Human Revolution
Human Rebels Fight Synoptic Bestials
Human Resistance fighting Synoptic-controlled Bestials
Real Name Human Revolution
Related High Evolutionary
Knights of Wundagore
Human Resistance
Green Goblin

The Human Revolution is an ongoing long-running conflict on Counter-Earth. On the planet, Human Resistance members fight against their Bestial oppressors, mainly the Knights of Wundagore and High Evolutionary.


Long ago, High Evolutionary came to Counter-Earth and saw the humans there in conflict. He took the planet over with his bestial armies. Afterwards, they oppressed the humans into second-class citizens, forcing them to live in decrepit conditions like in The Basement.

The humans became frustrated so numerous people got together to start a resistance. They recruited Git Hoskins, Daniel Bromely, and Karen O'Malley. Eventually, astronaut John Jameson from Earth arrived. He then became the resistance's leader. Soon after, Spider-Man came to rescue John. Spider-Man helped out the resistance but never officially joined.

The Synoptic, a group of symbiotes, also came from Earth seeking to take over the planet. While they were hired by High Evolutionary, the group sought to take over the entire planet for themselves.

When last seen, the conflict was ongoing without a winner or loser.


The revolution is original to Spider-Man Unlimited.

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