Image Inducer
Real Name Image Inducer
Powers and Abilities Holographic Image Generator
Team Affiliations X-Men
Allies Nightcrawler
Image Inducer is from the Non MAU series X-Men: Evolution.

The image inducer is a small device that provides a holographic image to disguise a person.


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The inducer looks like a small watch, providing a cover for anyone who asks about it.

It covers the person's body and gives them any other appearance. It conforms to the person's movements. It can even be changed to give the user an entirely different appearance.

The inducer's main drawback is that it only generates a look but cannot hide the feel of the person's skin. Nor can it hide anything not within the range of a normal human being. This becomes a problem for Nightcrawler. If anyone actually touches them they can feel his fur, or if he lets his tail move it appears outside the holographic image.

The inducer can also short out if there is a problem or if low on energy.


The inducer was created through means unknown under the guidance of Charles Xavier for Kurt Wagner. Wagner was born with blue fur and a tail and was always ostracized from society. Xavier wanted him to live a normal life among other teenagers.

Toad once stole the device in order to impress Scarlet Witch with a better appearance.

Xavier offered to provide an inducer for Hank McCoy after he became Beast, but McCoy refused.


In the comics the image inducer was created by Iron Man and given to Nightcrawler.

It looked like a cell phone instead of a watch.

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