watches commenting that her vacation is over.

Mandroids fire at Tony as he runs across the grounds. He leaps up, kicks one causing it to explode, then slices another in half. He watches as more approach then flies off.

He flies towards the island's edge then down into the water below. The Mandroids follow.

Pepper isn't afraid of a few Mandroids

Inside, Pepper puts on lipstick as something booms outside. She finishes as a Mandroid bursts through the wall. She asks if anyone programmed manners into it.

Down below, Iron Man approaches a sunken ship. He turns and blasts it apart creating a large cloud of dirt that engulfs the underwater Mandroids.

High above the water, several Mandroids fly around as the Helicarrier hovers. Hill states that the Mandroids lost Iron Man. She switches them over from visual sensors to motion sensors.

Iron Man takes a swim

Underwater, the Mandroids track numerous moving objects but no Iron Man. Iron Man appears out of the cloud and a robot is destroyed. More look around but each are destroyed.

Above, numerous explosions can be seen. Suddenly, Iron Man flies out of the water carrying a Mandroid before tossing it. A couple of robots chase after him but he dodges them. He slams onto one and another attacks causing a large explosion cloud.

The programmer knows how to fight them

The Mandroids swarm around until Iron Man flies up and they give chase. Iron Man tracks them as they follow in a narrow path. He turns and fires his Unibeam at them. The remaining Mandroids are caught in the blast.

Iron Man teases Nick that he should improve the A.I. in the Mandroids. He then flies off. The Mandoids explode in the sky.

Hill and Fury watch from their console as they all go offline. Fury demands to see agents Black Widow and Hawkeye. He then asks Pepper if Tony is available. She comments that he is booked, but never follows his schedule anyways.

Fury then decides to show her something. He explains that one day Tony will come across something he cannot handle.

The Punisher

Elsewhere, an anthologie by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche sits on a table. The woman walks over to the man. then sits down with her book. She begins a quote and they finish it together. The man states that he feels good.

Zeke enjoys his armor

He holds his hand up saying that with the Technovores he will have great power since he can control any machine. He forms the armor over his body.

She asks if he is ready. He states that he will now be able to infect the satellite and bring it down. He wishes to ground the oppressors into dust and liberate mankind.

The Punisher readies for battle

Somewhere in the desert, a man with a scope watches a HUMVEE drive into a city. A large assault rifle sits next to him. Punisher stands and grabs his gun.

A warehouse door opens and the HUMVEE drives in then the door closes.

Inside, a man opens a briefcase holding several vials. He tells the others that he can guarantee the effectiveness. Another man walks over and puts a second briefcase down. He opens revealing it to be full of one-hundred dollar American bills.

The first man agrees to the deal and goes to shake the other's hand. He tells the second man to have his associates thanked on behalf of A.I.M.

However, the first man stares in shock as the second has a dot on his forehead. Just then a shot rings out and the second man is killed.

The men look around to see Punisher standing on an overhead walkway. He opens fire with his assault rifle killing many of the guards. Several take cover and fire back. Punisher drops down and fires his pistol at them killing more.

The A.I.M. agent wonders how Punisher could have tracked him. He grabs his briefcase and runs.

Punisher hasn't come this far without knowing how to survive a gunfight

Punisher drops to the ground firing his pistol taking out the rest of the men.

In another room, the A.I.M. agent talks to someone over the phone demanding reinforcements. His contact states that they can come in ten minutes. The agent tells him he needs them in ten seconds.

Just then, Punisher breaks down the door. The agent scrambles away but has no where to go. With the agent trapped against the wall, Punisher levels his pistol and fires.

As the bullet nears the agent, Iron Man smashes through the window.

Punisher doesn't get along with anyone

Iron Man stands between the agent and Punisher. He opens his hand and drops the bullet. Punisher demands that Iron Man leave, saying this is no place for rich idiots. Iron Man lifts his faceplate and informs him that he needs the agent alive for answers. Iron Man raises his arm and readies a repulsor.

After a few seconds, Punisher drops his gun. Iron Man goes to the agent saying they should hurry before Punisher gets angry.

Iron Man demands to know the man's name. The agent states that no A.I.M. agent would give up information. Iron Man knows it's because they could never do business again. He grabs the man's arm breaking it. He takes the agent's phone and tosses the man aside. Punisher looks on.

Tough times make for strange alliances

Holding the phone in his palm, he downloads the data. He searches through the phone's records until he comes across a familiar name, Ezekiel Stane. He doesn't think it's possible. Punisher speaks up saying he has a file on Stane. Iron Man asks to see the file.

Just then helicopters approach. Punisher agrees and the two leave.


In his hideout, Punisher has various articles on political dealings along with guns, ammo, and RPGs. Punisher types at his computer.

Iron Man drinks some coffee but is disgusted by the taste. Punisher states that it's military issue and works. Iron Man says jumper cables can do the same thing.

Punisher pulls up the file on Ezekiel "Zeke" Stane. Iron Man walks over and realizes that this is the son of Obadiah Stane. Punisher pulls up some photographs of Obadiah and another with Obadiah and Zeke. Punisher points out that Obadiah was worked with Tony. He pulls up a photo showing Obadiah with Howard and a young Tony Stark.

Death of an old enemy

Iron Man remembers that Obadiah went crazy. He flashes back to when Obadiah was killed using the Iron Monger Armor. He states that he had no choice.

Tony recalls that Zeke Stane died in an airplane crash and went to the boy's funeral. Punisher states that Obadiah had many assets around the world that the rich boy could have used. He says that given enough money, anything is possible, to which Tony agrees.

Punisher shows Tony a few tricks he knows

Punisher goes on to say that Zeke has been hiding his trail for some time. There were rumors that he injected himself with nanobots to make himself smarter. Punisher knows he's been in many shady dealings including drugs and bio-technology including techno-organic armor.

Punisher warns Iron Man, saying he's been after the kid for months without luck. Iron Man takes the computer and begins hacking the S.H.I.E.L.D. computers to cross-reference with their data. However, Punisher knows this will lead the group right to them.

With the Helicarrier thirty minutes out of the city, Nick Fury warns Black Widow and Hawkeye that Iron Man has teamed up with Punisher. Hawkeye laments that he didn't bring enough arrows.

Fury warns them that they cannot be detected invading the airspace of a sovereign nation. He orders the two to complete the mission and get back to the Helicarrier in forty minutes. The two walk out.

Back in Pakistan, Punisher is readying his weapons. He wonders why Zeke would be in Shanghai, China. Iron Man explains that they had a weapons research facility there. They closed it down years ago but someone bought it and built a hotel there with a suite for VIPs. He claims the hotel is as secured as a Swiss bank and was purchased by Obadiah.

Joking or not, Tony could and would do it

Punisher comments that it must be nice to have money. Iron Man thanks him and jokingly promises to get him a good therapist.

Just then the external cameras go out. Punisher loads his gun and knows that Tony's "friends" are there. Iron Man says he should make a run for it since the agents will be after him not Punisher. He walks over to a skylight and puts on his helmet then takes off.

