J. Jonah Jameson, a normal human being
Real Name Human
Alternate Identity Homo Sapiens
Team Affiliations Friends of Humanity
Howling Commandos
Family and Friends Inhuman (Sub-Species)
Mutant (Sub-Species)

Humans, also known as homo sapiens, is the dominant species on the planet Earth. There are two genetic off-shoots of the species, Inhumans and mutants.


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Humans are bipedal. They are largely hairless except for the tops of their heads.

Human beings have no special powers of any kind. Inhumans and mutants are born with powers, but they are not normal human beings.

There are also a number of others who have been genetically altered such as Spider-Man and Captain America. Due to their altered nature, they may no longer be strictly considered human.


In ancient times, the Kree came to Earth and experimented on several humans creating the Inhumans.

At some point, human begins began evolving into mutants. The first known mutant was Apocalypse. Since then their numbers have vastly increased. Normal human beings have often fought against mutants, seeing them as a threat to humanity.

During World War II, scientists began experimenting on other humans to create more powerful humans. The first was Captain America. Since then others have been altered such as Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and Hulk.

There have been numerous normal humans who have gotten superpowers through other means. Iron Man uses advanced armor while Hawkeye is simply exceptionally gifted but not extraordinary.

Similar Species

There are numerous other species in the galaxy that are quite similar to humans. Those from Zenn-La look just like humans and also have no powers. The Shi'ar are much like humans though derived from birds rather than apes.

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