Invisible Woman (Skrull)
Real Name Unknown
Alternate Identity Invisible Woman
Powers and Abilities Shapeshifting
Technology to create Invisibility and Force Fields
Team Affiliations Skrulls
Invisible Woman (Skrull) is from the Yost Universe series The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

The unnamed female Skrull is the infiltrator who replaced the superhero Invisible Woman thus being part of the Fantastic Four.


At one point in time, the skrull replaced the Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four.

The Private War of Doctor Doom

When Tony Stark and Wasp visited the Baxter Building, Wasp walked with Invisible Woman to Prison 42 to have a "girl" talk. They got attacked by Doombots, but got knocked out by them and were kidnapped. They were sent to Doctor Doom's castle in Latveria where they were imprisoned. The Avengers and the Fantastic Four invade the castle trying to free them. Both of them get overwhelmed by Doom's power and Doom decided to free Invisible Woman and Wasp and they all left the castle. At the Avengers Mansion they discussed the reason of Doom's attack.

Secret Invasion

During the Skrull Invasion, she was hacking the security of the Baxter Building and sending it into space, but was defeated for by real Invisible Woman and the rest of the Fantastic Four. She was likely sent to the Prision 42.

Powers and Abilities

The skrull can shapeshift into the duplicate of anyone she choses, mimicing the voices and the personality of them.

She had the same powers as the real Invisible Woman whenever she had shape shifted into her.


The skrull was voiced by Erin Torpey.

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