On the Run

As he enters the sky, JARVIS says something is approaching from behind. Iron Man wonders if it is a rocket just before three arrows hit him. They stick in his back and short out his systems. He crashes onto a roof near Hawkeye.

Iron Man struggles to stand cursing Hawkeye's tricks. JARVIS begins to reboot the system. Iron Man sarcastically thanks himself for installing force fields.

Iron Man learns that the bigger they are the harder they fall

Widow wraps a cord around his neck pulling Iron Man to his feet. She tells the armored hero to give up and come with them. Hawkeye readies his bow knowing that he won't come quietly. She activates her Widow's Bite shocking Iron Man back to his knees.

Inside the armor, JARVIS is forced to shut down the systems despite Tony's begging.

Widow tells him that he cannot win and should just go. She begins to tell him about something the Helicarrier Medical Bay when a grenade drops nearby. The explosion knocks back Hawkeye and Widow while Iron Man falls off the roof.

A car pulls up just in time for Iron Man to land on it. Inside, Punisher asks if he is any good then drives off.

Hawkeye notes that they're getting away. Widow jumps down over the side.

Punisher provides transport service

Punisher races along the freeway. He pulls next to a bus and the passengers stare at the fallen hero on the roof. Tony asks if Punisher is trying to so obvious, but Punisher retorts that the armored hero usually likes the attention. But Iron Man doesn't want people to see him this way.

In his mirrors, Punisher sees Hawkeye and Widow following on a motorcycle. He tells Iron Man to hold on and swerves through traffic. He swerves through city traffic and a man stops to yell at him as the two agents pass.

People at a market stop when the two vehicles race by.

Punisher begins driving out of town into the desert. Widow races forward and Hawkeye grabs three devices that extend into arrows. He readies his arrows and teases Iron Man about teaming up with a crazy person.

Punisher doesn't think much of arrows

They go through the window and hit the seats. Punisher berates the use of arrows as he pulls his pistol. He aims backwards and fires forcing Widow to swerve around.

Punisher slams on his break so Widow is right next to him and continues firing as Widow swerves. Iron Man warns not to kill them. Punisher retorts that they do not need their kneecaps to breathe. He reloads then fires again.

Suddenly an old wall comes between them. Punisher curses the wall. Widow tells Hawkeye to be ready and he grabs three more arrows. When there's a small window he fires and hits the rear tire of the car.

Widow raises her gauntlet and fires darts into the front tire. The car beings swerving until it begins flipping over. Inside, Punisher braces himself as the car slides on its side then upside down.

Widow stops the cycle and Hawkeye runs over with an arrow ready. Widow gets off and readies her pistol. Hawkeye orders Punisher to give up.

Punisher responds with a gift. The two look between them to see a small device that quickly emits a powerful beam of light. They cover their eyes, but when it's over Punisher has a gun to both their heads.

Don't underestimate Punisher

He orders Widow to drop her guns or else he will shoot Hawkeye. After a second, she drops her guns and raises her arms. He orders Hawkeye to do the same. The archer drops his weapons and also raises his hands, calling Punisher a psycho. Widow readies a cord between her hands. Punisher berates S.H.I.E.L.D. and Fury for going soft.

Punisher shouldn't overestimate himself

Just then Widow wraps the cord around his neck and tosses him on his back. Hawkeye readies a drill-tipped arrow at his head. He orders Punisher to drop his weapons and tells him to do it anyways.

Punisher smiles and says that he bought enough time. Just then, the car lifts up shocking the two agents. Iron Man lifts it up as JARVIS tells him the power reserves are at forty percent. He orders power be diverted from force fields to thrusters.

Hawkeye runs up and readies an arrow. He fires but Iron Man moves the car to block them. They electrocute harmlessly against the roof. Hawkeye fires some more but they fail to reach Iron Man's height. Widow tells him to give up since the armored hero is out of range.

With nothing left to fear, Iron Man drops the car. It crashes in a cloud of dust. With his power reserves back to normal, Iron Man flies off.

Widow states that Fury will be angry. Hawkeye says that at the very least they caught the Punisher.

Punisher makes his escape

However, he has taken their motorcycle and is heading away. Punisher remarks that next time Tony asks him for a favor he's going to shoot him.

Target Lock

It's a typical day in Shanghai with the people going about their business and the city skyscrappers rising above the streets.

Iron Man stands under a freeway. He walks forward into a doorway and down some metal stairs.

Somewhere underneath, Zeke and the woman sit hearing the armored hero's footsteps. Zeke talks about a wind coming. Sitting in his Technovore armor, he tells the woman, Sasha Hammer, to listen for the changing breeze.

As he walks through the facility, Iron Man asks JARVIS for anything. However, the A.I. is encountering too much interference. It does seem to detect lifesigns.

Iron Man enters the room with the pool except there are no lights on. He looks around at the furniture and decorations. He calls out to Zeke asking him to turn the lights on. He tells a story about how he did something bad so he hid in a dark room. However, he got lost and had to be rescued by his mother.

Zeke states that he never needed to hide.

JARVIS tells Iron Man that the air has shifted behind him. He turns around to see Zeke in the armor. The lights slowly come up.

Iron Man asks where he got the armor from. He then tries to reason with Zeke by saying that he could give himself up and Tony will try to help him so he doesn't have to hide in the dark. Zeke slowly approaches him.

Iron Man finds the enemy

Zeke states that he will never hide. Iron Man claims it's still a kids' game. Zeke dissolves the armor becoming naked before plain clothes dissolve onto him. Zeke tells him that he already knows his father.

Just then a massive Obadiah Stane appears out of the ceiling. Iron Man asks if he wants revenge. Speaking through the Obadiah figure, Zeke wonders why he would think it. Iron Man admits that he killed Obadiah.

Zeke then remembers that Iron Man did have something to do with his father's death. He admits that Obadiah's death wasn't as impactful to him as Iron Man would think since they weren't close.

Iron Man asks why Zeke is targeting him. Zeke says that he's not after Tony specifically, he just happened to be in the way. Iron Man gets angry that Zeke killed his best friend. Realizing that the boy doesn't care anyways, he goes to grab him.

However, his body freezes before he can touch the boy. Zeke casually moves out of the way. JARVIS notes a sudden power failure and system error. Synthetic alloys and unknown entities have entered the system.

Zeke calls them Technovores. JARVIS tells Iron Man that all systems have been compromised. The small cells cover the length of the armor.

Zeke admires Iron Man like one would a statue

Zeke runs his hands over the frozen arm admiring the work something like Tony did. He claims Sasha will still appreciate the frozen figure. Zeke then taps on the Arc Reactor while claiming that he is different from the rest of "you." Iron Man wonders what he means.

Zeke says that Adam and Eve ate the Forbidden Fruit and were expelled from the Garden of Eden. Then he says that one-hundred and sixty thousand years ago, Mitochondrial Eve, the ancestor of human kind, was born in Africa. Iron Man wonders if he studied human history in college.

Zeke goes on to say that there are seven billion people on Earth. Iron Man wonders what this has to do with anything. Zeke says that's the answer to "you people." Iron Man wonders if he doesn't consider himself part of the human race. Zeke floats a sphere above his hand saying that he's different from the rest of humanity.

