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Invisible Woman
Real Name Susan Storm-Richards (nee Storm)
Alternate Identity Invisible Woman
Powers and Abilities Projects Force Fields
Team Affiliations Fantastic Four
Allies Inhumans
Captain America
Iron Man
Black Cat
Bruce Banner
Frankie Raye
Ghost Rider
Black Panther
Family and Friends Franklin Storm (Father), Johnny Storm (Brother), Reed Richards (Husband)

Susan Storm-Richards, also known as Invisible Woman is a superhero and member of the Fantastic Four. She is married to team leader Reed Richards and is the sister of teammate Jonathan Storm. She was briefly the villain Malice.


Sue developed the ability to become invisible and project forcefields. Reed could stretch his body as Mister Fantastic. Her brother Johnny Storm became the Human Torch. Reed's friend Ben Grimm became the Thing.

Sue had married Reed when they went into space and got their powers. Puppet Master kidnapped her and had Alicia Masters go with the mind-controlled Thing in her place. Doctor Doom also kidnapped her and told her his life story. She protected Thing when the Hulk tried to smash him. She was turned into the villain Malice by Psycho-Man. She joined the rest of the Fantastic Four as they were transported by Spider-Man to fight in the Secret Wars. The four went off on their own to fight Doctor Doom.


Invisible Woman was voiced by Lori Alan on Fantastic Four and Gail Matthius on Spider-Man. She was unvoiced on The Incredible Hulk.

It is rumored that had the series continued into a third season the series would have had her become pregnant.

In the Comics

She married Reed after receiving her powers, not before.

Sue originally used the name Invisible Girl before changing it.

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