Hydro-Man clone
Real Name Morris Bench
Alternate Identity Morrie
Powers and Abilities Transforms Into and Controls Water
Allies Hydro-Man (Genetic Basis)
Miles Warren (Creator)

Hydro-Man was the clone of Hydro-Man, who was a supervillain with the power to control and turn his body into water.


Miles Warren was obsessed with cloning. However, his experiments kept failing. He thought that Hydro-Man's liquid cells would help him. So he went to the rooftop where Hydro-Man died and found some DNA samples. He found enough in the roof to make a clone.

The clone was created but also obsessed with Mary Jane Watson. However, she was apparently killed in a battle between Green Goblin and Spider-Man. Miles created a clone of her but she escaped and went to Peter Parker. They married and went on a honeymoon. There Hydro-Man kidnapped her.

Eventually Mary Jane discovered that she was a clone and had Hydro-Man's powers. Mary Jane, Spider-Man, and Hydro-Man went to Miles where he explained that the clones' DNA was unstable. Soon Hydro-Man and Mary Jane evaporated.


Hydro-Man can control water along with turning his body into water.


Like original Hydro-Man, he is obsessive. He believes that he can have Mary Jane back even if she clearly states otherwise.


Like the original, Hydro-Man was voiced by Rob Paulsen.

Hydro-Man is one of the few characters believed to have actually died.

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