Zeke says that describing himself is hard, but if he had to he would compare himself to the wind. Iron Man calls him crazy but Zeke responds that he is hurting Sasha's feelings. Iron Man wonders who Sasha is and Zeke compares her to a breeze. Iron Man doesn't know what he's talking about, but realizes Obadiah didn't spend enough money on a therapist.

Sitting down by the pool, Zeke states that Iron Man is a dinosaur while he is the future. Iron Man jokes that he knows a guy from the '40s. Zeke tells Iron Man to retire. Iron Man responds that he tried to do that but his assistant wouldn't let him. Zeke looks ill but quickly recovers.

Great Power, Not So Much Responsibility

Zeke floats several spheres then tells Iron Man that his time is over. He continues saying that with a new wind comes a new future and with it a new world. He says that he will use HOWARD to usher in a new era of technology destroy the old. Zeke floats the sphere over to Iron Man which integrates into the armor.

Tony is powerless to do anything

Inside, Tony struggles as the Technovores infect the armor. He claims that Obadiah was lucky not to have to see this. Zeke floats two more spheres in his hands. Iron Man points out that all the things Zeke insults such as the birth of mankind, refinement of steel, formation of the computer, and creation of bio-technology have all led to the Technovores.

Zeke floats two more spheres over and into the armor. Iron Man continues that the Technovores only exist because of the past. Zeke raises several spheres out of the ground as he sits in an infected chair. Iron Man states that Zeke is nothing but a child throwing a tantrum and needs to be punished.

All power has a price

Zeke floats the additional spheres over to Iron Man infecting the armor. He spins his chair around and stops with the armor on. Zeke stands but grabs his head in pain.

JARVIS pipes up that partial systems have been restored. Iron Man asks for the restored system. Zeke's pain grows visibly worse. Iron Man realizes he still has command over the missiles.

His shoulder piece pops up and a small cannon fires several missiles. They streak around the room and target Zeke. However, he leaps up dodging them. Zeke forms numerous spheres out of his body.

He tells Iron Man that all that will be left of him is a small fragment. The spheres then dissolve into the armor. Zeke floats over in front of Iron Man threatening to blow him up. Tony flashes back to War Machine's death.

Zeke starts to leave but suddenly collapses to the ground. Iron Man wonders what's wrong as Zeke stands and his armor begins reshaping itself. Suddenly, JARVIS explains that the invading Technovores are leaving. His systems then recharge on their own.

Iron Man tells Zeke that it's okay to ask for help from those better than him. He then diverts energy to the force fields and fires a massive pulse across the room. Once over, Iron Man is able to move again. He looks around but does not see Zeke.

Iron Man comes out on top

A naked Zeke appears as the Technovore-built walls begin to dissolve. Iron Man flies over to him. Zeke states that he cannot change the future since it has already been written.

Just then Hawkeye orders Iron Man to give up. Iron Man looks over to see Hawkeye and Black Widow standing by the dissolving walls. Hawkeye says it took long enough to find him.

Having defeated Zeke, Iron Man relents and agrees to be taken in. But only if Widow does it. She smiles and looks down at Zeke.

He Lives

The Helicarrier hovers high above in the night sky.

Inside, Zeke is trapped in a device that completely closes him in.

Zeke does not have fond memories of his father

He flashes back to memories of his father. In one, Obadiah berated his son for getting a mere ninety-eight percent on a test. He claimed if he was not perfect he was just another ordinary person. In another memory, Obadiah disciplined Zeke for touching his armor. In each, Zeke was a little boy sniffling to himself.

Back in reality, Zeke sits in his chamber unconscious.

Elsewhere in the Helicarrier, Pepper watches as Tony stares at the still living James Rhodes. He is badly injured with piece of metal sticking out of his body, but alive.

Tony asks if he has woken up at all. Pepper states that he's only alive because of the life support systems. Tony interrupts to call out to Rhodey. He tells the friend that he can't die without winning a race once.

Rhodey is probably not in the mood for dating at the moment

Pepper looks sad knowing that Tony is fooling himself. Behind her is the badly damaged War Machine armor. Tony continues by claiming he'll throw the next race. He then offers to introduce Rhodey to any model he wants from a magazine he was reading, except for certain ones.

Just then an alarm begins to blare. In the control room, Hill reports than an unknown system is hacking theirs. With their communication systems down, they begin anti-virus protocols and shutting down systems.

In the mainframe room, strange tubes cover all the surfaces holding up several dead guards.

Hill explains to Fury and Iron Man that all the systems have been infected. Iron Man tells them they are Technovores. He tells them that Zeke's Technovores have infected and it's too late.

No system is safe from this virus

Suddenly the displays change to a strange pattern.

Zeke continues to sleep in his chamber.

Somewhere, Black Widow and Hawkeye come into a room ready for combat. Widow enters the control room for Zeke's prison but finds the guards dead.

Hawkeye enters the room itself but finds the boy missing.

In the control room, someone says that the HOWARD is under attack. Hill orders the Guardian Program activated but it is too late and the Technovores take over soon overpowering the firewalls. Fury and Iron Man can only watch.

Throughout the Helicarrier, guards lie dead in empty halls. Zeke states that he is right there.

Widow and Hawkeye walk through prepared for a fight. Zeke tells them that they are not observant since he is right besides them. They cautiously move through the hall.

Like a lizard, Zeke severs his limbs to escape

Hawkeye spots something above as a hand reaches down. He fires up and hits something. He helps Widow up and the two go to see what he hit. They spot a severed arm sticking to the wall.

Back in the control room, Iron Man explains the problem. HOWARD can connect to every computer in the world including military satellites. He theorizes Zeke is using HOWARD to hack all the world's satellites. He explains that Zeke's "Wind" was going to destroy all life on the planet.

Iron Man asks about the server room, but Hill has not gotten a response.

Suddenly, Iron Man's chest piece moves. Fury asks what he is doing. Iron Man explains he is going to fix the computer. He plans to divert energy to his arc reactor to destroy the Technovores. He hopes he can survive for the few minutes without his heart.

Ghost in the Machine

Zeke no longer has a real shape

Hawkeye and Widow ride an elevator back to the bridge. He asks what they should do. Suddenly, Zeke forms his armored self out of the wall. Widow sees something and turns.

In the control room, Fury and a couple of guards ready their weapons. Iron Man has taken out his reactor while Hill holds on to his to program. Tony clutches his chest before noting that Zeke is there.

They all look and see a nearly naked and one-armed Zeke standing there. Fury readies his gun while the guards surround the boy. Zeke calls Tony an old man while the armored hero begs him to stop.

Fury doesn't let anyone hurt his people

Fury then asks where Hawkeye and Black Widow are. Zeke responds that they are "tucked away." Iron Man then orders Hill to start the procedure.

Hill activates the procedure and the arc reactor glows brighter. Energy pours through the Helicarrier's systems. Soon the display returns to normal. Tony falls to the ground but is able to order Hill to reboot the HOWARD.

