Iron Fist
Iron Fist AEMH
Real Name Daniel Rand
Alternate Identity Danny
Iron Fist
Powers and Abilities Martial Arts
Enhanced Strength and Reflexes
Team Affiliations Heroes for Hire
New Avengers
Allies Scott Lang
Fantastic Four
Winter Soldier
Doc Samson
Black Widow
Iron Fist is from the Yost Universe series The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Danny Rand is a superhero and part of both the Heroes for Hire and New Avengers under the name Iron Fist. He is mostly seen with his partner Luke Cage.


He formed the Heroes for Hire along with Luke Cage.

They were hired by Hank Pym to investigate the theft of his Ant-Man technology. They investigated a robbery at a bank operated by HYDRA. They tracked the robber to the thugs Mangler and Scythe. He defeated Mangler while Iron Fist fought Scythe. They found the robber but were defeated. With Pym's help, they tracked the new Ant-Man to a hotel where the man was revealed to be Scott Lang. Lang explained that he turned to a life of crime to help his daughter Cassie. When Crossfire kidnapped his daughter he stole the Ant-Man technology to get her back. Lang escaped and they followed him to a warehouse. Luke, Iron Fist, and Pym defeated Crossfire's thugs while Lang defeated the boss and rescued his daughter. Iron Fist offered Lang a position on the Heroes for Hire while Luke wondered where the bill should be sent.

Former S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury investigated Danny to see if he was a Skrull.

Following the apparent death of Pym, Luke and Danny attended his funeral. Pym later reappeared using the name Yellowjacket.

After the Avengers disappeared, Luke and Iron Fist were recruited into the New Avengers.

When Galactus and his heralds came to Earth, Iron Fist joined the Avengers, New Avengers, Fantastic Four, and many other heroes in defending the planet. He joined Captain America, Spider-Man, Quake, and War Machine in defeating Terrax.

Powers and Abilities

Iron Fist Punch AEMH

Iron Fist is an expert martial artist. He can charge up his hand surrounding it in flames. This allows him to punch with much greater force.


Iron Fist was voiced by Loren Lester.

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