Iceman (Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends)
Real Name Robert Drake
Alternate Identity Bobby
Windchill Factor Zero
Mr. Cool
Powers and Abilities Turns Body into Ice
Freeze Blast
Ice Slide
Team Affiliations Spider-Friends
Central Intelligence Agency
Allies Tony Stark
Captain America
Doctor Strange
Black Knight
Hiawatha Smith
Francis Byte
Family and Friends Aurora Dante (Half-Sister)
May Parker
Iceman is from the Marvel Productions Universe series Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends.

Robert Drake, better known as Iceman, is a mutant, former member of the X-Men, and member of the Spider-Friends.


A mutant who was kept as the family secret from a young age, Robert "Bobby" Drake has the ability to create and manipulate ice. After using his powers to help save a woman from a burning building, Drake was called telepathically by Professor Xavier, who wanted him to join him at his school, where Bobby would learn to fully control his powers and be around others like him. Whilst there, he met Angelica Jones and instantly fell for her. They later left the team after graduation and began studying at ESU, where they met Peter Parker and ran into Spider-Man.

When Spider-Man accidentally took pictures of Angelica changing into Firestar, he revealed his own identity to Bobby and Angelica and they decided to become a team and the Spider-Friends were born.

Ever the wise cracking smart mouth, Bobby’s foot in constantly in his love, and his eyes are constantly on Angelica.


Iceman was voiced by Frank Welker.

Bobby's half-sister Aurora Dante/Lightwave was created for the series. In the comics, he has no siblings.

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