Zeke notes that they are determined to get in his way as he reforms his severed arm. Hill helps Iron Man sit and he orders Zeke to sit down so they can talk. He tells him that no matter what he thought, Obadiah loved Zeke. He flashes back to a time when Obadiah was showing off a picture of Zeke.

Iron Man goes on saying that he cannot do anything if he abandons the past. He has to accept it and build on it. He points out that he had a similar problem and only moved forward by accepting his father. Zeke laughs at the fact that Iron Man is lecturing him. He claims Iron Man is irrelevant.

Zeke suddenly stops and holds his hand to his face. His body then bulges out. Fury watches as a guard is impaled upon Zeke's flesh. He watches the guard becoming consumed with the virus and notes that it's the Technovores.

Technovore no longer needs Zeke

Zeke calls out wondering why the Technovores betrayed him. Half his body is a bulging mess while spheres float around him. The arm-tendril retracts into his body while spheres rise out of the floor. He says that he cannot see, feel, or hear anything.

Tony struggles to stand while Zeke states that the wind has stopped. Zeke's body is suddenly consumed by Technovores followed by the Helicarrier. They spread throughout the Helicarrier.

The Helicarrier then dives down. A technician states that they lost all control and are losing altitude.

Fury orders the guards to shoot the Technovore creature, now a massive creature with eyeballs all over his head. However, their guns have no effect and Technovore raises its arms up to roar. One guard looks down to see himself impaled in the stomach and infected.

Technovore grabs another guard with its massive hand. Fury tries to distract it but another guard is impaled. Meanwhile, Hill tries to flip Iron Man over.

An arrow flies at Technovore and explodes. Hawkeye and Widow stand there distracting it. However, Fury is knocked back while Hill struggles with the armored hero. Widow runs around throwing an explosive at the creature.

Hill finally gets Iron Man on his back and inserts the reactor. JARVIS tells him he has fifteen percent power. Iron Man smiles and puts on his helmet. He stands saying that "playtime" is over.

No more Mister Nice Guy

He opens wings on his armor and thrusters on his back and legs. He rockets forward blasting them both through the halls.

A technician states that force fields and engines are down. Fury asks where they are crashing and hears that it will be Shanghai. Fury orders them to contact the Chinese government to evacuate everyone.

Iron Man finds the energy to fight the enemy

Iron Man and Technovore blast into the deck of the Helicarrier. Iron Man flies up and fires his unibeam.

Down below, Pepper looks up at the sounds of battle from the side of Rhodey. Suddenly, Rhodey opens his eyes.

JARVIS tells Iron Man that the power reserves are dropping into the red zone. However, Technovore emerges from the flames on the deck. Iron Man thanks JARVIS for the obvious then stands to fire a repulsor at Technovore.

The attack does nothing. Technovore launches its hand at Iron Man who dodges and fires again. Technovore launches forward and smacks Iron Man back. Iron Man looks up in time to dodge Technovore's hand slamming down. He reaches up and fires again.

Fury orders all hands to brace for impact. The Helicarrier flies in low over the city, the deck still on fire. Iron Man and Technovore continue their fight as the Helicarrier descends below the buildings' tops.

The Helicarrier comes down hard

The Helicarrier crashes to the ground and skids through the city. He finally comes to a stop just before entering the Yangtze River. All power in the area is out.

Iron Man is thrown across the deck, his armor creating sparks. Technovore lands nearby and grabs the hero with its tendrils. He starts slamming him down before grabbing him again. Technovore creates maces out of its tendrils and slams them into the hero.

Iron Man fires two missiles at Technovore that do nothing. Technovore slams the hero into the ground and begins squeezing. JARVIS tells him he is in immediate danger. Iron Man retorts that this will hurt, a lot.

Return of War Machine

Iron Man begins to black out just as rapid gatling gun fire peppers Technovore. Technovore looks up to see War Machine high above firing down. War Machine lands and continues his barrage. Technovore releases Iron Man who sees his friend's back up.

War Machine Full Nine Yards IMRT.jpg

War Machine continues firing his guns and launches several missiles. Technovore roars but War Machine continues pounding it. The Helicarrier's deck is rocked with explosions.

When there's a moment of calm, War Machine lifts his faceplate saying he overslept. Iron Man struggles up and promises to get him some of the women from the magazine.

Inside the control room, Fury sees Rhodey. Hill wonders how he got up. Pepper just looks on.

Outside, Technovore grabs War Machine's leg and pulls him across the deck. It picks him up, brings him in close, and tries to pull him apart. He fires the gatling gun at Technovore point blank range. Technovore roars and readies a tentacle to stab him but stops just before touching him.

It tosses War Machine aside who recovers and readies his weapons. Iron Man stops him as they realize it is just standing there. They watch as it bends over backwards. Its chest opens up and a strange cloud-like creature emerges. Iron Man knows its something to be stopped.

The new creature flies up and towards the city. Iron Man and War Machine fly up after it.

Technovore proves to be a dangerous new threat

Technovore begins repeating the same phrases over and over again, talking about purifying the world and paving the way for the future. It grows and attaches itself to a large building. Tendrils extend out to every surrounding building.

Hill, Fury, Pepper, Widow, and Hawkeye watch from the monitors.

Iron Man laments for Zeke. JARVIS tells him that his power reserves are dangerously low and he needs to recharge.

War Machine wonders what it is then fires at it. Iron Man says he's wasting energy they need. War Machine retorts that they cannot let it destroy everything. War Machine opens fire with every gun and missile but Iron Man tells him to stop wasting bullets. War Machine wonders what to do.

Iron Man struggles to safely land on a nearby roof. He tells War Machine that he doesn't know what to do and is thinking of something.

Technovore continues ranting about purifying the human race. It reaches a tendril up and into space. It connects with the HOWARD and infects it.

Hill states that they have lost control of the satellite.

Technovore creates its own satellite system

Technovore forms the shape of the satellite in front of it. Iron Man realizes it is replicating the HOWARD.

Hill explains that Technovore has taken over all the world's satellites.

Iron Man tries to motivate himself

Iron Man tries to give himself a pep talk saying he can take down this kid.

Hill sees that all the military satellites have been repositioned and are preparing to attack. Fury says that Zeke is going to destroy the world.

War Machine asks if Tony will clone them after Technovore kills them. Iron Man replies that he has heard stranger things. War Machine wonders if Pepper could just use some "doohickey" on whatever is left of them.

All the money in the world and she wants a day off

Iron Man suddenly remembers something. He contacts Pepper and asks her to help one last time. He asks what she wants more than anything else. She says that all she wants is a vacation.

Iron Man's onboard computer recognizes her voice print and code. The satellite reboots rejecting Technovore.

Hill says they regained control over the satellite. Iron Man states he left a backdoor open when writing the programming. He wrote it to protect it from unauthorized users. Pepper wonders when he got a voice print. Iron Man replies that she talks in her sleep. He tells her she earned a vacation twice over.

Hill explains that the Chinese satellite is about to fire.


Iron Man replies that he can only control one satellite and not for long. He wants to show Technovore something that it doesn't have but he does. War Machine thinks he is crazy.

Hill reports that the Technovore is trying to hack the satellite. Fury wonders how much time they have. Hill responds that it is less than a minute.

Iron Man tells JARVIS to fire. He taps War Machine's chest telling him to perfect his aim. He then flies up towards Technovore with War Machine wondering what he means.

Iron Man makes his final stand

Iron Man flies up above Technovore. The creature launches tendrils at it but Iron Man dodges as he gets in close. However, the tendrils catch him and ensnare him. They pull him in close into the main Technovore body.

War Machine says he is ready. Iron Man tells him to shoot him right in the arc reactor.

Pepper asks them to be careful. Hill says that the laser is about to fire. Fury orders War Machine to fire since they are out of time.

Iron Man orders his friend to shoot.

Hills says the laser is ready to fire.

War Machine aims.

High above, the defense satellite charges its main cannon and fires. The blast speeds towards Earth hitting Technovore and Iron Man dead center.

The tables have turned

War Machine calls out to his friend.

All around the city, Technovore dissolves away into tiny particles.

In the room deep below, Sasha looks up towards the sky.

Somewhere, Zeke's body falls to the ground.

Alive and well

Pepper walks along the Helicarrier's deck towards the husk of Technovore. She hears a sound and looks to see War Machine carrying a badly damaged Iron Man.

Tony lies down on a stretcher still stuck in his armor. War Machine explains that the last thing he remembers is the bombs. Tony wonders what Zeke was talking about. But notes that the Technovores fixed Rhodey before trying to kill him. War Machine notes that now Tony gets to recover and thinks he'll do it in a fancy European location.

Pepper pipes up saying that his European home was destroyed. She makes him promise not to do any Avengering until he rebuilds it. She then wonders if he needs a crowbar to get out or if he wants the attention. Tony asks to let him enjoy having just saved the world.

War Machine smiles and leaves the two alone.

Tony and Pepper finally get a moment alone

Pepper reminds him that she was promised a vacation. He suggest skiing in Asgard or a safari in the Savage Land. He then invites her on a vacation, just the two of them. She leans in and gives him a kiss suggesting they pack.

Later in a hospital, Rhodey and Tony stand over a large room with a doctor. The doctor explains that there have been no brain activity or response to stimuli for some time.

Zeke may have more in him

Down below, Zeke sits in a wheelchair. Sasha sits in a chair reading to him. He flashes back to the image of the ant crawling across the desert. He suddenly looks up and finishes her quote with "the wind."

After the credits, the painting of Iron Man reassembles itself.


"One must be a sea to receive a polluted stream without becoming impure. Lo, I teach you the Overman. He is that sea. In him can your great contentment be submerged."

-Sasha Hammer, opening lines

"Alright Tony. One last race. We only have a few minutes before your satellite launches. You can't be late for that."
"Oh I don't expect to be late. I don't expect to lose. You better keep up, old man."

-War Machine' and Iron Man, first lines

"Better give up and admit defeat, Rhodey. Falling behind. No one's gonna think less of you for losing. Except for me, maybe. You're slow, flyboy. You're never gonna catch me."
"Just watch me."

-Iron Man and War Machine

"Well, there goes the paint job."
"You keep forgetting one thing, Tony. It's not just speed that's involved. I'm an experienced military pilot, and that counts for a lot. I have years of training under my belt in actual combat conditions. I know tactics and strategy. You're a rookie who just got his license."

-Iron Man and War Machine

"I knew you couldn't win in a fair fight."
"You said you were experienced in tactics. You couldn't see that coming?"

-War Machine and Iron Man

"Imagine if outbreaks of violence, murder, and terrorism could be detected and prevented before they ever took place. It sounds like science fiction but it's not. We're here to introduce the new HOWARD satellite developed by Stark Industries. This technology will enable the S.H.I.E.L.D. detection program to monitor every event and the full range of human activity all over the planet. But there are those already calling it the ultimate spy satellite. Privacy rights advocates have already demanded that Stark Industries scrap its deployment. Tony Stark responded to those accusations in his presentation last night."
"I named the satellite HOWARD, after my dad who always watched out for me. It's a tribute to him, and for a particular reason. He believed in the concept of personal freedom. The HOWARD satellite has not been designed to infringe upon that particular right. Instead, it's an all-seeing eye-in-the-sky with one job: to identify and prevent trouble before it occurs twenty-four hours a day. Once it's launched and activated it'll provide relief to the victimized and protect countless lives all over the world."

-Reporter and Recorded Tony Stark

"Tony Stark, the CEO of Stark Industries, who is also known as Iron Man, is claiming the launch of his new satellite will provide countless benefits to ordinary citizens."
"Many questions unanswered. There is much anxiety over violations of privacy."
"People are wondering if they are able to trust this man, who has a background as a weapons contractor."
"Some say there is great danger in putting all our faith in technology."
"Who's in control, man or machine?"




"Glad you're alive."
"Not as glad as me."

-War Machine and Iron Man

"Data interrupted. We lost communications."
"Scramble Interceptors and get them out there."

-Maria Hill and Nick Fury, first lines

"Time for us to have a little chat, my friend. There's a comfy S.H.I.E.L.D. detention cell for ya if you stand down and start playing nice."
"Am I supposed to be scared? Our employer is much worse than you. He's far surpassed your capabilities."
"He's that good, is he? Maybe I can find him a job at my company. It might take a few decades to work off the damages, but why not."

-Iron Man and Ringers Leader

"Good morning. And good bye."

-Ezekiel Stane, first line

"JARVIS, what am I looking at?"
""Unknown phenomenon, sir. No reference in the database. Possible presence of corrosive biological cells."

-Iron Man and JARVIS, first line

"No one escapes."

-Ezekiel Stane

"Who is this guy?"
"I'm sorry sir. Insufficient data. Genome DNA extract not possible. Cannot read base sequence. Unknown gene region. Centrifuge is required for further analysis."

-Iron Man and JARVIS

"What kind of monster are you? How could you sacrifice so many lives for a single satellite? Say something!"
"The leaders of all fascist companies appear to have similar eyes."
"So I'm guessing the costume isn't the only thing off about you."

-Iron Man and Ezekiel Stane

"Can you do any better, kid? I can already tell we're not going to be friends."

-Iron Man

"Don't go any further!"
"Are you in trouble? What's that!?"

-Iron Man and War Machine

"What the Hell just happened?"

-Nick Fury

"Dammit, where are you Rhodey!? Don't mess with me. Come on. We got drinks poolside in an hour. You're gonna make us late. You're alive, answer me! 'Tasha. Help me find Rhodey. Please!"
"Stark. I'm sorry, Tony. But we need to get you out of here. Fury has ordered me to escort you to the Helicarrier. S.H.I.E.L.D. will keep looking for you."

-Iron Man and Black Widow, first lines

"Nick. Rhodey died. Right in front of me. And so did a lot of really good people."

-Iron Man

"I'm gonna find this guy. And when I do I'm gonna make him pay for Rhodey."

-Iron Man

"Fury, would you call off your pit bulls for God's sake."

-Iron Man

"I don't care if you don't believe me, but I'm telling you the truth. I'm not enjoying this one bit. There are rules. And whether you like it or not I am duty-bound to obey them. There'll be Hell to pay if I let our only witness let himself get killed."
"You should know by now I don't follow the rules."

-Nick Fury and Iron Man

"Wanna play?"

-Iron Man

"Sorry 'Tasha."
"You bastard."

-Iron Man and Black Widow

"I don't know if I have the talent for revolution as you do."
"You shouldn't give up in frustration. Your body has the DNA for it."
"There's something I've finally come to realize. Even with talent you need chaos to give birth to a dancing star. I'm not sure I have it."
[Together] "Someday, man will not give birth to any star."

-Sasha Hammer and Ezekiel Stane

"Pepper, I need you."
"Excuse me?"
"To check the Black Market for illegal bio-tech."
"You promised me a full week's vacation. And anyways, aren't you supposed to be in Utah for the new satellite you just developed?"
"I'll make it up to you Pep'. Tell you what I'll do. I'll get you a bigger villa and a whole support staff."
"Thanks, but you already gave me that for losing last year's vacation."
"I did? Okay, how about I buy you the entire island or something?"

-Pepper Potts, first lines, and Iron Man

"As of now, priority one is finding the fugitive Iron Man."

-Nick Fury

"As you know, I've dealt with some shady people in my past. But Rhodey was the exact opposite. He had a code he lived by. All the time I knew him, never broke the rules or left the straight and narrow. I admired him. He really believed in the dream. Rhodey was a soldier. A hero. Still just a normal guy to my rich playboy. The world's we lived in were different. Amazing that we got along at all. I guess I should have let him win some of the time. He was my best friend. He needs to be avenged."

-Tony Stark

"That suit was made of technology I've never seen before. Nano-technology? Bio-technology? No. It was no where near as simple as that. It insert the integral DNA of living organisms into some kind of liquid metal that responded to his thoughts. It couldn't be done at a normal research facility. Could he somehow be using mutated cells? No. He's synthesizing them in a molecular assembler. If not, it wouldn't be stable."

-Tony Stark

"I'll be fine."
"Says the playboy billionaire who makes things go boom."
"I do more than that. Wanna come?"
"Well you make an interesting offer, Mr. Stark. But someone in this relationship has to keep their feet on the ground."
"Really? After I save the world and this is all over, maybe I'll order that island for two."

-Tony Stark and Pepper Potts

"It's S.H.I.E.L.D. What did you do this time?"
"Something awful I imagine."
"I suppose it's too late to apologize."

-Pepper Potts and Tony Stark

"Confirming target: Anthony Edward Stark. Checking profile: Target identified. Stark, please throw away your weapons and surrender immediately. There is no way to escape. Give up your weapons and be taken into custody. Do not make any sudden moves. We are authorized to use deadly force. Repeat, we are authorized to use deadly force."


"There goes my vacation."

-Pepper Potts

"Predictable. Didn't anyone program you to knock before coming into a room?"

-Pepper Potts

"Sorry Nick. Had to do what I thought was necessary. I think I need to improve the A.I. on the Mandroids. After facing off with them, I have to say they seem a little vulnerable."

-Iron Man

"Tell me, Ms. Potts. Is your boss available anytime in the foreseeable future?"
"I'm afraid he's fully booked. For the foreseeable future at least. Of course, being Tony Stark he never follows his schedule and he blames me for missing his appointments."

-Nick Fury and Pepper Potts

"They heralded the coming of the lightning and perished as heralds."
[Together] "Lo, I am a herald of the lightning."
"I feel good today."

-Sasha Hammer and Ezekiel Stane

"What the Hell you think you're doing?"
"Let me handle this, Castle."
"Why don't you get the Hell out of the way, Iron Man. This has nothing to do with a rich idiot who dresses like a hot rod. These guys are scum. They don't deserve to live."
"Frank, listen. I know you have your own methods. I need him alive. I need answers."
"I have all the answers I need. Get outta my way."
"Do not make me do something we're both gonna regret."
"Fine. Go ahead."

-Punisher, first lines, and Iron Man

"As an ally, will you let me read that file?"
"You? You're an ally? I don't do the team-up thing if that's what you're thinking."

-Iron Man and Punisher

"How can you drink this coffee? It tastes like crap."
"It's military issue. Gets the job done. Keeps you alert."
"Oh really. So do jumper cables in the right place."

-Iron Man and Punisher

"Agent Romanoff and Agent Barton. Listen up. It's been confirmed that our target, Tony Stark, has joined forces with Frank Castle, the vigilante known as the Punisher."
"That guy? Oh boy. I don't think I brought along enough arrows for this."

-Nick Fury and Hawkeye, first line

"Thanks, Frank. Next time I see you I'm gonna buy you the best therapist money can buy."

-Iron Man

"Man, I'm good."


"Hawkeye and his freakin' trick arrows!"

-Iron Man

"You're not too good at this, are you?"


"Widow, he's getting away."
"No shit."

-Hawkeye and Black Widow

"Tell me something, are you trying to be as obvious as you can?"
"What's the matter, hero? Thought you liked the attention."
"Not when I look like five miles of bad road."

-Iron Man and Punisher

"It's over Stark. You join forces with Captain Crazy-Go-Nuts and no one'll take you seriously as a hero. Know what I mean?"


"Arrows. Really?"


"Don't do it, Frank. They're just following orders."
"Don't worry. Not trying to kill them. They don't need their kneecaps to breathe."

-Iron Man and Punisher

"Drop the piece, Black Widow. Or Robin Hood gets two to the back of the head."


"Bunch of bleeding-heart S.H.I.E.L.D. weaklings. Tell Nick I think he's gone soft."


"Give it up. He's out of range."
"I really hate that guy."

-Black Widow and Hawkeye

"Next time Stark asks for help...I'm gonna put a bullet in him."

-Punisher, last line

"I hear a soft breeze. And that wind gathers another soft wind. I must tread carefully now, so as to not disturb the balance. I can sense our desnity. We come together with that wind."

-Ezekiel Stane

"Hey boy! I came to see you. Why don't you turn the lights on for me? Once, when I was young, I did something bad. I hide in a dark room so long I couldn't find my way out. After a while my mom cam to look for me. She was worried sick. Did your parents do the same for you?"
"I never needed to hide."

-Iron Man and Ezekiel Stane

"I know I'm different from the rest of you."
"Then what are you?"
"It's somewhat hard to describe really. But if I were forced to explain it in words I guess I would be...the wind."
"Well, you certainly are blowing crazy all over the place."

-Ezekiel Stane and Iron Man

"You should consider retirement."
"That sounds pretty good to me. Get to relax in a nice quiet place. In fact, I actually tried that once. My personal assistant just won't let me."
"Always off the cuff with you."

-Ezekiel Stane and Iron Man

"You only got a ninty-eight on your test. Without a perfect score you're the same as every other student. Go to your room and reflect on your shortcomings until dinner. I thought you were much better than this. I'm disappointed. Did you listen to me!? I told you never to touch my armor! You little fool! This equipment is worth ten times as much as you!"

-Memory of Obadiah Stane, only lines

"My God. I can't believe what I'm seeing. Rhodey survived the attack? Has he woken up at all?"
"He's being kept alive by the life support system, but so far..."
"Hey Rhodey! Rhodey, can you hear me? If you don't wake up you're gonna die a loser. You can't die without beating me in a race at least once. That'd be embarrassing."
"Wait a minute, how 'bout this. I'll concede the next race to you. One time offer. I'll introduce you to a beautiful woman too. Tell me which model on which page in the magazine you were looking at. Any one at all. Except the girl on page ten. And twelve. And thirteen. Oh, and eighteen through twenty-two. Other than that, anyone you want."

-Tony Stark and Pepper Potts

"No matter what you think about your father, I can tell you Obadiah loved you very much. It was a pretty straight-forward relationship. He was human and you were his son."
"Is that all?"
"Isn't that enough? You'll achieve nothing if you throw away your past. I have personal experience. I was only able to move forward by accepting my father. And you'll only create a new world by accepting your past and building on it."
"A relic like you is lecturing me about the future. How amusing. Why should I listen to someone irrelevant?"

-Iron Man and Ezekiel Stane

"That's it pal. Playtime is over."

-Iron Man

"Power dropping rapidly, sir. Now entering Red Zone. I'm afraid it is an emergency."
"Thanks JARVIS. I can always count on you to state the obvious."

-JARVIS and Iron Man

"This is probably going to hurt a lot."

-Iron Man

"War that you?"

-Iron Man

"Sorry. Guess I must've overslept."
"Guess I'll really have to hook you up with those women when this is all over."

-War Machine and Iron Man

"What the Hell? Tony, what is that?"
"Beats the Hell outta me. Probably something that doesn't want to be friends."

-War Machine and Iron Man

"Technovore has been liberated. The lower castes of society will surely see our glory now the veil has been lifted. Technovore build the road for our infinite multitudes. The world will be purified by Technovore."


"All will be purified by Technovore. All of humanity will look upon this chaos and feel our presence."


"The time for ignorance has passed."


"Come on, Tony. You can do this. You just have to pull it together. You can take this kid down and end this nightmare."

-Iron Man

"Tony, you are going to be able to clone us."
"You know, after this thing kills us."
"Believe it or not, that's not the strangest thing I've heard today."

-War Machine and Iron Man

"Think you can help your boss one last time?"
"Anything but dictation."

-Iron Man and Pepper Potts

"I want to give you a present before I die. The one thing you've never had since I've known you. What you truly want more than anything else."
"What do I want more than anything else? That's easy. What I want is...a vacation."

-Iron Man and Pepper Potts

"Yeah, the last thing I can remember is the bombs going off."
"I had no idea what that psycho was talking about half the time. At least the Technovores repaired you before trying to take over your system. They saved your life."
"Lucky for me. Now you have to recover. Which I'm sure will be poolside in some swank European villa."
"That would be fine if he still had a swank European villa."
"It did get a little blown up while I was on the run from Fury."
"No more Avengering for you. Until I get a new one."
"Sounds pretty good to me."
"Okay, do I need to get the crowbar to get this thing off of you? Or are you hero basking?"
"Come on, Ms. Potts. You're really not going to let me enjoy this? Especially since I just saved the world."
"If I remember correctly, you promised me a vacation, Mr. Stark."
"Uh, where do you want to go? Skiing in Asgard? Safari in the Savage Land?"
"Let's take a vacation. Just the two of us. How about it?"
"Is that an order, boss?"
"No, it's more like a suggestion."
"Well, I suggest you and I pack up."

-War Machine, Iron Man, and Pepper Potts, last lines

"I've come too early, he said. My time is not yet. This tremendous event is still on its way. Still wandering. It is still not reached the ears of men. Deeds, though done, still require a time to be seen and heard. This deed is still more distant from them. From the most distant of stars. Still, they were able to do the deed. According to the people, this insane man forced his way into various churches that day singing..."
"The wind."

-Sasha Hammer and Ezekiel Stane, last lines of video


  • Despite having a relatively minor role, Norman Reedus as Punisher is credited above the title character in both the beginning and end credits.
  • Tony states that Rhodey needs to be avenged, a possible reference to the Avengers of which Iron Man is a founding member of and is seen with in Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher.
The gorgeous Pepper may have her own set of armor somewhere
  • Tony asking if Pepper wants to come along, and her reply that one of them needs to keep their feet on the ground, could mean she is already the armored hero Rescue.
  • In the comics, the Mandroids are people in armor not robots.
  • After the battle with the Mandroids, Sasha Hammer quotes Thus Spoke Zarathustra.
  • First animated appearance of Punisher that actually gets to shoot guns.
  • The A.I.M. agent's phone appears to be based off the Android operating system.
Many cameos
  • The A.I.M. agent has had contact with Roxxon Energy, the Hulkbusters, Sons of the Serpent, Wakanda, Zodiac, Universal Cosa Nostrum, Chthon, Power Broke, Inc., Dragon Circle, Project Pegasus, National Force, Inquisition, U.L.T.I.M.A.T.I.U.M., Child of Eternity, Alex Chang, and several that are difficult to read.
  • According to Punisher's files, Ezekiel "Zeke" Stane is 5'8", has blue eyes and blond hair, is 114 pounds, is a weapons dealer and terrorist, and is a citizen of the USA. His father is Obadiah Stane, mother Kelly Sue Stane, grandfather Zebediah Stane, grandmother Audrey Stane. He is a child engineer prodigy.
  • Punisher insulting the use of arrows is ironic given that Norman Reedus has a major role on the The Walking Dead where his character primarily uses arrows.
  • The "guy from the '40s" is clearly Captain America.


  • The DVD English subtitles have little to do with the English dub.
  • Despite a blast that nearly killed War Machine and badly damaged his armor, Iron Man's armor shows virtually no sign that anything happened afterwards. Though he may have had a non-damaged armor sent to him.
  • There's little logical sense in S.H.I.E.L.D. attacking Iron Man. He clearly had nothing to do with the attack. If they were just "protecting" their only witness they should have been helping not hunting him. If they wanted to tell him about Rhodey and he was blocking their communications they could have found a way to signal him. He certainly shouldn't be considered a fugitive.
  • An underwater dust cloud would make motion sensors just as useless as visual sensors.
An experienced archer should use the other eye
  • While chasing after Iron Man and Punisher, Hawkeye closes the wrong eye while aiming. The eye closer to the bow is more accurate than the other. If his left eye was dominate, then he would have used the bow on the other side.
  • Considering that Tony needs the arc reactor to live, he should not have taken it out until just before he needed to. Hill holding onto it while programming is simply wasted time.
  • Iron Man should have just told Pepper to say vacation rather than making it a riddle.


  • It has been suggested that the video is part of the Marvel Anime Universe, though there is nothing specific in the video to indicate this. The producers do call it an extension of the series.
  • This is the first, and currently only, appearance outside the comics for the Raiders, Zeke Stane, and Sasha Hammer.
  • The theme song to Marvel Anime: Iron Man is used several times such as Iron Man's fight with Ezekiel Stane in the control room, Iron Man's battle with the Mandroids, Iron Man's escape from Black Widow and Hawkeye, the last battle, and the end credits.
  • Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher is a sequel to this video, the first direct sequel since Ultimate Avengers II, featuring Black Widow and Punisher with appearances by Iron Man, War Machine, Nick Fury, and Hawkeye.


Punisher's first animated film
Actor Role
Norman Reedus Punisher/Frank Castle
Matthew Mercer Iron Man/Tony Stark
Eric Bauza Technovore/Ezekiel Stane
Kate Higgins Pepper Potts
James C. Mathis III War Machine/James Rhodes
Kari Wahlgren Maria Hill
Clare Grant Black Widow/Natasha Romanova
Troy Baker Hawkeye/Clint Barton
Tara Platt Sasha Hammer
Jean-Benoît Blanc Obadiah Stane
John Eric Bentley Nick Fury
Liam O'Brien
Dave Wittenberg
Travis Willingham
Additional Voices


See also Iron Man: Rise of Technovore (Video) Full Credits.
Writer Brandon Auman
Job People
Based on the Marvel Comic Books
Story by Brandon Auman
Executive Producers Masao Takiyama
Hiroyuki Okada
Alan Fine
Jeph Loeb
Dan Buckley
Simon Philips
Co-Executive Producers Joe Quesada
Stan Lee
Producers Taro Morishima
Scott Dolph
Megan Thomas Bradner
Harrison Wilcox
Screenplay Kengo Kaji
Character Design Masanori Shino
Music Tetsuya Takahashi
Animation Production MADHOUSE INC.
Director Hiroshi Hamasaki

Brandon Auman previously worked on Iron Man: Armored Adventures and The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Madhouse provided the animation for all direct-to-video features since Ultimate Avengers and worked on Marvel Anime: Iron Man, Marvel Anime: Wolverine, Marvel Anime: X-Men, and Marvel Anime: Blade. This is the first film to originate in Japan rather than the United States.


Music for the film was written by Tetsuya Takahashi. He previously created the music for Marvel Anime: Wolverine and Marvel Anime: Blade. He incorporated the theme song from Marvel Anime: Iron Man into several sections.

There seem to be no plans to release the music on its own.

Home Video

The DVD cover

The DVD and Blu-ray was released on April 16th, 2013.

The Blu-ray contains an interactive art gallery featuring the conceptual art produced by Madhouse.

Both the Blu-ray and DVD has two behind-the-scenes featurettes.




Iron Man: Rise of Technovore was released on DVD, Blu-ray, and digital download on April 16th, 2013. The release was part of the effort to help promote Iron Man 3.

This was the first video produced following the purchase of Marvel Entertainment by The Walt Disney Company. Thor: Tales of Asgard had been released following the purchase but was made before while Marvel still had a deal with Lions Gate Home Entertainment.

Definitely not for children

Joe Quesada stated that part of the reason they chose to do the video in anime style was to allow for more edgier content. They weren't as concerned with making it appropriate for younger audiences.

The producers wrote Tony Stark to be more jokier like in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The producers stated that War Machine fit in with anime's style of mech better than Iron Man's sleeker armor.

Practically a Gundam

The producers were excited to use War Machine in a film to show him "kick ass" since television allows him to have his weapons but not really use them.

Quesada described Technovore as a force of nature and technology gone awry, the perfect enemy for Iron Man.

Combining Zeke Stane and Technovore came about because Technovore made few appearances in the comics and both were relatively new.

The film was rated PG-13 by the MPAA "for some intense sequences of violence and action."


Reviews for the feature were mixed. Many of the issues critics had dealt with the Japanese-made film being translated for an English audience. Critics enjoyed the voice actors but felt the dialogue was clunky as they tried to lip sync to Japanese mouth movements. Some praised the visuals while others complained about odd framing. Several critics noted Iron Man was trying to imitate the Marvel Cinematic Universe version too much. It was praised for being a different story for the character.

Matthew Mercer gave a widely acclaimed performance

James Harvey of Marvel Animation Age said the film was different from other animated features, not bad but different in a good way. Despite not being much of a fan of anime, he found that he enjoyed the film though wondered what anime die-hards would think of it. He did not feel the movie tread new ground but was enjoyable. Harvey noted that the film was "its own thing" blending the original comics, Ultimate comics, and live action film versions and worked well. He noted that there was no stand out character and the story often relied on previous knowledge of the characters. He complimented the look calling it stunning and fantastic despite a few errors. He felt Iron Man, War Machine, and Technovore looked great in either two or three dimensions. He also praised the voice acting as solid all around. He pointed out Norman Reedus and Matthew Mercer. However, he felt that all the performances were low-key and sometimes lifeless like the actors were trying to sync with the animation. He did criticize the story for having something, he couldn't tell what exactly, being lost in translation. Though he did praise the portrayal of Tony Stark, as Brandon Auman had previously worked on Iron Man: Armored Adventures and The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. "It's a solid, mature take on the character, no doubt, but I can see why some would find it disappointing. The pace is a bit of an adjustment and the slower nature of the film will likely bore some viewers, but if you’re able to understand that this isn’t your standard take on the Iron Man mythos, I think you’ll enjoy it. Just remember going it into: It's different, it's not what you’re expecting, but that's a good thing."[1]

The reviewer at Common Sense Media gave the film two out of five stars saying the filmmakers were unable to match the banter or energy from the films. "Moreover, the plot is highly convoluted. When the characters aren't attempting to make wisecracks or trying to explain the plot to each other, the movie focuses on explosive battle sequences. The finale has Iron Man facing a giant, mutated villain, struggling to find logical ways to attack. Sadly, it barely makes sense."[2]

Jeffrey K. Lyles gave the film two out of ten stars saying that DC Comics has consistently beaten Marvel in animation. He did not think there was any demand for Marvel-releated anime projects following Marvel Anime: Iron Man. He felt the characters were just generic anime designs with only Pepper Potts and Black Widow standing out. He called the plot frustrating as it didn't make sense for S.H.I.E.L.D. to be attacking Iron Man rather than helping. He considered Technovore a weak villain while Punisher was shoehorned in. He stated that other mediums needed to stop trying to copy the live-action film version of Iron Man. He felt the imitation of Robert Downey, Jr. combined with typical anime hero was inconsistent and not compelling. He did like the voice acting, especially Reedus. He wished the director toned down the wide shots and quick cuts that made action scenes disorienting. He disliked the ending since the villain was a mindless creature and required no true heroics from Iron Man. "If you’re an 'Iron Man' fan looking to satisfy your animated appetite, stock up on The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes as that show's take offered a far more entertaining portrayal of the character. This is only for the most hardcore of hardcore fan."[3]

The film as a 5.3 on Internet Movie Database while 35% of users liked it on Rotten Tomatoes.


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  2. Iron Man: Rise of Technovore at Common Sense Media
  3. Iron Man: Rise of Technovore Review at Jeffrey K. Lyles' Movie Files

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